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  1. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

  2. ashenlight

    Hi Stargazers!

    Welcome to the forum Michael. Looking forward to your posts
  3. ashenlight

    2012 Perseid shower

    Always look forward to the Perseids. Even get a good show in my light-polluted neighbourhood. Might seek out a dark sight this year, if the clouds go away
  4. ashenlight

    New member from Scotland

    Welcome to SGL looking forward to hearing how you get on, anything we can help with just ask. Sounds like an exciting time for you! Amanda
  5. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    Oh wow! Really?! That is excellent news, I'm so pleased. I'm looking to sell my Sw130 soon and put it towards an 8" dob, I'm sure I'll be nagging you for help
  6. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    I've posted my postcode (CF3) in the S. Wales group thread, Ganymede, so I imagine I will surface in a meet soon enough!
  7. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    Surprised you can see it properly in that little photo
  8. ashenlight

    Opinions Please

    What a lovely terminator, and great contrast. It's the shadows that make the moon look so good, especially with a good amount of 'space' around the edges... I think you've got a good balance. Just off to check out your M13... my favourite cluster
  9. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    barkis, is fab to be back. I have missed you all (especially you)
  10. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    thanks John, ditto!
  11. ashenlight

    Hi from South Wales, UK

    Hi kevrees, Welcome to SGL I live in Cardiff, so not too far away from you Looking forward to reading your posts
  12. back to the velvet underground

    1. Qualia


      The book was very poor, but the band! Probably one of most influential in history.

  13. ashenlight

    the elusive ashenlight resurfaces

    it is nice to be back, thank you Roger
  14. ashenlight

    First Attempt Saturn

    this is lovely Nigel. I'm not an imager, but it's cracking for a first attempt. You can see definition between the rings and the surface of Saturn as the rings cross over the front, which I think really adds depth. What are you planning to do next time you image Saturn? Anything different, experiment a bit? Amanda
  15. ashenlight

    Educational Activity for 9yr

    The sheet is excellent, zakkhogan. If you get on well with Ursa Major and have good seeing, you could give M81/M82 a bash. There's a nice contrast between the two galaxies, and, with a decent FOV, it'd give a good sketching opportunity. Be something for her to get her teeth into!

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