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  1. Looking for Zeiss or Badder MKV Binoviewer would consider other high end viewers
  2. Looking to swap my excellent mint boxed Vixen 3.5SSW for a Televue Delos 3.5 only reason is I have mainly Delos and this makes things easier
  3. Baader 6mm and 10mm Classic ortho eyepieces no boxes but will be sent well packaged these are like new these are doubles of eyepieces I already have looking for £75 for the 2 includes postage Open to reasonable offer Now Sold
  4. Was this of a famous site Alan I was watching one of those
  5. I once had the set of those eyepieces very good quality
  6. Better centre of gravity more stable no not at all far easier to balance
  7. I can vouch for Rob his stuff is top quality and I’ve seen this scope last week it is stunning
  8. Mine usually 40 or 60 mins depending on extreme differences
  9. I also got the Rotator if AP was on the horizon which I don’t think it is it almost like a mini version of an equatorial platform used with Dobs again so well engineered
  10. Yes they are like hens teeth especially second hand and I know the previous owner was sad to see it go but the quality is another level as you say
  11. What Dave sell the Tak ohhh or the TEC ohhh but I will definitely put up some reports now I’m settled on equipment for now lol
  12. As Space hopper says, I would need to change the head on the planet and that’s an expense I don’t really need yes the planet would be loverly but not essential and overkill really for this mount it is rock solid as is and the uni 18 is very stable for this mount and weight
  13. Don’t think there are to many about I know Gavstar on here has 2 but they are a piece of quality engineering Thanks John I am very happy with it more excited than I have ever been with a mount it’s a bit unusual compared to the Skywatcher and Celestron that im used to especially the hand Controll but very well thought out
  14. Has been a while in the pipe line and many attempts but finally thanks to SGL member Space hopper I’m the proud owner of a TTS160 and what a delight it is I have been looking for some time for a simple motorised mount with GOTO and and good weight handling along with portable and quick to set up well this I think certainly ticks all of those boxes it easily handles my TMB-APM 130 My C9.25 and I still have the option of dual or even triple scope mounting I like that it’s top mounted so easy lift with the Big Gun 130 so looking forward to many nights viewing with this mount I was waiting for Rowan to release there motor kit but that’s still in progress and this came up and I decided it should do all I want so selling off my other mounts etc in the classified adds .
  15. thanks John although I’ve had some weight on it and if you need them I’d say you need a bigger tripod
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