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  1. My understanding is the flat part of the graph is indicating the slack (backlash) in the focuser/motor is being dealt with by the first few steps, once this is done the autofocus routine continues, as Stuart says, run the routine, take an image and check how good the stars are
  2. Hi all, I'm using a Canon 6d attached to my esprit 120. I captured a few trial shots the other night of the m31 via ekos|kstars where they looked good individually as they came into the viewer. I then stacked them in dss and noticed the strange histogram. Upon loading the stack into ps for processing the image of m31 was just a fuzzy kind of blob. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Could you not park your scope in a custom position so it is easier.
  4. I would raise the cover skirt a couple of inches above the concrete to allow better ventilation. Concrete is very good at storing heat an then venting it which is then trapped beneath your cover. I have used 2 heavy duty bbq covers (total cost £45) on my equipment but there is always at least a foot between ground and cover, no problems with condensation, and as been mentioned by others give everything a good airing on nice days
  5. I use an evoguide 50ed as my guide scope with the 120 mini mounted on a 120 esprit Pro ed and have to say it works very very well. The evoguide guide scope just oozes quality, expensive but for me easily worth it.
  6. Sharpcap pro will help with polar alignment, it's cheap and straightforward to use, it's software and can use your guide cam to do the alignment, it walks you through every step and doesnt need polaris to be visible, cost is about £12 for yearly license.
  7. Think there maybe an auto stretch button on the top bar of the image tab towards right hand side, this is for previewing your images and doesn't save/alter your saved image, I always had that turned on. Maybe it will help
  8. Weather here in Motherwell has been fab, clear night sky after clear night sky,,,,,,,,,sorry joking, couldnt resist Allan
  9. Hi all, I have successfully set up my raspberry pi4, however I'd like to increase its wifi range with a usb dongle/antenna, I'm running astroberry, pi4 is in flirc case, question is which dongle should I go for? Your experiences and suggestions gratefully received
  10. Omg Stuart you will love it, the esprit is awesome, mine had a moonlite focuser on it when I bought it second hand so don't know much about the sw focuser fitted to yours but the optics are fantastic, suppose that means months of clouds now then
  11. Just a thought but what telescope are you using? as I had this same conundrum a while back, I ended up getting a Canon 6d dslr as I wanted a full frame sensor for my esprit 120 Pro ed, this was a much cheaper alternative than buying a osc full frame. The canon does have fairly good ha response without being modded, after modding it is outstanding. There is an online calculator which will help you match sensor size to your telescope.
  12. OMG, simply stunning, no other way for me to describe it!!!
  13. Personally I would save the money and put it towards a Canon dslr which are better supported, keep an eye on the for sale section as they come up frequently. Would think cost of sending a nikon away to be modded will cost between £150 to £200+
  14. Thnx Stuart, wow yes that is just 10 min drive away, small world eh, if your ever in area come an have a brew
  15. Finally got it connected, had to get bluez blueman installed , now just finding my way around the software, managed to plate solve an take some pics!! Just trying the inbuilt guiding, not sure of best settings though
  16. Hi all I'm trying to connect the Bluetooth dongle on my neq6 to astroberry pi4, it has paired but I can't seem to get any further, ekos doesn't connect to the mount, what have I got wrong
  17. Ok got astroberry working, canon 6d connects, guide cam connects, however Im now stuck, how do I get astroberry to use my neq6 bluetooth dongle to control the telescope, I have already paired it to astroberry but it doesn't connect, help please
  18. I,ll be running the canon 6d via its own power( dc step down) and use another for the Powered hub, maybe get another one to power the pi4 so all can be running from 12v.
  19. That's the pi4 8gb ordered today and some dc step down voltage converters an a couple of sd cards
  20. I already have a Powered USB hub so that should be OK, also I want to run off 12v so will be making a 12v dc to 5v 3 amp dc step down for the pi4, just realised may need something similar for the Powered USB hub.
  21. Thnx for that Stuart, can you recommend a case that would allow the stepper motor hat to be in the same case as the pi and maybe a fan to help cool everything or should they be in separate cases
  22. After many years of using a laptop outside at the mount I've finally decided to evolve with technology and go down the raspberry pi4 8gb route and vnc to it from indoors using my desktop PC running windows 10. I'd like a Bluetooth connection between mount and the pi to utilise my existing Bluetooth module attached to the neq6 and therfore one cable less, I'd also like to control a stepper motor for focusing (will the flirc case house both the pi and stepper motor controller hat?). I'll be imaging using a Canon 6d, guided by ASI 120 mini guider and sw evoguide, main scope sw 120 esprit and moonlite focuser. Will buy a stepper motor and diy mount it. Anyone see any problems, have tips an tricks that may help. Will probably install stellarmate on the pi.
  23. A warm welcome to the lounge and a great hobby
  24. Srry for hijacking, How much room is there inside a flirt case, I'd like to have a pi4 8gb and add a hat for controlling a stepper motor for my focuser so I can automate things. I have no prior knowledge of using a pi for astro imaging and haven't bought anything yet, I'd also like to use bluetooth between pi and mount as that's how I do it now but with a windows 10 laptop, will my existing bluetooth module attached to the mount still work??
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