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Wish they would put up more then just a front page.

I also read:

£3.00 for guest speakers at the event.

the same as Runoffshed did, and thought that it wasn't a good deal for the speakers.:mad::rolleyes::D

P.S. Where is Birmingham:D:D:D:D:D:D

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i live in rugby about a half hours drive up the M6 i will be there instead of the long trek to london for astrofest the best part of 100 quid odd it costs to park the car and travel to london by train with lunch ect and thats before you buy anything


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I'll be there if I can, Birmingham is not too far to travel for me. It just depends whereabouts in Birmingham it is as if it is out of the way as far as public transport is concerned I might not be able to get there. Twas easy enough to get he NEC by train as it has a railway station built in.

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The ad in astrobuysell said the venue would be off J6 of M6 - not the NEC. And also the venue is not built yet (well finished at least).

Here is the full details posted on astrob&s U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell


I know it isn't to be held at the NEC, I was saying that I found it easy to get to the NEC via public transport and that I hope that the location of this event near to J6 is accessible for me.

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