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Walking on the Moon

Hiya, Im new too!!


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Sounds great, enjoy your scope..A bit cold at the moment but worth the effort when you find something. .....

Try the double cluster in perseus, there are maps on the internet to help you. It is pretty much overhead late in the evening at the moment. It is awesome..


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:wave: :wave: Hi Shorty from me too - its good to see other women doing this hobby cos we are thin on the ground. :):p

Haven't owned 130EQ but I have seen one close up, looked to be a good starter scope - bit like the Sky-Hawk 1145 by Sky-Watcher. I'm sure it will turn in some good views.

As already mentioned have a go at finding the double cluster in Perseus - its one of the best views for a small scope ( and even a big one come to think of it ).

Oh - and wishing you a cloud free new year :laugh::lol:

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Check out the seven siters.... a really easy find, it's a cluster of seven stars. You can see it with the naked eye.

Normally about south - eastish around 6 - 8pm. And then after that it hangs in the south.

It's seven sisters to the naked eye, but you'll find there's a lot more than you think!!!

One of my favourites as I too am just a beginner.

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Hi Shorty,

5 foot short I won't tell my god daughter she's only 4' 7" and I've been telling her for years that's not short .. :)

I'v got the same scope as you by the way how you doing with it? Have a a hell of time trying to get mine collimated.

Anyway all the best and happy new year.


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