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  1. Can't get any worse than last year. Check out the posted videos
  2. I should be ok with the caravan then. Still thinking of hiring a hovercraft after last year
  3. I take it there's still no sign of a pitch plan ???
  4. Any news on pitch allocation yet ?
  5. My 41mm panoptic works perfectly in my 16" dob.
  6. I use a Neodymium magnet with the head of a 2.2lb lump hammer attached on my Flex tube 400. Works a treat on my heavier Eyepieces. Just put a small piece of felt between magnet and body to stop accidental scratches.
  7. Neo magnet and head of a 2.5lb lump hammer on primary mirror end. Works for me.
  8. Booked Thursday to Thursday. Hopefully the scope will actually get some use this year.
  9. I fitted one to my 200p without any problems. Now got the triple version fitted to my 400 flextube.
  10. Amazon ship one for £30. Orion 7816 Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes
  11. IanC11

    A big thank you

    All home now. A big thanks for all the organisers for putting in the usual fantastic event. Now we know that SGL actually stands for STORMS, GALES, LAKES....lol. Hopefully next year will be a little drier
  12. Think a pontoon or raft might be a better idea...Raining again
  13. I'm still here in a tent..lol
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