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  1. Well I can't wait for this. Looking forward to meeting a few of you after ten years or whatever it's been. I've been away for a while but I'm back now...
  2. Welcome to the forum Michael. Looking forward to your posts
  3. Always look forward to the Perseids. Even get a good show in my light-polluted neighbourhood. Might seek out a dark sight this year, if the clouds go away
  4. Welcome to SGL looking forward to hearing how you get on, anything we can help with just ask. Sounds like an exciting time for you! Amanda
  5. Oh wow! Really?! That is excellent news, I'm so pleased. I'm looking to sell my Sw130 soon and put it towards an 8" dob, I'm sure I'll be nagging you for help
  6. I've posted my postcode (CF3) in the S. Wales group thread, Ganymede, so I imagine I will surface in a meet soon enough!
  7. Surprised you can see it properly in that little photo
  8. What a lovely terminator, and great contrast. It's the shadows that make the moon look so good, especially with a good amount of 'space' around the edges... I think you've got a good balance. Just off to check out your M13... my favourite cluster
  9. I'm in east Cardiff kids.... mark me down - CF3
  10. barkis, is fab to be back. I have missed you all (especially you)
  11. Hi kevrees, Welcome to SGL I live in Cardiff, so not too far away from you Looking forward to reading your posts
  12. back to the velvet underground

    1. Qualia


      The book was very poor, but the band! Probably one of most influential in history.

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