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I’m a newcomer here


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Hello everyone,

I’ve made a few posts but forgot to check in and say hi. I’m not a total newbie, I’ve been at it for about three years. Until a couple of months ago when I bought some decent equipment I had not done much with astronomy except use my 10x50 and 15x63 binoculars. I bought two telescopes on in the past but didn’t spend time learning how to use them. I got frustrated and sold them. I also once owned a 25x100 binocular. It was fun but I couldn’t look high in the sky so I sold it. Where I lived I had a nice view of the planets and enjoyed looking at them through them. 

A while ago I bought an Orion BT-82 binocular-telescope, and later a Sky Watcher 100 telescope because I got a good deal on it. I’ve been out there every night it’s clear since I bought these. I recently upgraded to an Oberwerk BT-100 and came to realize I like binoculars more than telescopes. It is so much easier for me to find objects with them. I am done buying/upgrading, I found my match. Eventually i might sell the SW100 if I don’t use it. I still have a good of the planets but have moved on to finding DSO’s and exploring the night sky by star hopping. I joined the Asheville Astronomy Club but haven’t met anyone because for the last year or so they haven't had star-meets because of the virus. 

I love these forums because there’s so much knowledge to gain from people that have been around much longer than me. I hope to become part of this community and learn from you guys. 

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What a refreshing introduction. Welcome to the forum. Great to read that you have found your sweet spot in this amazing hobby .Many are encouraged on here to get into astronomy using binos as its a very intuative way of learning the night sky . Something you are proving to be correct .


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Welcome aboard SGL. Good to have you with us.

"I am done buying/upgrading"  I think we've all said that at some point or other 🙂

Seriously though, if you've settled on kit that suits you, well played. I've been at this 20+ years and still haven't made my mind up.

Enjoy your observing and thanks for joining in.

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