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  1. Hi Peter, I'm not surprised how good it is, i had a 8mm, really superb. And they command big money on the used market, ie at least $200 USD plus. Mike
  2. Matt, not true! I just had a very rare early 10.4 TV Plossl on ABS at a great price.Superb very sharp planetary eyepiece. Regrettably i am not able to offer these gems here. Mike
  3. Pretty much concur with John. Clave of Paris made exceptional Plossls, true symmetrical design, in the 80's. These are as good as Televue, with exceptional contrast. They are rare and very expensive. The 1st version 5 element Meade ser 4000 Japan were pretty much on a par with TV too. Some of the early Meade ser 3000 are also very good. Finally, as John mentions, the early Vixen Japan silvertops are superb, and great build quality. Btw, Current Televue is not a true Symmetrical Plossl, but a patented TV design. Mike
  4. I've located a Denk 2x multiplier in USA, these will then make a terrific 13mm binoview pair for Jupiter. Mike
  5. Hi Michael, Again, another nice eyepiece you have! Alot of people who want to collect the set of silvertop plossls struggle to find the one you have. Regards Mike
  6. Hi John, That 30mm would be quite a prized ep! I understand the 30mm were stamped made in Taiwan. They have the largest fov of the silveretops, 50 degrees. Regards Mike
  7. No worries Glen, i just daydreamed about Jupiter in the Binos!! btw, the zeiss 16-0 pair just arrived, lovely. Hi Dave, Thanks! will try test them asap. I'm wondering how these barlowed 2x would compare to the 12.5 Circle T ORTHO PAIR. Regards Mike
  8. Hi Michael, Yes, the Circle V's are lovely eyepieces, the 30mm is a rare thing to find. Hi Glen, It was a nightmare!! 2 hours on the M60/62! Thanks again, Mike
  9. I've been very lucky to acquire not one, but a matched bino pair of vintage Celestron 26mm silvertop plossls with the very rare "NJ"barrel stamping. I've always had a high regard for the vintage all silver Celestron plossls. They're made by Vixen Japan in the early 80's, and are possibly the finest plossls bar the televues. It appears these "NJ" stamped eyepieces were a very costly prototype to the original Televue NJ smoothsides. The only items contracted to have the NJ stamp were made for Televue. It appears that the same optical house contracted by Televue let maybe 50 or so of these slip out before Al Nagler put a stop to them. These were branded with the Celestron label, and afterwards the eyelens design was modified in favour of a less expensive design to mass produce. I was happy enough when i found this out, then a friend in Canada offered me a 2nd matching eyepiece. I was amazed to find another. They are really beautiful, with the sharpest field stop, nice coatings, and a fov app 49 degrees. I'm waiting to try them in the Denks. Mike
  10. Earlier this year i had a heavy 6" F8 newtonian ota, weighing about 20 lbs on HEQ5, just ok for visual. As already stated,moment arm is the killer, it amplifies every little vibration, especially when operating the focusser. I currently have a loaded C8 with denk binoviewers on the mount, and its perfectly fine.The ota is very short, and massively reduces the moment arm effect. However i've upgraded to the 2" CG5 Tripod,and this is much better than the std HEQ5 tripod. Mike
  11. Don't forget David, you own probably one of the best 5" Fluorite Apo ever made. anyone taking the 180 out from a warm room into cold winter air is in for a very long wait before the image settles due to cooldown. Agree with Astrobaby, a fan is very deirable on Maks of this size and bigger Mike
  12. Hi Jim, Well done! A nice observation that has captured some good detail. I understand exactly what you have with regard to seeing, but keep observing and you'll catch more of the good moments that will reveal surprising details! Mike
  13. Hi Ben, Your point regarding comfort is perfectly valid. Whilst i have used all of the specialised planetary eyepieces i mentioned, i accept that not everyone would like them. The Pentax 5XO is a good example. incredibly sharp, but most cannot live with 3mm of eye relief. I can personally, but i see the point of view that alot would not tolerate that for extended viewing. Mike
  14. It all depends how much you want to extract any last possible bit of detail particularly when seeing is very good. There is a reason why, say, a zeiss monocentric costs $800. one, its very rare, and two, it has the best possible sharpness and contrast, coupled with very high transmission and exceptional lens polish. As stated, the differences can be subtle in normal seeing, but for example, a zeiss jena ortho will clearly best a circle T, in superior scatter control and contrast. Without in any way meaning any offence, alot of Nagler, XW, and similar high end widefields have never had the experience of using Zeiss jena, Zeiss Abbe,Supermono, Pentax orthos, or AP SPL's. These are eyepieces optimised for bringing out very subtle planetary detail, and as such are valued, which drives their used prices very high. As i say, Nagler, XW, XL are very fine, but for the specialised role of planetary use, there are better. Mike
  15. Hi David, Good observation, despite the poor seeing we both experienced that night. Look forward to your future Jupiter sketches. Regards Mike
  16. I managed a sketch of Jupiter early this morning. Seeing was very average with fleeting good moments. These were too short to properly capture all the potential detail, but here's the sketch. 30 August 2010 02.10 - 02.35 UT C8 SCT, x203 with zeiss 10mm ortho. view has North top, reversed left to right with diagonal. The NEB had alot of vague detail in those fleeting moments, several darker areas noted. Seeing would not support x250 with the 8mm Brandon to give any extra detail. The 12.5mm zeiss was sharp but the lower mag made it difficult to see the finer details in the very average seeing for most of the time. Here's hoping for steadier nights soon! Mike
  17. Hi David, The 12mm Brandon vs 12.5 Zeiss would be very interesting. Don't get me wrong, most Japan 12.5 orthos are good eyepieces, but from alot of personal experience there is a very big difference between a zeiss ortho and a circle , for example. I suspect, based on what i saw last night, that the 12mm Brandon would be a worthy contender. your comments support my thoughts. Regards Mike
  18. Hi GB, I have a feeling they would be superb. I would love to put up a 12mm Brandon against my zeiss 12.5mm ortho. Mike
  19. I recently bought one of these Baader SCT 2" clicklock visual backs for my C8. It carries a 2" Revelation quartz diagonal and a very heavy Meade 56mm Plossl without any flex at all. It is a real pleasure to use, and only requires a small amount of turn on the clamp to really grip the diagonal well. In my opinion, this is the best 2" visual sct back i have seen. great to use, and perfectly centres the diagonal, and a collimation check proved this. btw, the screw is simply a lever to use if you wish. here's an image Mike
  20. Thanks for all your comments. What was impressive was how good this was compared to the Zeiss orthos, which are considered pretty much as good as it gets. Glen, thank you for that info, i had an idea that these are not multicoated. I'm sure you are equally impressed with your lovely set! These are virtually impossible to find in UK, i bought mine used from USA. Cloud totally stopped play last night, as the seeing was great! I hoped to do a Jupiter sketch, but i'll try asap. Mike
  21. see this link for design Company Seven | Questar Brandon Eyepieces Description Page
  22. David, i feel it is superior, better glare control, better tone rendition. Mike
  23. Typing this as i wait for a claear break in the clouds. I managed 1st light on Jupiter, at x250. background sky darkness is superb, as good as my zeiss 10mm and 12.5 orthos. contrast and sharpness is very close indeed. The colour rendering is very pure, making it eaay to see the subtle browns in the belts. I am impressed with the lack of scatter around Jupiter's limb. seeing thus far is unsteady, making it difficult to "hold" details, but there is alot of fine detail in the NEB, and subtle detail in the S Temperate zones. A superb planetary eyepiece, fully worthy of its reputation. ps,the C8 has really fine optics, my last view just as clouds rolled in. just when seeing has started to settle was as good as any of Jupiter i've had. the star test is extremely nice. Mike
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