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  1. callump

    Astrofest 2019

    A partial programme seems to be published now: http://europeanastrofest.com/conference/ /callump
  2. If you are interested in Python you should check out AstroPy which is developed by the pros. http://www.astropy.org/ Happy coding! /callump
  3. callump


    Heard the sad news today that Maurice Gavin aka Nytecam passed away this morning after a short illness. One of the Great Observers - he will be sorely missed. /callump
  4. callump

    Webb Society Meeting 2018

    If anyone form North Gloucestershire or South Worcestershire is planning on going, and could give me lift on the day, please DM me. Thanks, Callum
  5. British Astronomical Association Deep Sky Section will be holding it's annual meeting on Sunday 4th March at Bedford School, Bedford. Topics to include: variable nebulae, double star observing, visual observing Arp catalogue objects, imaging, and ancient galaxies. Price is only £6 for BAA members (and usual concessions) and £10 for non-members, includes lunch. Full details and you can book online at: https://britastro.org/deepsky2018 Hope to see you there! /callump
  6. Thanks for posting Owen - yes, this is right - programme will be substantially the same though one speaker cannot make the new date. Callum
  7. There is still time to book for this meeting - visit https://britastro.org/deepsky2018 Thanks, Callum
  8. callump

    Pluto Telescope

    The LSST will have a 64cm diameter CCD camera - 3.2 gigapixels. https://www.lsst.org/about/camera /callump
  9. callump

    On my way to the IAPY award ceremony

    Congrats on the highly commended Michael - was nice to chat. Tot ziens. /callump
  10. Yes, was a very enjoyable day - congrats to the organisers. /callump
  11. callump

    BAA web site

    It has been renewed so should be ok now - it may take a little time for this to work its way through your caches. /callump
  12. callump

    Webb Society meeting - who's going?

    Should be a good one - i'll be there... /callump
  13. This should be a really good meeting - looking forward to it. /callump
  14. The BAA Deep Sky Section is holding its annual meeting on 4th March at Kintbury, near Newbury. Programme includes: Guy Hurst - Novae/Supernovae Patrolling Jonathan Blake - Astrophotography - data capture and data processing Mark Radice - Have telescope will travel Steve Tonkin - Binocular Deep Sky Observing Greg Parker - Mini-WASP Dr Philipp Podsiadlowski. Oxford University - “From Supernova to Gamma-Ray Burst: Understanding the Diversity of Cosmic Explosions". The meeting is open to all and price includes a cooked lunch and refreshments throughout the day - £20 for BAA members and £25 for non-members. Book online in advance, and further details are available at http://britastro.org/dss2017 /callump
  15. callump

    Astronomy Now

    Should be in the shops tomorrow according to the twitter feed... https://twitter.com/AstronomyNow /callum
  16. callump

    Programming the Raspberry Pi

    I think the micro-usb is fused, and of course there is no polarity protection if you go straight on the gpio... /callum
  17. callump

    Programming the Raspberry Pi

    There's no reason why you could not use a couple of RPi's - they can be chained for INDI control. For powering a RPi you can power straight to the GPIO pins and not use the micro-usb. /callum
  18. I found the 7 port hub from pihut to work well with my pi2. https://thepihut.com/products/7-port-usb-hub-for-the-raspberry-pi /callump
  19. callump

    USB Network server - what am I doing wrong?

    If you plug it straight into a PC you'll probably need to use a cross-over LAN (Ethernet) cable. (though I would probably use a switch / Ethernet hub as suggested above...). /callump
  20. callump

    threaded tube inserts

    Depends on the size you need - but you could try a bike shop and ask for a "star fangled" or "star" nut... /callump
  21. The Cotswold Astronomical Society is hosting a BAA Back to Basics, Beginners Workshop on March 5th, at the Cotswold AS regular meeting venue, Shurdington Village Hall, Shurdington, Cheltenham. The meeting is intended for those new to astronomy, and recently starting out, though others may gain useful information, help and contacts. Aside from general sessions, there will also be sessions on observing the Moon, Planets, Variable Stars and Deep Sky. Information is on the BAA website at: https://britastro.org/node/6752 And it is also possible to book online at: https://britastro.org/cotswoldb2b The last time we held such a meeting it was very well received, and should be a grand day out. Thanks, Callum
  22. 14-15 October 2016 is showing as the date for this years event. http://www.ukastroshow.com/ C.
  23. callump

    NGC 5194 - give it some respect

    It's the material that's heading into the black hole that's visible... /callum
  24. callump

    NGC 5194 - give it some respect

    ha-ha - the Beeb have fixed the story now,,, /callum
  25. callump

    NGC 5194 - give it some respect

    Strange - I always thought NGC 5194 was the main spiral galaxy of M51 (M51a), and the companion was NGC 5195. Simbad certainly thinks this to be the case... [edit] I had a look at the abstract of the presentation and it's correct there - NGC 5195 is the companion - something must have gone wrong in the PR machine... /callum

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