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  1. Bet that ship's captain is no longer on NASA's Christmas card list! Zaph
  2. Hi Andy, No specific experience with a generic vs a "bespoke" mask, however, the masks are specific for each optical arrangement. You can make your own however for as little as £1.75 which is what I did. GoTo: astrojargon - Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Version 0.4 Enter the following details: Focal Length (in mm), Clear Aperture (in mm) and Edge Thickness in mm. You can also enter the thickness of the structural bar and the diameter of the central obstruction (for Maks and SCTs). If you scroll down this page, there are further options that you can specify. This YouTube video shows the mas
  3. Hello Luke A warm welcome to the SGL forum Zaph
  4. Hello Neil Welcome to the SGL forum Zaph
  5. Hi David Welcome to SGL Zaph
  6. Hi Paul, Welcome to the SGL forum Zaph
  7. G'day Billy and welcome to SGL. My uncle emigrated to Australia in 1955 (a £10 pom) and settled in Geelong (worked at the VW and then Ford factory?). I visited Geelong in 1998 and stuffed myself silly at the restraunt at the end of the Pier (Smorgy's ?). Ah, happy days! Dark skies, Zaph
  8. Ooops :oops: I didn't spot that the OP had stated for use as a guide-scope :oops: . Thanks Thing. (Note to self - read the whole post before replying!!) Zaph
  9. Yes You would need a T-adapter and a T-mount for Canon EOS cameras. Together, these come to about £30 (give or take). Zaph
  10. If you want an honest answer Darren, then in my opinion NO. I don't know what the optics are like - pretty poor I'd guess - but the mount is an absolute joke. If you are serious about astronomy & stargazing I'd steer well clear of this. More like a toy telescope (reminds me of the 2" Tasco that I had when I was a kid). If you are starting out, a good pair of binoculars - no bigger than 10x50 and a sky map are a good starting point eg these Celestron binos for £54 from Telescopes Plus: http://www.telescopesplus.co.uk/moreinfo.php/Bargain_Basement/Celestron_Outland_LX_8x40_Binoculars/3608 or
  11. Starflyer... I don't know if this is of any interest to you but another SGL member has a MODDED 400D up for sale for £360. Here's the link >> http://www.stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,37907.0.html Zaph I can't get the above link to work correctly! It's in the Buy & Sell > For Sale section under the title "Canon 400D Modded" - seller is cosmos HTH, Z
  12. Hello Jarndyce Yes, thrilled with my 6SE. Easy to set up and align. Hartily recommend it. Although an 8SE, take a look at what you can do with an SE scope by looking at Alex Post's image of M42 here >> http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/2885464/page/1/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1 As far as the noise goes, all Celestron mounts sound (according to our American pals) like "Coffee Grinders"! However, they seem to track just fine. You can easily attach a DSLR to the rear of the 6SE by using an SCT to T-Mount adapter and the appropriate T-mount on your Nikon
  13. Hi, I imagine that you'd need to use tube rings of some sort to piggy back. You can fit a DSLR to the rear of the scope using an SCT-T adapter and the appropriate T-mount on your DSLR. See these links: http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/astroengineering/generalaccessories/deluxesctt-mountcameraadaptor.html and http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/T-mount%20adaptors/SLR-cameras/rings.html Unless you have a flip mirror installed, you have to remove the EP and fit the camera - and precise focusing is a problem however if the object is rather faint. Link to flip mirror: http://www.widescreen-centre.co.u
  14. Hi Reg A warm welcome to the SGL forum ... ... and a welcome back to the hobby. Go on, tell us what your first 'scope was! Can't be as bad as my 2" Tasco refractor. The scope was poor but the mount was absolutely awful! Zaph
  15. Zaphod_B


    Nope, sorry. The're all out! Seriously, a warm welcome to the SGL forum Zaph
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