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My first Dobsonian telescope D=160mm F/9.

At the same time my first serious telescope if I exclude the refractors made with spectacle lenses; and the first Dobsonian documented in our country. First light August 1990. This first Dobsonian don't exist anymore, only the mirror and the cell.

The mirror, a very good one,  was made by amateur Gavril Beches. 

Example of observation: the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter, observed with the 160mm Dobsonian.



My second Dobsonian  telescope D= 125mm F/6.9.

Also this reflector use a Beches miror. It was the first time he used the Millie-Lacroix or Tornado method. It has a small 5mm rised edge of F/6.The rest of the surface is about lambda/ 24. This small reflector resolve double stars of 0.9'' separation.

Example of observation: the comet Hale-Bopp observed with the second Dob.


My third Dobsonian D=200mm F/6.16 , donated by Alin Tolea from USA. 

Alin helped many amateurs in Romania to build telescopes in a time when the telescope market did not existed here. To honor him the telescope is named ''Toleascope''. Thank you Alin !

The  miror of this telescope have an unknown pedigree. But it resolve double stars of 0.6'' separation like was Eta CrB in 2011.

Example of observation: the multiple star Burnham 385 of 0.69'' separation, resolved with the ''Toleascope'' Dob.


My last Dobsonian is a second-hand Sky Watcher Classic 250P. Again, thanks God, I was lucky ! 

The 250mm F/4.8 miror is of good quality. It arrived on March 21. On March 23 it helped me to pick comet C3/ 2019 L3 ATLAS.

On May 5 it showed the Airy discs in contact, overlapped, of Eta CrB.

StelleDoppie is showing a ''precise separation'' of 0.37'' for this double star. I modified the drawing of David Knisely to show  somehow what I have seen at 480x / TMB 2.5mm. (I hope David will not be upset because of this.)

The neighborhood of EtaCrB is very desert, not much to draw.


I don't see any other Dobsonian telescope in my future.

I'm happy with what I have. I just hope for health, pray for peace , dream about less light pollution.



Telescop Dobson 160mmx1465mm co oglinda Beches,construit de Mircea Pteancu.JPG


Dob 125mm F7 ,Bizooka si luneta 60x700mm.DSC00321.JPG

Hale Bopp T125mm.JPG


BU 385.tx.v1.png


Cometa C3-2019.23Martie2022 - notat.png

david_knisely_double_stars__etacrb250mm_116 (1).jpg

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