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And another newer guy

Erwin Kats

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Hello guys, :)

after googling i came on this website, it looks pretty cool, alot of information.

already have been on the IRC chat for a few times.

well, this is my story.

I am Erwin Kats,

20 years old

i live in holland, near the west coast ( always bad weather , heat vibrations from the sea, alot of light pollution )

i started astronomy 10 years ago after buying an 50€ telescope.

2 years later i had an ETX 70 as a present from my grandma.

it.... went broken after 1,5 years ( thanks to meade germany i received a brand new etx 70 )

then i bought an Meade Model 4500 114mm newton.

around 2 years later i bougth an Meade LX90 8'' ( wanted to do more planets/ piggy back photography )

after upgrading the LX90 alot , and putting the vork mounted to the test... the DEC motor unit died...

then i really wanted to do more with DSO photography.

so i bought an losmandy G-11 with an stellarvue 102 ED apo ( had alot of problems with the stellarvue, stupid focuser )

i first was thinking about the usage of CCD camera, but becuase i am also an normal photographer i wanted to try my DSLR's

untill today i still use my not modified eos 350D, but i didn't had much time to use it, Rubbish weather :)

next to that, i also have been live broadcasting the planets and moon on my website, but because of scripting problems it doesn't work at the moment.

i am also making an website with a friend of my for only HA solar views ( we got 1 lunt 60mm HA, 1 lunt 60mm CAK, 1PST ha )

i think that was it all :)

ow yeas i forgot.

in the mean while i also got

Vixen r200SS

orion 80mm F11,4 for guidescope

lx90 8'' SCT ota

stellarvue 102 ED apo

and alot of other Rubbish, will make a topic in equipment.

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