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  1. hi everone can i please draw your attention to a project im currently involved with on facebook myself and another astronomy friend Audrey Fischer from America are trying to organise a virtual online global starparty with an associated web site where youngsters from all over the world can log online and have access to live feeds from both professional and amateur telescopes from both Norther and Southern Hemispheres the web site we ae hoping will carry links, live feeds and lectures from sources such as NASA Hubble ESA UK Space Agency and a lot more Astronomy related sites from all over the globe since saturday we have had over 350 astronomers world wide sign up the the facebook group page i started to help organise this event if your interested you can either email me at peter.struve@sky.com or sign into facebook and type virtual star party in the box regards Pete
  2. Hiya guys and gals Did anybody who was lucky enough to be able to see any of the Persieds last night notice any strange tracks from them ? I observed several short but very wide tracks a couple almost 1/4 of a degree wide but quite short in duration Im just wondering if the coma of swift tuttle is beginning to break up and what i saw was large pieces of the comet making those tracks regards Pete
  3. hi Randoma welcome to the stargazers lounge I to have links with Estonia I am the 6th great grandson of George Frederick Wihelm Struve he was the director of the old observatory in what use to be called Dorpat now Tartu part of the dorpat university my name Is Pete by the way and i live in england once again welcome to stargazers :icon_salut:
  4. hi Bernie a very warm welcome to our family which is SGL Probably the best astro forum in the world regards Pete
  5. IF anybody is online now switch to www.NASA.org now and watch the impact live on NASA TV they are T minus 23 mins to impact and counting live feed video of the lunar surface is stunning regards Pete
  6. written deep within the heart of every man is a longing to gaze skyward and an insatiable curiosity to reach out, to see what lays beyond the next corner. For the the truth is we are all made of Stardust, we are all children of the stars. we are part of the great Cosmos and it is a part of us. So be not supprised that we feel this emotional almost spiritual connection for in us the longing burns bright for that is the passion that drives us all wish you Dark skies and good seeing Pete
  7. Hello melsky and a very warm welcome to sgl my wife carol comes from Witney so know it quite well enjoy the hobby and be warned this madness is very addictive wishing you dark skies and good seeing Pete
  8. Gee that certainly does put our weather into perspective and just having returned yesterday morning from a wonderful 4 days at the Salisbury star party ( thanks Darren you did it again ) im not about to complain we had a glorius night on thursday with the the milky way stretching from Horizon to Horizon and Sagitarius blazing away in the south which i cannot see at all from my home. And just to cap it all, did a head count this morning when my brain finally awoke from its star filled slumbers, and all told bagged 25 messiers including the awesome veil nebula and 6 NGC's and thats the first time i have ever seen the double cluster in Persius as a naked eye object and also the very first time i have seen all three objects in Andromeda curtesy of Light Buckets big Dob and to top it all England won the Ashes what a great great week, Now i know why I love this Hobby as much as i do dark skies and good seeing regards Pete
  9. hiya guys and gals Jupiter has taken another hit 15 years to the day of the Shoemaker levy 9 collissions the impact came as a complete supprise to NASSA after a dark bruise was reported as being seen by an Amateur Astronomer here is a linkk to a news site carrying images of the impact site Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Jupiter's new impact scar so if we have clear nights at all take a look fellow stargazers regards Pete
  10. Hi all just wanted to let people know that swindon stargazers has now broken up for the summer holiday period our next meeting will be on September 25 and will be a not to be missed presentation by renown Astrophotgrapher Phillip Perkins, Phil is one of England's leading Astrophotgrapher and you can see some of his stunning images on his website www.astrocruise.com we are hoping to make this lecture an open door event so non members of swindon stargazers would be more than welcome to attend for any non members interested could you please notify me by email which can be found on our clubs web site at www.swindonstargazers.com wishing all dark skies and good seeing Pete
  11. Hi ya Guys and gals Please be aware that its silly season again and the nutter's appear to be coming out of their long hibernation in the woodwork period. There are once again stories floating around cyberspace that on August 27 the planet Mars will be appearing as big and as bright as the new moon as its at its closest approach ever seen on this planet Oh someone please call out the pest control officers and have them put these Luna-tics out of their sorry little miserable existences were do they dream up these hair brain ideas from regards Pete
  12. I was one of the privileged few who sat up glued to this very small black and white TV image ( no colour TV in those days ) watching these at first slightly ghostly white images of Neil Armstrong climbing down the lem ladder before that historic step off onto the lunar surface followed a few moments later by that now immortal phrase Thats one small step for man on giant leap for mankind. I truly believed at that moment our lives had changed for ever. and at the tender age of 14 yrs wanting with all my heart and soul to be placing my own footsteps upon the moon I can also remember vividly the news shots from all over the world from America to Japan huge crowds gathered in the streets to watch and listen and rejoice it seemed at that moment for one glorious moment the whole of mankind had become one I also remember watching with bated breath as did millions of others the moment those parachutes opened marking their safe return to Earth. Those images are burned deep into my memories and have driven my passion and love affair for space and astronomy which to date has lasted now over 40 years and also watching the great high moments like the images from the voyagers and mars rovers and also the terrible losses of the challenger disaster and that of Columbia
  13. hiya guys i have just been looking at comet lulin it is very faint looks rather like a dso fuzzy to find it look slightly east of south to the bottom of leo aim at regulus then move to the south one star and there she is looks very faint white bluish in colour:headbang: go take a look
  14. hello ashenlight a couple of places to try would be 1 Barbury Castle up on the ridge way behind Wroughton Airfield high and dark only negative to this site is they lock the public car park around 6 O'Clock at this time of year 2 The big events field at the rear of Lydiard country park not sure about parking but the field is quite shielded by trees from the lighting in the town or you could also try up on the ridge way from Wanborough to say white horse one word of caution please be very careful of going to remote places alone as it might not be safe. Can i just add one final Idea I happen to be the founding member of the Swindon Stargazers club in swindon we will be holding observing session at barbury and other sites over the course of the year if you would like you would be more than welcome to tag along with us as we have access to the car park after lock up time i will be posting these events on our web site which is http://swindon-stargazers-club.webeden.co.uk/ just pop on to see if we have an event planned and come and say high we are a very friendly bunch best wishes Pete
  15. Hiya paul a very warm welcome to SGL hope you enjoy your stay wishing you dark skies and good seeing
  16. Having just started the new Swindon Stargazers Club Here in Swindon I must admit to my views being rather biased in Favor of joining your local group and from the amazing and very helpful and friendly response i had nearly 50 people attending the first meeting and hopefully having taken on board all the comments raised both by those attending the meeting and on here i will do my very best to make this a very user friendly happy hands on venture for everybody concerned as at the end of the day its the member who own the club not me I'm just the catalyst bringing the group together best wishes Pete
  17. Hi ya Guys just wanted to say a huge thank you firstly to mike for your efforts last night showing your amazing astro photo's thank you so much bud for your help and your kind words and secondly to all the rest of the stargazers lounge family who came along especial Steve and James Thank you so much for your support and i really hope to see you guys and ladies to at future meetings thanks again for all the support wishing you all dark skies and good seeing Pete
  18. I think maybe not finding life on other planets would have a much greater impact than finding it. For if Earth was the only place in this entire Universe were life was found, some pretty serious thought provoking questions would need to be asked as to the reasons why and into just how much would we then need to reconsider just how we take care of this one off unique world of ours And even if life were found on other planets its my guess it would still show our planets unique faunas and floral Biodiversity maybe a one off considering that even in our own solar system no two planets are the same regards Pete
  19. Thank you for your comments Blackgerby had loads of help and advice thats why i love this forum so much once again many thanks for your input best wishes Pete
  20. Thanks Nick I will seriously concider that one bud this was just available as a freebee and im trying to keep my own personal expenditure on all this stuff to a minimum till i can get things up and running so to speak. I dont want to spend money I may not get back as Im out of work at the mo because of my Knee problems ,and I though a web site was a good tool to have for keeping members and interested parties in the picture on club matters I have already sorted out the link button to Google maps so thats done. Nick which Bits of the site are actually flash is it the links on the pages ?, as I said im very new to all this web creating game my first go at it and as i said to you earlier im not too proud to ask for help
  21. Thanks guys for all the comments and ideas will take them all on board as for flash i have no option its part and parcell of the web building software im using so cannot disable or use anything in it place regards Pete
  22. :salute: Thanks nick i'll check it out regards Pete
  23. Hiya Guys and Girls I have been a very busy little bumble bee over the last few weeks or so racing around like a comet blazing a trail setting up the new Astronomy club here in swindon. I have spent the last few days creating a new web site for the club and would really appreciate some constructive criticism on it please bear in mind though it is still definitely a work in progress the web address is below moderators if this post is in the wrong place please forgive and feel free to move elsewhere regards Pete http://swindon-stargazers-club.webeden.co.uk/
  24. good morning owen hey bud no need to panic as i left you on the list my friend so your covered plus i have left a small amount of lee way think i will give you a call just incase you dont see this in time regards pete
  25. timetraveller


    hello Andy a very warm welcome to SGL from pete dark skies and good seeing
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