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  1. I am located in North Staffordshire England. I Have my LX200R GPS scope permanently wedge mounted in my Pulsar Observatory. For a few weeks I have had a problem that the GPS fix is taking in excess of 10 minutes . I read a message on a forum advising that the 2032 battery needed changing. So I dismounted The scope and fitted a new battery. reassembled the scope to the wedge. Powered up all went well GPS fix in two minutes and away I went observing, At the end of the sesion I parked and powered down. I returned to the Scope the next night, switch on the power The AutoStar II handset lit up but nothing displayed just the back light illuminated in the handset. An anyone advise how to get up and running again please. Mattifor
  2. Some time ago I read a thread on Stargazers lounge regarding a black plastic that had been used to make various items on a lathe or machine mill. But no matter how hard I search I can not find what it was call, Can anybody help please
  3. This is the only Astro site that I visit with the e-mail address use to invite me to visit Astrobay.co.uk . Not very pleased that someone has released my e-mail address without my permission. I have now blocked Astrobay.
  4. If You feel up to it have a look at this site. Anodizing Aluminium at home But be very careful, you needs lots of space and ventilation.
  5. nice image Martin thanks
  6. On my Canon 400d I use ISO 100 at 1/80th sec but without live view it was almost imposible to achieve a perfect focus. I have just been presented with a Canon 60d which has live view and focus is easier to achieve I still use the same settings, whilst imaging has improved I still do not achieve images as good as with my DMK41. I hope this helps you a little. Ivor
  7. Hi Ant I have used both a Canon 400d and 60d DSLR's with T mount screwed directly onto the rear blocking filter To do this you need to unsrew the lense holder from the blocking filter. The canon 60d was the best result, as you can view the image with live view to obtain optinum focus. I have also used a DMK41 with reducer to achieve a full disk but this does reduce the quality of the final image. THe DMK41 without reducer does achieve aproximatly 7/8 the whole disk in exceptional quality. I am still learning, so perhaps one of the more experience mebers could give you better advice. regards Ivor
  8. Have you tried the LX200 yahoo group there are a couple of members that repair LX200 independent of Meade. they may help you out.
  9. Nice photo Olly. nice detail which camera? were you using your DMK21? too much cloud here for three days now. Ivor
  10. I want to be able to view images from my DMK41 in a remote room 60 yards from my observatory, viewing the images across my infranet, is there any software I can use please?
  11. Nice image of full disk. I have only just started imaging and have the DMK41. Cant quite get the fine detail you have achieved. as you can see from the image I posted earlier.
  12. Thanks Ken will give that ago, Not tried barlow yet. I have double stack so will try that also. regards Ivor
  13. this is my second attempt with new DMK41 mono still having difficulties getting what I can see through eyepiece captured with DMK41 Lunt 60 bf1200, any advice as to settings etc would be appreciated
  14. To get detail like the one posted you would need a Ha filter , they dont come cheap. not tried welders lense how would you plan fitting to your telescope? the cheapest way I have seen to date (£14) is home made filter using Baader AstroSolar Safety Film ND 5.0.But you only see sun spot and some surface detail
  15. first attempt with DMK41 Lunt 60 single stack. taken 11:10 am 03-04-2011
  16. Sorry wrong one that was the one at the top NW this was the one at SE
  17. Hi Olly great shot. I tried to get it also still havnt mastered the camera. as you can see it was half the height when I managed to get a picture. Ivor
  18. Thanks very much both of you I now understand. Now looking for best price. Ivor
  19. Sorry Ben, Does that mean that Mono is best to capture from the Lunt. I am new to imaging so need all the help I can get Ivor
  20. Advice needed I am contemplating buying a DMK41 to use with my Lunt solar scope. What is the advantage of mono version against the colour version please
  21. Thanks Helen that would be a help. Regards Ivor
  22. Hi Helen The view through the Eye piece is fantastic, thats why I wanted to capture it? Both silgle stack and double stack are good with eyepiece. Surface detail is more pronounced with the Double stack but edge detail is better single stacked. Looks as if I shall have to wait until to-morrow now cloud has just arrived. regards Ivor
  23. Thanks Helen. I'm only just starting with imaging, so its all trial and error. Is there a lot of diference between the DMK21 and the DMK41? How do you get the whole disk? I only get about 1/4 of the disk at a time do you use an image reducer? regards Ivor
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