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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/345004195931930/?ref=share Thought the 3D printing brigade would like this
  2. Managed to find one on Astroboot for £83.00......now to double check all the electrics in the observatory
  3. Been slowly returning my observatory to use this week after being mothballed for 7 years. Powered the EQ6 pro up today and nothing, no led but the area surrounding the power connecter was warm to say the least: So any experts think this is repairable or am I looking at a £120 replacement
  4. Guiding needs to be off Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  5. Worth book marking for cheap Arduino parts https://www.fasttech.com/search?arduino Ive used them a few times and postage is free
  6. It all starts with your feet, keep those warm the rest of you will be warm. Go for clothing aimed at the fisherman I have some Skee-tex wellies and they are brilliant, had them for 20 years and they have never let me down. http://www.skee-tex.co.uk/products/skee-tex-boot-14.aspx
  7. Agreed, there's no way an eccentric gear should have ever been put in a finished product.......that's not bad QC that's just contempt for your customers. Sorry SW this is a big fail.
  8. Depending on the eccentricity of the worm a few hours in the lathe with some lapping compound should see it right. Anyway if there are any EQ8 owners who fancy a straight swap for my lapped and belt driven EQ6 Im up for it
  9. Well turning a Citroen into a EQ8 was always going to be a challenge
  10. The Chinese would just backward engineer one that did work, my point tho was the EQ6 was always compromised by the worm and wheel and engineering wise (on a budget) is next to impossible todo away without some slop in gearing. This slop introduces PE which of course if its repeatable can be compensated with software. But on another note, UK astronomers have to contend with very turbulent seeing at the best of times and will in due course never get the best out of a mount for that reason.
  11. I raised an eyebrow when the 1st betas of the EQ8 were released, my first thoughts were why worm and wheel again when direct drive is much simpler and not so reliant on engineering tolerances. A few thou out in most consumer goods would probably go un-noticed, not so a telescope mount, precision is the top goal with a mount and sadly I don't think the Chinese can mass produce precision products.
  12. More than adequate POD's weigh next to nothing so anything more than decking is overkill and going to be a unnecessary cost. 3 pads can be cast for the pier legs far more cheaply than than one big pad for the POD.
  13. 4 in mesh sounds about right for the small pulley, I also had to make the motor plate slot a few mm larger for adjustment, it takes a minute or two with a jewellers file.
  14. I think this link has been posted somewhere in this discussion, it will be trial and error until you actually get the pulleys fitted as being a few mm out in your calculations can mean the difference between a few teeth. I think originally to save on postage I opted to get a size either side of my calculations.
  15. A nice bit of polished wood hides many sins
  16. Im sure Ive swapped mine around at some point, I know the gear on the worm shaft is the same for sure. The transfer gears from the stepper motors are different tho.
  17. I'll throw the wife in.......3 kids get the wife free
  18. Very keen pricing and sure to be a winner, nice to see also they have listened to people who only want the mount head.......must start saving my pennies but I fear the EQ9 will be out before I've saved I'm expecting a lot of used eq6's to hit the second hand market.......well done Synta. I used the plastic from one of those 2 litre plastic milk bottles, slippery as anything and works a treat.
  19. The 60t pulley won't fit unless you enlarge the slot, you would also have to machine out the worm housing too using a mill or possibly a stand drill. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  20. I have a slight wobble on the RA motor pulley but because its a repeatable error PEC training eliminates this (use the PEC recording built into eqmod) I wouldn't worry too much about this. I would thou complain to the company that supplied your pulleys, as you said you paid good money for something that's not fit for purpose.....in my case I paid a 3rd party (beer tokens) so I got what I paid for Still, my mount is far better and I'm happier than pre modification.
  21. Sounds like the pulleys have been bored slightly out of true or either the motor shaft is bent or the worm is bent. If the worm was bent you would get binding on the crown and Im sure you would notice this especially when slewing. I'd check the above first
  22. RA graph being all over the place is usually a balance issue rather than backlash, PHD measures backlash at the calibration stage and does a pretty good job. I had a similar problem a while back that had me scratching my head, turned out I was being over aggressive with my east heavy balance to compensate for backlash that I cannot get rid of in RA.
  23. George

    2015 - SGL 10

    As long as I have a pulse I'll be attending
  24. Lovely job there Jason your obviously a gifted machinists, I'd love to have the skill and tools to make something like that
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