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  1. Hi there from another Chris from Pembrokeshire
  2. hi, this time it looks like i've captured some detail. s/w 300p 5x powermate and webcam
  3. hi, this was the first time in almost 12 months i got the scope out, decided to have a go at mars with the webcam, not as good as most on here but the bug has bitten again mars2.tif found focussing almost impossible, maybe a bit of dew on the secondary. used a s/w 300 with 5x powermate and webcam, 4min avi in registax
  4. sat on a clifftop from 9 pm waiting.......... a small orange glow on the horizon........ took a pic........ only to zoom i9n and find this........ swansea to cork ferry! gutted! eventually the clouds did clear enough, but it was too late, still, got a bit of the eclipse was about 10:30, better an hour late than never.
  5. hi there, is there going to be a mask for the s/w explorer 300p made? could do with a focusing aid
  6. hi there, this is my first saturn this year, taken with spc900, 5x powermate on s/w 300p. finding it so damn hard to achieve good focus with the wobbly seeing. stacked in registax5 tweaked in gimp. am sure i can get a better one over the coming months:headbang:
  7. so was i, in the same office, doin the same job. twas you, me and grace. mmps if my brain serves me correct. how are ya doin? long time no see.
  8. hi andy, welcome. did you once work at pembroke powerstation?
  9. am surprised the trust didn't mention the stackpole quay carpark near pembroke, its where i go, lovely dark skies almost 360deg views, been using it for a couple of years now yet never seen anyone else with a scope
  10. just checked it, there was two objects??
  11. i'd just stay here and blow it all on the biggest scope i could buy for my millions
  12. awesome image...again, a couple of years and you'll have the whole sky done
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