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  1. I'm going to add a 6E at some point next year. Not in a desperate rush and might swap the APM 13 for the 13E first, just because.. We'll see. Apart from a DGM NPB filter, I'm not going to spend much this year now.
  2. Jeez, you have gone mad. Enjoy You’ve the ultimate set now.
  3. May as well have been for the use it serves
  4. Ah ha, you got one of those awful boxes too for the filter
  5. Just a couple of filters for me..Hoping the forecast for Sun morning stays as it is to give Mars a good go. The polariser is let down by an absolutely awful box that fell apart in my hands once opened. I’ll find something for it I’m sure, hope the glass is good.
  6. I’ve ordered a contrast booster today to see what it has to offer..
  7. Predominately for solar work? Have you still the Stella Mira too?
  8. Let us know what you think of that John. Keep looking at the short version which I fancy maybe next year.
  9. I should have asked where you purchased yours if I may?
  10. I've been looking at the DGM NBP today. Think I might try one before a Nebustar, given they're quite a bit cheaper. Are they best purchased directly would you know @John? I've order a Baader contrast booster filter this morning in hope that the weather improves next week in readiness for Mars..
  11. Said very much tongue in cheek! I have a mini ‘wants’ list so we shall see.
  12. Yes, and I really do like it. But you know how it goes..: how much better is the Ethos??
  13. I am going to need the 13E to pair with my APM 20 you know! Next year, this time next year....
  14. Enjoyed read this - you've definitely sold me a pair of Apollo 15x70's! Realistically though I'll probably buy them and UHC filters next year. I desperately would like to take in the Veil and NAN at such a WA but I'll have to add that to next year's viewing list. Have spent out for the time being... I was a little gutted end of August as we spent a few days in a spot that registered 21.7. My trusty 10x42's were ok but could have done with a bit more.
  15. Er... just different I guess. All the brands have a different smell, or is it just me? The APM and Pentax seem the most marked for me. Helps to find them in the dark huh
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