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  1. Wow, I do like that! With your permission, I will shamelessly copy it. I will post a pic when I have finished it. Thanks for sharing Sean!
  2. Well, I got up, got out and saw the comet Very nice in the binos but could not pick it out naked eye. Tried some DSLR photography and captured it, but so feint that it is just a small fuzzy patch. But, I got it!!! Surprised at how light the sky was to the North. I was also treated to the Saturn/Moon/Jupiter conjunction, Mars looking splendid and Venus rising through the trees! All finished off by the ISS passing overhead at 03:58. Glad I managed to drag myself out of bed!
  3. I am planning to get up before dawn and see if I can view it, I am currently in Norwich but at the edge of the city, so a quick bicycle ride with binos and camera at the ready. Wish me luck chaps!
  4. I am set up and observing the Sun today too. And I agree, it is much better than shivering at the EP!
  5. Jonk, that is a fantastic shot. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I do but on Mint. Just checked what is pre-installed, was a bit surprised! Unfortunately, updates no longer work, but here is the list: Aladin Astro CL - co-ordinate converter Astro Lab 2 Celestia GCX Image Processor GPredict Gravity Iimage IRAF Terminal Iris K Stars Meteroical Nightshade Observation Manager Open Rocket Open Universe Planets Radio Meteor Analyser Registax 6.1 Sky Charts (Cartes DuCiel) Sky Globe 6 Stellarium Star Plots (star chart viewer) Virtual Moon Atlas Where is M13 WXAstro Capture XEPhem XTide Plus, lots of Astro background pics, screensavers etc and a RED theme. All very well done TBH.
  7. Ah, looks like DistroAstro is no more, the download is no longer available. I have it on an HD that I use on my Obsy PC and I have a CD 'somewhere" so if anyone had a burning desire to have a look, drop me a PM and I will send a copy.
  8. I am a big fan of Mint, it is actually built on Ubuntu, and use it on all of my systems as dual boot with Windows 7. I use K Stars, Stellarium and Virtual Moon Atlas all the time. There is an Astronomy Distro out there, http://www.distroastro.org/ , which has a lot of scientific software pre-installed although it is quite old now.
  9. Cool report, congratulations. And a cool Avatar, I bought that one the week it was released, still have it
  10. Hello Roger, That is the camera I use, on a Lunt LS60Tha with a B600 Blocking filter, I bought the scope in 2012 and used a Phillips SPNC9000 web cam then bought the ZWO in 2014. I have had hours of fun with the whole set-up and although I am not an imager by any stretch I have made some nice images over the years (I am sure you will do faaaar better!) I use Sharpcap for the capture, Registax for processing and a final tweak using Fast Stone Image Viewer for colour etc. and to save as a JPG or BMP if required Here are a few examples from 2015, 2016 and last Saturday
  11. Also, I highly recommend Photographic Moon Book by Alan Chu, available as a PDF, well worth downloading. http://www.alanchuhk.com/
  12. Also take a look at this site: http://pruss.mobi/moon.html And, have you tried the Virtual Lunar Atlas? http://ap-i.net/avl/en/download
  13. Well done, you got to see it, many people will not be so lucky today sadly. I watched the first 50 mins or so before the sun set, nice sunny day here though. Managed some images with my modest equipment.
  14. I have taken the day off too, unfortunately I am UT +3 hours here so will only get the first couple of hours. But, it will almost certainly be clear so looking forward to getting some good images (well, as good as I can produce with my limited abilities and equipment)
  15. Quote: I recently found out a Hubble optics 40" mirror costs around $US30k so that's got me thinking "hmmm if I spread it over five years and build everything myself and keep my old car and don't go on holidays and eat frugally yep totally doable" Hey Mate, don't forget, you can always sell a kidney
  16. Great set-up there Garryblueboy, thanks for posting. Just one question, could you or have you mounted a white light scope along side the Lunt?
  17. It is a very good image, well done! May I suggest you download Virtual Moon Atlas, by Patrick Chevalley and Christian Legrand, an outstanding piece of software. http://ap-i.net/avl/en/download David B.
  18. Hi Chaz, I am a bit late posting on this thread, but this will help you in your future Lunar observations (if you have not found them already) May I suggest you look at the following sites: https://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/?extent=-90,22.0265278,90,59.9479498&proj=10&layers=NrBsFYBoAZIRnpEoAsjZwLrc0A http://cseligman.com/text/moons/moonmap.htm And if you don't already have it.... Virtual Moon Atlas, a fantastic piece of work! http://ap-i.net/avl/en/download David B.
  19. That looks great, I think I will give it a try, thanks Mike. ?
  20. I am in the middle of the Sun observing season here, but it has not been that great, too much thin high cloud and not much "activity" on Sol. I think that is why I posted, the excitement of something to view and image. ?
  21. Finally a good AR to view, 2733.
  22. Wow, I never thought of that. Living in Bahrain, any outside wood looks a million years old within about six months, I have tried paint, wood stain, teak oil (attracted thousands of small bugs)...the lot , this could be the answer! Do you have any photos to show the effect? Sorry to go off topic ? I have big problems here with LP and have used fold-up plywood screens attached to 1 meter fence panels around my roll-off shed in the past, it worked very well.
  23. Thanks for the heads-up Paulastro..... Great image lukebl, I think I will have a go myself.
  24. Welcome back John, to the best forum on our planet, I am sure the comments posted here will give you a lot of encouragement.....which I am sure is a huge help ?David B.
  25. Dave and Stu, welcome to the hobby and to what is without doubt, the best Astro Forum in the entire cosmos! You will not fine a more helpful and supportive bunch of people anywhere, there will always be an answer to any question and suggestions/advice for any problems. Oh, and welcome to the endless cloud and aperture fever too...enjoy ? David B.
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