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  1. I took this image of Mel 15 last week over 2 clear nights. I hadn't really planned spending much time of this target but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of details that i was able to capture in the first few subs, and it was quite a nice fit for the FOV of my scope/CCD. The image consists of around 43 x 7min ha subs, taken with my 200mm newt and h814 mono CCD. I still haven't got to the bottom a collimation/focuser issue that i have with the scope, hence some elongated stars in the image, but still wanted to share this with you as I was really pleased with the result so far.
  2. Great image. Nice to see it in a wider view.
  3. Thanks Steve. Yes, belt mod seems to be working well. I'll take a look at the guide logs from last night and see how it performed.
  4. Thanks to a fairly cloud free few hours last night I was able to capture this image of the Pacman Nebula NGC 281. I had only planned on taking a few test images with the scope as this is the first real use of the NEQ6 after I converted it to belt drive on the weekend. Thankfully everything worked perfectly and I'm really pleased with the way the mount is now performing. Much quieter, perfect GOTOs but more importantly almost no backlash and less periodic error. Here is the result - 12 x 600sec Ha subs, guided with PHD2, captured with Maxim and processed (quickly) in PS. It still needs a few mo
  5. Thanks Adam. Will hopefully add more NB to these images, but that will need a few clear nights to complete. Fingers crossed
  6. It must be well over a year since I last posted an image here, but I've finally managed to scope back in use over the past couple of weeks. Here are the resulting 3 images, all still work in progress and in Ha only. The Bubble nebula, the North America nebula and the Wizard nebula. Captured with my H814 mono CCD on a 200mm reflector/NEQ6. Thanks for looking. Cheers Neil
  7. For sale, my QHY5 mono camera. I've used this as a guide cam for both of my scopes, initially attached to a separate guidescope, and later to an OAG. Only selling as I've recently upgraded my kit so it is no longer being used. £70 Inc. P&P
  8. Thanks to a couple of clear nights last week I was able to complete this image of the Whirlpool Galaxy M51. LP wasn't as bad as normal, which helped get a decent result. This is 6.5hrs of LRGB taken with 200mm f4.5 reflector and SXVR-H814 mono camera. First image is full frame and second is a 100% crop of the Galaxy.
  9. As this thread hasn't been updated for a while , here is a pic of the Rosette nebula that I took earlier this year. A couple of hours of 20 min Ha and OIII exposures, mapped to RGB (had to synthesize the green as I wasn't able to get any SII data). I had hoped to finish it this year but I think I've left it too late to get more data. Really happy with what I've got so far though
  10. Thanks. The H814 seems to work well with the small 65Q. Can't wait to get the OIII and SII. My best image so far. Really happy [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I was able to get another 5 20min subs yesterday, although there was some high cloud around so the data is not as good as I'd like. Here is the result. I'm not sure if there is much of an improvement to be honest, considering the doubling of the total exposure, but it does seem a bit sharper. Let me know what you think. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, stars aren't as round as I'd like. One of the subs had some dodgy guiding, but I used it anyway (can't afford to throw away any data in these wet and windy times )
  13. Well, not much of a first light as the clouds and rain arrived after 1 hour or so. I've just replaced my trusty Starlight Xpress SXVF-H9 with a SXVR-H814, as I wanted something with a larger CCD and higher resolution so that I could try narrowband imaging of some of the larger nebulas. I loved the old H9, which never needed dark frames and always gave great results, so I was really hoping that this new camera would perform as well. I tried a 5min and a 10min test shot to make sure everything was working OK, then managed to get 5 x 20min subs in Ha, before the clouds arrived. Really happy with
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