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  1. Many thx for those detailed and interesting replies...certainly does make sense. Rik, many thx for the website link...just wat ive been looking.
  2. So visually looking through the standard eyepiece with a x2 barlow at for example saturn on a good night, what would that extra money on a 12" dob give you over a 10" Is the difference a planet the size of a 2p rather than a 1p (just an example) Sorry I guess its been asked a 1000 times but I have been looking for unedited, unshopped examples of planet images to guage the differences but not got very far
  3. Good news to all those living in North Carmarthen according to the BBC site they will be conducting a survey to identify unnecessary lighting later this year We already have had the lighting turned off after midnight in Ceredigion for over a year and it does make a huge difference, happy to hear about Carmarthen as its on the other side of the valley
  4. Im surprised no one has mentioned a 250dob, ive not even got a scope yet but if I had £500 id add some more and wait for a 2nd hand 300P 12inch monster, though that does depend on what storage space and if you need to travel to a dark site etc 300P is deffo my limit so to buy anything less for me would feel like im wasting money, But I spose until you have a scope youll never know if the hobby is really for you so could be an even bigger loss of money...... ah life is so complicated lol
  5. Hi, sorry was a bit vague, their is no link as such.. you need a newsgroup reader and pay for newsgroup access. Many readers on the net though all the decent ones are not free, and newsgroup access is about £10 a month, but that does give you access to 100,000+ groups
  6. For those that use newsgroups its currently going on in binaries group e-book.technical About 200 titles and the posters only got upto titles starting with G so far.
  7. fully closed.. middle of left eye lense to right middle is about 58mm if that helps.
  8. Mine arrived today...larger and heavier than I expected, im well pleased with them, will deffo need to invest in a tripod to use them properly.
  9. Been nagging me what im likely to see with a 10" scope.. thx for posting that pic.
  10. Plenty of miserable people about who are only happy when they are complaining about something. Flipping dark though, cant see the nose infront of your face
  11. Thats a great explanation and you've made things clearer for the likes of me What visual gain to the user is a 2" EP over a standard 1.25.. for example the 28mm 2" UWAN is almost double the price of a 16mm 1.25 UWAN, having not looked though one I cant visualize what the extra money is buying, is it just a simple case of doubling the viewing area?
  12. We have our street lights turned off after midnight which makes for excellent viewing but ive read loads of people complaining about it so hope the council dont reverse the decision
  13. Yes..one of the busiest parts of the forum lol regarding eye pieces, im a noob so I guess my input dont mean much but I deffo favour geting the best I can either new or 2nd hand, id rather have 2 or 3 excellent quality EP's rather than a handful of cheaper average ones
  14. Or I could squeeze my missus into the boot instead of the base
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