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  1. That looks great, I think I will give it a try, thanks Mike.
  2. I am in the middle of the Sun observing season here, but it has not been that great, too much thin high cloud and not much "activity" on Sol. I think that is why I posted, the excitement of something to view and image.
  3. Finally a good AR to view, 2733.
  4. Wow, I never thought of that. Living in Bahrain, any outside wood looks a million years old within about six months, I have tried paint, wood stain, teak oil (attracted thousands of small bugs)...the lot , this could be the answer! Do you have any photos to show the effect? Sorry to go off topic I have big problems here with LP and have used fold-up plywood screens attached to 1 meter fence panels around my roll-off shed in the past, it worked very well.
  5. Ah, mine is not at all funny.... I have a Lunt solar scope on a dual rig with a dismounted ETX105 fitted with a home made Baader Solar Film white light filter. About 3 years ago, I "borrowed" the ETX for night use, then a few days later I had a spare hour so thought I would grab a quick look at the Sun... So I re-mounted the ETX in a bit of a rush.......and there I was looking through the EP and moving towards the sun without the Solar Filter fitted!!!!!!! I don't know what stopped me but thankfully I did stop and realised my mistake Just goes to show how easy it is. Obviously I was a bit annoyed with myself, especially as I work in aircraft maintenance where the first three rules are 1. Safety 2. Safety 3. Safety, closely followed by check then re-check. But I am a flippin Muppet sometimes....but not at work, honest
  6. Thanks for the heads-up Paulastro..... Great image lukebl, I think I will have a go myself.
  7. Welcome back John, to the best forum on our planet, I am sure the comments posted here will give you a lot of encouragement.....which I am sure is a huge help David B.
  8. Dave and Stu, welcome to the hobby and to what is without doubt, the best Astro Forum in the entire cosmos! You will not fine a more helpful and supportive bunch of people anywhere, there will always be an answer to any question and suggestions/advice for any problems. Oh, and welcome to the endless cloud and aperture fever too...enjoy David B.
  9. Ah, just realised you are probably thinking of the new style of red dot finder, I have the old cross-hair type.
  10. Hello Bendiddley, I have an ETX finderscope that I no longer use, you can have it for nothing as it is just gathering dust. I live in Bahrain and will be returning to UK at the end of April, so nearer the time, and if you still want it, PM your address and I will send it to you.
  11. Great job Phil, it looks much better with the reduced protrusion. What mount do you use it on?
  12. Very impressive John, great work!
  13. Ah, that was my first thought, but there are no volcanoes here, the nearest tectonic plate join is on the other side of the Persian Gulf, the nearest volcanoes I know of are on the western side of Saudi Arabia. But you have got me thinking and you are probably correct, one of them shows green crystals which I believe to be Olivine.
  14. Good points, it would be good to know (if they are verified) where they are from etc. etc. I found all 3 in the same area, I suspect they are fragments from the same meteor which exploded in the air or when it impacted the sea. OK, if I get a positive response from any "enthusiasts" I will look at having them verified, then I will know for sure.
  15. Ha ha, yes it was a poor choice of words, :/ Out in the desert there is only limestone, limestone and more limestone, so anything that is not and is even slightly magnetic was either dumped there by man (sadly getting worse by the day) was blown out of a volcano or fell out of the sky, so I am happy that my samples are most likely meteorites, I have considered sending them for authentication, but they are so small it is not really worth the time and effort. For me it would be great, and proof enough, if another enthusiast (or two) shared my opinion. I am not going to sell them so they will only ever be my personal collection with me believing they are real
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