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  1. Hi Astro Baby Completely agree with Paulus, yours are the first post I generally look for when I log on. Have you considered trying to find an "Astro Buddy" with transport you could share travelling expenses with. I am sure there are members on this forum who are close to you who would give their right arm for a chance of obseving with you and learning from your vast store of knowledge. Terry
  2. Hi Rowan Welcome to SGL from Walsall Terry
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    Hi Leic Welcome to SGL. Terry
  4. Hi Doley Welcome to SGL Terry
  5. Hi Jamie Welcome to SGL Terry
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    Hello all

    Hi Robbo Welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of good advice here. Terry
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    Hi from Sussex

    Hi Chuckles Welcome to the forum. Terry
  8. As someone who comes from Bilston I am mortally offended by this. A Bilston Screwdriver would have to at least a 4 pound lump hammer Terry
  9. Hi SP A warm welcome to SGL Terry
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    Hi Martin Welcome to SGL Terry
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    Hi Edz Welcome to SGL
  12. They wouldn't care what it was as long as they could get a few quid for it
  13. As a Neighbourhood Watch Co ordinator I would suggest you make sure you have good security on your shed as breakins to garden sheds has risen dramatically. The perps are usually looking for lawn mowers etc that end up in car boot sales, but we have had instances where some expensive fishing gear has gone. I'm sure the low lifes would clap their hands finding some expensive astro equipment. Terry
  14. Hi MArk Welcome to SGL Terry
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