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  1. Only just come across this build. What an amazing and useful text + photos record. Although I'm not sure I'll ever have room for a dome like this, there are so many useful ideas/points/ thoughts that would help with any observatory. Thanks for sharing.
  2. pm sent re: one of the 15mm. Thanks. John
  3. Sorry, no idea where 80mm f5 came from...another post by someone else maybe? ( Very relieved to hear it wasn't just an 80mm at f5!) Thanks again for help.
  4. Ok, I think we have the answer and it is, as has been suggested, my refractor. Although my newtonian wasn't cooled and the seeing was poor tonight, here is a Jupiter shot through it with the same barlow and camera and, to my eyes, the colours are pleasingly natural...even if the image is poor. (As an aside, I have never used this telescope to image before or I wouldn't have asked the question that you have all so kindly being trying to help with. It is so unwieldy with poor drive adjustments but I have worked out a method of getting the subject on the chip with it so may use it more in the future.) Anyway, here is an image taken this evening, resized to 60%. Once again, thanks so much to everyone for your input and patience. I have learnt a lot from the exchange and I am very grateful. Many thanks all.
  5. I think that's a huge improvement and a really nice image. Amazing from an 80mm f5 as well! I guess if I was any good with Photoshop I could achieve something similar but I tend to use the simpler,and far less effective, Faststone. (free!) and haven't been able to achieve anything like that.
  6. Well I think this is what you meant (with my brain learning new software is a bit of a shot in the dark). Anyway, output looks very similar to bayered output from AS2 before stacking so I guess my issue is, as already suggested, CA from my refractor/barlow/camera combi. When I've had a chance to use the same set up on my newtonian I guess I will find out if it's the CA of the Vixen. Still love the Vixen and, visually, never find the colour an issue. Once again, thanks for all the help/input. Jup_231728_pipp.avi
  7. Ok thanks. Will give it a go later today/ tomorrow and report back.
  8. No, that's great and I really appreciate your input. I will certainly try the same set up with the Newtonian and have also just purchased a #8 yellow to try as well. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Yes to barlow, but a pretty good one - Celestron Ultima 2x. With a flip mirror between this and the camera/eyepiece there is also a spacing factor which increases the apparent focal length..straight through for the camera, of course. I'm pretty sure the asi 120 has an ir filter...the window over the chip. Thanks.
  10. Many thanks indeed...here they are: Jup_231728_g4_ap32.tif Jup_231728_g4_ap30.tif I presume as they are Tif files they don't show but hopefully they will download etc...I'm just wondering if, as suggested, it is simply a case of my scope being an achromat and also the fact that Jupiter is so low this year? (I have never found the colour fringing objectionable visually but maybe it is enhanced by the camera) Thanks again for your help.
  11. Thank you but do you mean the Firecapture log file or the stacked but unprocessed AS2 file? ( Can't upload the AVI as it's 1gb +). Thanks again.
  12. Many thanks for that. This is the result of the RGGB but I can't seem to correct/remove the green cast in Registax either using autobalance or manual. When I try to reduce the green the image just goes back to a purple hue. No idea what I'm doing wrong with the balance but I appreciate all the help.
  13. You may well be right Neil - and thank you for your help - but all I can say is that I think I have the force bayer setting in AS2 correct at GRBG and that even if I let AS2 do an Automatic Detection instead the result is the same. Your result is definitely better though but I'm wondering if you're just much better at processing than I am. If I knew how do process properly I have often thought that I should be able to sort this out at the processing stage.
  14. Many thanks - pretty conclusive. Interestingly I think my camera enhances this colour cast as, to my eye, it appears less pronounced with visual observation...or is that wishful thinking? Well I think the semi apo or yellow filter is the way to go and thanks to you and everyone for their input...really interesting and helpful. Many thanks all.
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