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  1. Great setup, the NEQ6 looks massive compared to the 150 !! Have fun with the setup during clear nights
  2. The TOA 150 was also one of the things i wanted as a next imaging scope, but for imaging i do not like moste refractors as they sometimes produce ''fat'' stars. now heading for a RC in stead of refractor. btw: robofocus arrived.
  3. The fsq is the best scope i owned till so far, from all the apo's from william optics to sterllarvue and stuff in between, this is the best. all the money that went to stuff from william optics was lost money, problems with the optics, with the mechanics etc. but this is it, its alot of money, but if i calculate it back to the other apo stuff, its ''some money'' and yes Olly, i get alot of focus shift during the sessions ( still waiting for the robofocus o noooooo )
  4. Took some time, but finally got the good adapter from tak to QSI, it was shipped fram landseaky store in the USA to a friend of my in the USA, and from him to me ( lol, that for a adapter ) here 2 pics, note, the QE .73 reducer is installed. regards, Erwin.
  5. Earl, let me say, TAK EU is a joke, it is the worst thing i ever contacted, on the phone they did not speak english,and they did not reply to any e-mail.( also contact to them through resellers did not work ) Thanks to the uncensored tak group on Yahoo, with Arth Chiampi from TAK USA, i got alot of details, and the full discription on all the adapters and spacers i needed for my setup. * Be aware !! the USA spacers and EU spacers are not the same part numbers * My adapter for the QSI was shipped from the USA to holland, and its fits perfect. I know with the first fsq 106 ED there where tilt
  6. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments !! Martin-Devon: I like the pictures partly, to bad i can not expose in LRGB due so much light pollution, only with colors i can be a happy person @Neil, sorry, can not do that ! , all money is going to the saving mode @ Olly, the pixel binning was indeed used for the signal, as soon as i get everything perfect ( robofocus.... still waiting ), then ill go back to 1x1 and exposing for hours more than just 2 hours
  7. Both nice images with lots of details, for removing the green a bit, i normally use the selective color tool in photoshop
  8. After some nights without clouds, i captured some light. Due the testing of my mount, i try to catch several objects for a short time. All images are 8x900 seconds ( 2x2 bin ) with QSI 583 WS and Baader 7nm Ha filter. telescope used was takahashi FSQ 106 EDX III. Elephant trunk: Big: http://www.astro-lan...-2uur-groot.jpg IC5070, Pelican nebula Big: http://www.astro-lan...uur-1-groot.jpg Eastern part of the veil nebula Big: 4MB (1x1bin) http://www.astro-lan...-2uur-groot.jpg NGC 6888, Crescent nebula. Big: http://www.astro-lan...-2uur-groot.jpg Hope you like them, Kind Regards, Erwin Kats.
  9. Very nice image, with great colors and details Steve !
  10. Awesome images ! The SH114 is a very nice object, and i will add it to my ''to do'' list . Thanks for sharing
  11. Olly the ddm is working perfect now, and yes after making a pointingfile it will correct the mount its dec and ra axis through the software.( around 1200 seconds without autoguiding ) I have no planning to go to south france soon, my interest now is setting up a remote observatory. On topic, a friend of my has his gm2000 hps for 1 month know, maybe he wants to post some experiences.
  12. Congrats with the FSQ, Great setup !, and awesome scope ! The boxes of the Takahashi telescopes are always nice to see, i think one of the best shipping methods you can get. Have fun the next clear night you can get
  13. Thanks a lot for the comments ! The fsq was a pain in the wallet for just the 106mm, but it is a honor to have.
  14. Since the summer this is my ''temporary'' setup. still waiting for the robofocus delivery and after that the big scope Just wanted to share the photo of the setup for a overkill impression. The front:
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