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M64 -The Blackeye Galaxy


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And another clear night!!. Two on the 'trot', this is just plain riduculous :):mad:

Didn't manage to get out last night, until after midnight, but managed to grab an hour on M64, The Blackeye Galaxy.

Not done this one before, and now know that it needs a few more subs, or longer exposure, as the result is a bit noisey, but hey, its another image, after the long imaging drought. :)

12x300s with the SXVF-H9C, and the 12" LX2200R at f/7 (6.3 FR).



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Now you're just being plain greedy Dave!

You're hogging the clear skies!

Again, another super image Dave and great detail for just an hour.

I'm sure it would've took much longer to process, hence the great result.


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You're Cooking with Gas now Dave. Magic stuff. One of my favourite objects The Black Eye. It's such a great description for it too I always thought.

Oh!, and stop questioning the good opportunities you're getting lately, just remember how long you have had to wait for them. Heh!Heh!Heh!


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