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  1. Hi I've just brought Photoshop cs3 exstended for one hundred pound off e bay and think it's fantastic finally getting the results I craved if your still looking for software I'd check e bay
  2. Hi all just wondered what are my chance's of imaging the horse head neb from my garden , I'm using a ten inch newt with unmodded dslr due to light pollution can only get one minute photo's in my garden . Thought I'd ask as didn't want waste a night imaging if I've got no chance with such short photos
  3. I recieved my 2" t ring the other day and problem solved as the t ring has no shoulder on the shaft the camera slides all the way home and allows me to get prime focus
  4. Thanks that's most helpful cheers mike
  5. Hi this might sound like a silly question but what is the art of close up's of dso's is it just a case of cropping in Photoshop or is it magnification ,also what scope would be best for this I've got 10" newt and 80 refractor
  6. Yeah I've heard that somewhere I'll have to look into it only want to move mirror as last resort as it sounds like it could be complicated
  7. Inwards travel is the problem even with the low profile focuser , you can see the star in live view about to come into focus but just not enough inward travel that's why I thought I might be able to move the mirror up I have a laser colli so I can re collminate after but not sure how you do it
  8. Hi all just brought a 250 Orion newt and also a low profile focuser had my first chance to use it last night and still can't get it to focus without a barlow is the only option left to move the mirror and if so how hard is that to do I'm using a cannon 1000d with 1.25 t ring but have got 2" t ring ordered not sure if it'll help or not
  9. Hi all and happy new year just a quick question I've brought a new 10" newt and want to upgrade the focuser , I'll be mainly using it for imaging and at the moment with dslr but will be upgrading to ccd when funds allow . I'm thinking of crayford 2" would this be a good choice
  10. hi ivor still not got one and not sure if the the canon (tc-80n3) cable release even fit's my camera know so not sure what to do, the one i brought was from digital media store made by jjc but i really wouldn't reccemend it
  11. hi john i'm using 1000d i had a manual cable release which was cheap and you had to stand there with the button pressed watching the time on the camera so when it broke thought i'd upgrade but the cannon one seemed dear so went with the cheaper option and although it does what it's supposed to it will only let me program a delay longer than the exposure if you don't it automatically set's for 99 min's very frustrating (wasted two hour's last night till i realised only got one sub)
  12. hi all just recently brought a new cable release from jjc as it was half the price of the cannon version and it's useless, for some reason the delay between exposure's has to be longer than the exposure itself and it has no setting for the mirror lock .could anyone tell me if the cannon one is the same before i spend more money
  13. thank's for the info guy's time to go shopping
  14. hi all could do with some advice i'd like to buy a refractor for imaging i've got £700.00 to spend could probably push to £800.00, i've been looking at the orion eon 88 ed apo which is £699.00 as i'm still learning the art of imaging {going by the review's} it seem's like a good buy or would i be better saving more and getting 120 i've never owned a refractor before so any help would be appreciated cheers
  15. thank's everyone thought the eq6 was the way to go just needed some reassurance sorry to bug you all with more question's but i keep hearing about the eqmod i googled it but wasn't to sure what it's all about could some one explain it for me please cheers mike
  16. hi all, i really need some advice i want to upgrade my mount but can't decide between the eq5 or eq6, i'll be using it mainly for imaging and when i started saving my money i had my heart set on the eq6 but i've read some review's that the pe is better on the eq5 but the eq6 is better when used with an auto guider and now i just can't decide. i don't own any auto guiding equipement yet but will do in the future {when money allow's} so i'm still thinking of the eq6 but if anyone can help with my decision i'd be grateful p.s i'm also thinking of buying the orion eon 80mm ed apo refractor if anyone has used one is it as good as the review's are leading me to believe cheer's mike
  17. thank's so much for the help the next clear skies i get i'll give it try [then i'll probably be back with more question's ha ha}
  18. could be an eyepiece projection tube it came with the scope along with two other eyepiece's , i've since brought a set of celestron eyepiece's and the x2 barlow that came with that has no threaded end to connect to the t-ring should i just be using eyepiece projection tube on it's own for dso's
  19. hi i'll try and explain a bit clearer i've got a t-ring which connect's to the camera. t-adapter which fit's to the t-ring and goes onto the eyepiece of the scope. what i found was i couldn't get a focus using the t-adapter even if i use eyepiece's in the t- adapter so i unscrewed it and screwed on my barlow instead{my barlow has a threaded end which fit's the t-ring} which worked fine {i've been told it's called negetive focus or something} only problem is i can't scew a filter onto the barlow so i have to use my eyepiece with the barlow as i said before i'm probably doing it all wrong it was just a combination i came up with the other night so i could use the filter as i've never tried before hope this help's
  20. hi could anyone help the other night i thought i'd have a go at the eskimo nebula, as the moon was up and bright i used uhc filter i got a good focus on procyon so then set myself up for the eskimo but nothing showed up on my photo's {not even background star's}. i was taking 2 min exposure's so i thought i'd have seen something. i'm using 150p newt on eq3 with cannon 1000d, as far as i could tell i had good polar aligment as no trail's showed up on my test shot's of procyon and had good three star alignment should add that to get a focus i have to use my barlow x2 so to use my filter i had to add my 10mm eyepiece so was quite high magnifcation {10mm is the lowest mag eyepiece that will fit} i'm new to this so probably doing something wrong any help would be very appreciated
  21. i know i find it so frustating i split my week between my house and my girlfriend's and she live's in the middle of london without even a garden to set up in so taking my scope is useless so i try and plan the day's i go with the weather report but as i said before they seem so hit and miss . thank's for the link's i'll give them a try and see how i get cheers mike
  22. hi i just wondered if anyone know's of a good reliable website that deal's with cloud cover and visibility , i've tried google but i can only seem to find american site's that don't deal with england at the moment i'm using msn weather report which is very hit and miss
  23. thank's for the reply's finally got some clear sky's tonight but by the time i set my scope up the cloud's came over again {blumming weather}
  24. hi just wondered if i'll still be able to see lulin next week as i'm all but giving up hope of clear sky's this week still got my finger's crossed but forcast is grim all week where i am {i'll be using a newtonian 150}
  25. thank's for the help i'll get reading and hopefully post some pic's soon
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