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  1. Finally finished the refit , heq5 has been serviced and hypertuned by those great guys at Dark Frame, sxvr m26c serviced by starlight xpress. Just need to polar align and we are ready to rock and roll
  2. I've just had a similar problem with my alexanders observatory, I did remove the damp bits of the floor and then just laid 18mm marine plywood directy over the old floor. cheers Jon
  3. That's a little in joke the admins, played on me when I was a mod, years ago..... my ego isn't that big ;-)
  4. Its the Observing room, imagining only... ill give the Weathershield a look... cheers PS, feels good to be back :-)
  5. No, it's Ethernet over mains, but yes I suspect that may have been a problem if I did need wifi.
  6. Hi just refitted 9mm hardboard to my observatory walls and while discussing colours with the misses she suggested using magnetic chalkboard paint so I could write and stick things on it! What a great idea I thought , just wondered if anyone has done this or if there are any pitfalls I've not thought of ?
  7. Hi I'm looking to purchase a pier extension for my HeQ5 imaging rig, I just need to get a bit more height to see over the observatory walls, the mount is fixed to a 10" pier and runs a borg 77 and WO72 guide scope so its not that heavy. My question is does anyone have any experience in imagining with a pier extension as I'm worried it will effect the guiding/images. cheers
  8. I see you haven't lost your scene of humor, I will be lucky if I can remember how to polar align the scope, let alone image something...
  9. Hi haven't hear from stevel in over three years... kinda lost touch... and yes luckily we did win the turbine battle.... it was a long slog but worth it in the end :-)
  10. It will be a while before I will be thinking of targets, need to get everything calibrated first and trying to remember which end of the telescope to attach the camera too :-)
  11. Hi everyone After three and a half years, i'm back.. I had kinda lost my Astro mojo.... but happy to say its staring to come back. I've spend the weekend replacing the floor and interior walls of my ROR Observatory, my HeQ5 is off at Dark Frame being serviced and tuned, just trying to get everything set up and working in preparation for the upcoming season. Feels good to be back already... cheers
  12. Me again, Well I've tried both the re console hot pixel tool and BPM in maxim 5 and neither seem to work on the raw subs, so I'm not sure what's going on, I suppose my next move is to try on maxim 4. Any further ideas
  13. Thanks all, Steve you mentioned maxim can remove these, is this done as the images are captured or can be done on individual subs post capture, I've never had this issue with the qhy8 but the sx 26 c seems to be a bit different :-( Cheers Jon
  14. Hi all Just getting back into imagining, attached is crop of an image I took sunday night, there seems to be a lot of red, green and blue pixels showing up in the image. Does anyone have any idea why and how to remove them? cheers Jon hot p.tif
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