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Hello Everyone


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I'm brand new to this forum, but having had a good look round, it seems to be full of very helpful people, which is just what I need as a relative newcomer to astronomy. I bought a Celestron Nexstar 4 12 months ago and have used it quite a bit, although I wish I hadn't gone for a "Go To" in the end, because I've had much more fun finding my way around the night sky using "Sky at Night" magazine and "Turn Left at Orion". I'd urge other newcomers to think hard before paying extra for a "Go To" when the money saved could be spent on some more light gathering capability. At the moment, I get almost as much out of using my Pentax binos (10x50) - not least because they take 2 seconds to get the lens caps off and then they're ready to go. No time consuming alignment etc. which is normally completed just as the Yorkshire clouds roll in.

I have a couple of questions:

1. I also have a DSLR camera (Nikon D60) and am tempted to buy an adaptor and T ring to have a crack at some basic (!) astrophotography. Is this a good way to start or would I be better off buying a cheap webcam and using that instead? Some of the explanations I've read make the SLR approach sound quite complicated.

2. I live fairly close to York in the UK. Does anyone have any knowledge of the local astronomy group there? I've found them on the web and see that they meet a couple of times a month, but as a relative novice, I feel a bit self-conscious about just turning up. I guess I should just go for it.

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Hi nic

A warm welcome to SGL I also live within some 4.5 miles of the City, The York Astronomy Society are a great bunch of people and welcome any newcomer. contact Paul Buglass, treasurer@yorkastro.co.uk for details.

Apart from all the help they can give you, the club also has a splendid observatory in good dark surroundings.

The meetings are also excellent with many guest speakers throughout the year.




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Hi Nic and welcome to SGL. I've never came across an astronomer yet who wasn't friendly and more than ready to provide help and support to a newcomer. Get the bit between your teeth and get to the astro club, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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hi nic and welocome to sgl i'm a complete novice to photography but decided to take the leap and brought cannon 1000d and all the necessary bit's to hook it up to my scope and although there is a steep learning curve i've had some fairly good success already , if you already own a camera then it's only about thirty pound for the t ring and adapter {alot cheaper than a decent ccd}

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Hi, and welcome to the SGL' Lounge Nic.

You are correct, this is Astronomy site with help in abundance for all who need it.

Ask as many questions as you like, we'll be queuing up to answer them for you.

Ron. :(

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