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  1. HI all Im back again now the nights are getting darker and soon its ma birthday. So my wife says whatdayawant? I sit there for a while and think erm what do i want? Then it hits me i don't have a pair of bins then i also realise erm? which ones do i want:icon_scratch: So here i am asking for some advice from you guys. I dont want bins that need a tripod i want ones i can grab and use right away sorta thing. My budget (Her) is around £100. I seem to remember the First Light Optics - Celestron Nature 10x50 Porro were popular just wondering if there still the best choice. Thanks in advance. Clear Skies Wakey
  2. Off topic here. Glad to see you regained your interest in Astronomy. Good to see you back. Clear Skies Wakey
  3. For me it has to be Saturn, Jupiter, Andromeda and the Orion Nebula. And Clear skies Wakey
  4. Couldnt have said it better myself.
  5. Yeah i was just looking at that same article. Pity. We will just have to wait and see i guess.
  6. A few people have asked why nasa is making a big statement on thursday ive found this Story of the Century? NASA May Announce Thursday to Have Found Life on Saturn's Moon Titan // Current WoW But of course this could be totaly wrong.
  7. I dont know what this is about. But i really want to know.
  8. Some nice eyepieces. A 14inch Goto Dob An understanding wife Ive been good HONEST! Clear Skies Wakey
  9. I use this site Meteox.com - Weather - European rainfall radar and the bbc weather site. Jus ma 2p worth. Clear Skies Wakey
  10. If your not doing any photo work then i would recommend the Dob 200p. Its an awesome piece of kit for a great price. Easy to move about. I bought mine after alot of great advice from this forum. Glad i did..! Clear Skies Wakey
  11. Hi all i was wondering if anyone has a mod or link to one for making my 200p taller, im 6foot and i am finding that leaning down to look thru the scope is after a few hours giving me a sore back. I just want something that can make my dob about a foot taller. Hope you can help Clear Skies Wakey
  12. Hey all i was thinking of getting a tripod for my 200p, as i would like to move into imaging. I would like to buy the best tripod so it wouldnt need replaced later on. Would a £400 budget(for tripod not anything else) buy what i need or should i save ma pennys for a wee while longer? Thanks in advance. Wakey
  13. Met Office: UK: forecast cloud I use this website to see if the veiwing is gonna be any good, there are prob alot more but this seems pretty good. Clear Skies Wakey
  14. Great stuff Hopefully it will be getting clearer this weekend and you can try your new scope outside. Wishing you clear skies. Wakey
  15. Like Brantuk says "aperture is king" If you got the 150mm you would just keep thinking wish i had got the 200mm Get the SW 200p Dob it has 2 eyepieces 25mm and a 10mm. Its an awesome bit of kit. You will have plenty of time once you get it to decide what other bits and bobs you need. Clear Skies Wakey
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