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Obs2 Finished.


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I finally finished the painting and mount installation in the 2nd Obs.Either one can double as a warm area, whilst the other is being used for imaging.

It's been a long haul, but I hope worth it.

Few pics.

The rear section is the new bit, the front one houses the Meade LX90. The roofs can be rolled to expose either Obs. The TV aerial will need to be moved, it was temp while I was working in there.







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Looking good Ron :D

Bet you cant wait to getr soem decent skies to make use of it ....

A fine collection of Masks you have there sir....Anyone remember Hilda's ducks from "corrie" ...


HehHeh!, The masks are yours Peter, I just hope they don't lay eggs.:). As if.

I'm confident the winter skies will be exceptional this year, and I'm going to have fun trying to get my imaging badge.:o:rolleyes:


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Very very nice... the pier, any reasoning for the extensions on the top?

Hi Nick, at worst I was expecting a remark like

"What's with the Wedding Cake on the top".

I had to add that extension, as the main column was too short, having needed to place it so far down into the ground. It was a piece I had left over from a larger length, most of which was used for the Meade Pier in the one next door.

The top was put together for the pictures, but it can be adjusted to give me a bit more height if needed, although I don't have great access to the horizon in any direction. The lowest thing I can get to, is M41, which is about -20.

It is quite solid at the top end too though.:o


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Very nice Ron, (just the colour my better half want me to paint mine) with something as good looking at that at home, im suprised you made it to Kelling :)


PS it was very nice to meet you in person :D

Very nice to meet you too Jon.:o

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Very very professional looking Ron, I can see and appreciate all the work and design that has gone into that, right down to the water butt rain collection :)

Come on then, what you waiting for? :D :D :)



Thanks TJ, Just some bits and pieces to sort out, and hopefully I can get started on the real challenge. Some help from MartinB at Kelling has been kindly drafted into a Workflow for me by MikeP, so I do have something to get me going. Given good winter skies, I will be spending a lot of time in there.


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quick question...anyone know a good source for cabling protection. Plan tomorrow is to run the mains and ethernet under the garden to the obs from the warm room...and would like to know what people recommend for cable protection (armoured guard type stuff!)


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Sorry there is no reply to your cable question Nick, but I suppose being a special needs thing, it will take an expert on such a matter.

A lot will depend on the potential loading at the user end of the cable, and how far the run will be.

The power cable to my garage workshop, is a Copper sheathed one, and has been in place for years, Pyro I think is the name for it.

Underground is a different requirement I suppose, although I power my Fish pond pump and U/V Filter via a waterproof rubber sheathed cable, run inside a plastic and joint sealed conduit, although the power demand for that is quite low.

Sorry I can't be of any help mate. An electrical engineering Company will offer sound advice though.



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