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  1. IanC11

    North American Nebula?

    The moon will cause problems
  2. IanC11

    A big thank you

    All home now. A big thanks for all the organisers for putting in the usual fantastic event. Now we know that SGL actually stands for STORMS, GALES, LAKES....lol. Hopefully next year will be a little drier
  3. IanC11

    How's your weather.

    Think a pontoon or raft might be a better idea...Raining again
  4. IanC11

    How's your weather.

    I'm still here in a tent..lol
  5. IanC11

    View from the office...

    Sunday night looks like our best chance at SGL 2018
  6. 25+mph winds rules it out for a 16" dob, far to much wobble from an exposed site.
  7. Basically it's the quality of the glass used and build quality.
  8. You may still have the eyepiece rubber rolled down. After you remove the eyepiece cap there is a rolled down rubber that needs unfolding, that will increase the distance between your eyeball and the actual glass lens.
  9. I'm right over on the east coast, approx 10 miles south of Lowestoft.
  10. Due to upgrading to a 400 flextube I now have my Skywatcher 300p Flextube GOTO for sale. Come complete with an OO mirror cooling fan, Astrozap shroud and Rigel Quikfinder. Has the usual 9x50 finder, 10mm and 25mm eyepieces. £750 collection only. Sold
  11. IanC11

    EQ5 Spares

    Bob's knobs do an upgraded bolt set ( or they did 5yrs ago when I did mine ). or try these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEQ5-Pro-Mount-Latitude-Azimuth-Bolt-Upgrade-Set-/280722549248?_trksid=p2054897.l5660
  12. IanC11

    10" dob

    Shame your in the Netherlands as I've just gone from a 12" to a 16" and the 12" needs to go.
  13. By the looks of everything else around them I would say their a pair of Naval binoculars.
  14. IanC11

    SGL 2018 SP Bookings

    Booked Thurs to Tues. Pray for clear skies

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