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  1. Pretty sure. As far as I'm aware it's just a difference in OTA colour. I've used an XLT on a 6SE mount.
  2. Our local council has proposed switching off streetlights after midnight to save money. Although it's being fought by some residents, it looks like it might be happening in some areas. Perhaps you could add your weight to such a campaign?
  3. When mounting your DSLR, it's worth considering a quick release mount like this: http://www.harrisoncameras.co.uk/Shop/Tripods/Quick+Release+Plates++Adapters/Manfrotto+323+Rectangular+Plate+Adapter_MAN-323.htm
  4. Our local council installed a sort of reflector/shield on a street light due to complaints, so it does happen.
  5. Hi neighbour There's a clear view from the pitches, weather permitting. I'll be there Fri evening. It's a good site, but can get very cold, so pack lots of warm clothing and a good sleeping bag. Looking forward to it. Richard
  6. Blow off the dust first. Then use the Baader fluid. Works for me.
  7. Really looking forward to my 4th SGL star party! Having to travel very light - precious little space in car - probably just bring my 80mm refractor. So looking forward to perhaps having a peek through some of those 12" dobs....? Still fiddling with disabling the indicators at night. With my last car, I just locked it with the key, but my recent car won't play ball. May resort to insulation tape. Arriving around 6:30pm on Fri. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Richard
  8. Fabulous image. Particularly the scale to put things in perspective!
  9. My down filled North Face parka is awesome. Waterproof too. Keeping feet warm is my biggest concern. I've found thick-soled trainers with warm socks to be very good.
  10. Cuddles the Killer Whale? Of course. I was beginning to believe it, but llamas...?
  11. Think we know who's going to win the hat competition. And I never did believe the whole killer whale / basking shark / giant squid in the castle moat, thing. Despite Lulu's protestations.
  12. I think a good EP is one that gets used a lot. And I use my Baader a lot. Is it as good as the fixed focal length equivalent? Probably not quite - the field of view at the 24mm end is rather narrow, for example. But it's a good compromise, and excellent value for money. Even works well with a barlow.
  13. I'm with John. Villa in the Atacama desert and a private jet to get me there. Oh, and something to do in the daytime.
  14. All fine for me. Cheers for all your work on this, Daz. Richard
  15. Jester hat it is. Will try and find room in the car.
  16. FLO's prices are extremely competitive and the service is excellent. Thanks for all the advice and keep up the good work, Steve. Richard
  17. Mmm. Hats. Must remember to pack a silly hat. And yes, I got sunburnt and then frostbitten at SGL6. And 5.
  18. I really like: "A Visual Astronomer's Photographic Guide to the Deep Sky" by Stefan Rumistrzewicz. And it's not just because I (and other forum members) know Stef, (Stefski), it's because it has really good images showing what you can actually expect to see through a scope. Really worth a look.
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