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  1. I've been out doing exactly the same thing: doubles in Orion. Sky quite hazy at times and could only find the 4 main stars in the trapezium. Spent some time with Meissa (lambda). A-B took 147x to split. Found C,D,E, but F eluded me. I'll have to try again at a later date. Found A and B in Iota (Nair al Saif) and think I found C, but it seemed a lot further away than my notes say it is. I'll have to check that one. With Orion being pretty much South, the positional angles are easier to work with (on an Alt-Az mount). Looked at Struve 747 which I can't recall seeing before. Thoroughly enjoyable
  2. Does the finder scope fit to the tube with screws? If so, is it possible to losen them a little and move the bracket itself? On other scopes it's sometimes necessary to "shim" the mount with a piece of cardboard or similar. If you're able to take a photo or two of the finder and post them, it might help someone come up with a solution. Oh, welcome to SGL. Good to have you with us.
  3. Received quickly and working fine. It's also a third generation wifi module Many thanks Dougie. Top bloke.
  4. I'm not familar with that scope, but I'm sure those that are will be along soon to give you some great advice. Welcome aboard SGL, and welcome to the wonderful hobby that is astronomy. It's great to see your enthusiasm.
  5. I don't use a filter either. Yes, it's bright, but the iris soon closes up and after a few seconds I find it quite comfortable. Just don't expect to do any DSO work for a while afterwards!
  6. Hi Siouxie. Reading your point 3, I'm not sure this applies to you, but there's definitely a problem if the camera is removed and replaced each session. Both the mounting bracket and camera bracket are tapered by 5mm, and the bracket has two triangular recesses into which the mounting bolts on the camera fit into. This leaves lots of "play", and depending on the order, and how you tighten the two bolts, there can be upto a degree of difference in the axes each time. I measured this by fastening a laser measure on the camera and marking the locations on a flat surface at the other sid
  7. Hi Loki, welcome aboard SGL and welcome back to the dark arts that are astrophotography. Good to have you with us.
  8. Welcome aboard SGL Daniel. Good to have you with us.
  9. Welcome to SGL Steve. Good to have you with us.
  10. Wow, that's horrible. So sorry to hear and hope you kit is easy to fix. I have a breaker switch on my shed that switches power off to everything, but that doesn't help if you want to leave something charging. Welcome aboard SGL.
  11. Works very well for me and lets the scope take care of aligning itself while I carry my eyepiece case, coffee etc outside.
  12. Welcome aboard SGL Tony. Good to have you with us.
  13. Welcome aboard SGL Steve. Good to have you with us.
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