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  1. My grandad smoked really heavy, born early 1900's.
  2. I've also got that, lol. Got lost again in a house move but found a full set in good condition on fleebay last year.
  3. Yeah, I'm excited I found them too and to think from 1928, coming up to 100 year's ago. We'll probably have a moon base by then.
  4. Yes Heather, definitely educational and definitely middle aged, lol.
  5. I used to have them but lost during a house move so when I found them again I bought them with the intention of mounting them as I have. Good way to admire them instead of being in the loft.
  6. I've just come across those in good condition on fleebay so bought those to, to compliment these.
  7. Definitely do that John. I found a mount for the cards on fleebay and the exact mount in Wilko. I'm on a mission now for things in my childhood, lol. I must be getting old, (don't say it, just think it, lol).
  8. Thanks, they looked like they'd never been touched. Really pleased.
  9. Hi all, came across these old PG tips space cards in a charity shop complete with book. Was in pretty good condition so bought them. Mounted the cards and now in pride of place in my hallway. I remember colleting these years ago, early 70's.
  10. I just did a picture search of that pic and it comes up with someone genuinely selling it on astromart. Think someone's taken a copy of the pic and hoping to scam people who might pay thinking it's legit.
  11. Split personality. At least my other self tells me so and I've learnt not to argue with them, lol.
  12. Thanks, I thought it would be. Been in touch with Robin of the BAA too so that's great and rejoined the BASs project forum. It'll be a another month before I can seriously get back to it but if I'm struggling I'll be back, as Arnie says, lol.
  13. Well it's been a few years since I dipped my toe into spectroscopy. Life, house move and covid. I'd like to get really started again after my op and I'm all healed up. I used the Bass project software before but having a new computer in the dome, etc, I need to start things from scratch. I only took a couple of spectra before life got in the way so haven't really got to grips with the software either. Anyway hope you can direct me once again to the right places. Attached was my first spectroscopy graph from Vega. Also is it possible to use my monochrome zwo asi 178mm rather than my DSLR that I used before? Also I've bought the 3.8 grism to go with the star analyser 100.
  14. Similar to my sky here in Devon. Fantastic sky. 15min walk from me and I'm in bortle 3 category.
  15. Welcome back, glad you're back to the hobby, once bitten that's it, even after years of being away. I had at least a ten year gap due to life getting in the way so you're not alone. Have fun and enjoy your new environment.
  16. Welcome to SGL, brilliant bit of engineering and so fulfilling to see the results of your own work.
  17. That's true, you can only pre order and wait.
  18. Yes Jeremy, I am excited but probably have to wait a long time for it to arrive. I too have heard good things about the new Eq8 R pro mount. Here's hoping.
  19. I've just pre-ordered the EQ8 R pro and did some research and joined Eq8 r pro groups. I currently use a neq6 and used to synscan and eqmod so that was a factor. Also the price was a factor being at the top of what I can afford. I've always bought second hand so didn't want to buy second hand again for a mount that will last me the rest of my life at 63. I know Skywatcher mounts aren't mesu and I might need to adjust thing's. I've modded my neq6 over the years and tuned it so I'm not daunted by that. In fact I love taking things apart and upgrading parts as part of the enjoyment of the hobby. I've learnt so much by doing so. Perhaps the reason there isn't much talk about the new Eq8 r pro mount is because it works. Most noise you hear from people is complaining because of problems. Maybe, just maybe it's a better more refined mount in it's new reincarnation. I'm hoping so.
  20. Oh poop Luke, do you think it's overkill for the Lunt 60mm? Lol. I'm longing to get back to solar imaging, couple of weeks me thinks.
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