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  1. I bet that’s perfect. Something around 600mm sounds ideal
  2. Nice report Mark. Helpful, I've earmarked a couple of those to have a go at when next out
  3. Thanks John. I guess I can see where this is going to end up sometime in the future... my dob could have a long ball and short ball companion. A mak for the planets and an 80ED for this kind of thing?
  4. That's really helpful, thanks. I can see that in my atlas, so shall make a note for next time.
  5. I love The Veil. It didn't pop as much last night in the APM 20 XWA which I put down to the extra brightness of the 24 that I replaced it with. I'd like the APM 30 UFF, which should really suit the veil a bit more. I will say that I love the two APM XWA's that I have now (13 & 20) The 20 was certainly more immersive than the ES 24 (82) that it replaced, really did feel like I was climbing in at times. Super value for money, and a nice size without being too heavy for my dob. Just need to add a 10mm Delos next month and I'll be pretty happy with my core EP's. At the moment Cygnus is right overhead, above my house, so it's perfectly placed for me. Hoping that now there's some true darkness coming back, I'll be able to study it some more - cloudless nights pending.
  6. Thanks gents. I guess it is rather large. The widest FOV I have is 1.58 so I'll need to try and determine the edges and do a little more reading around them. I'll try around the Gulf of Mexico bit then John - thanks for the pointer. Probably won't add the UHC until the back-end of the year, still have an EP and the dew kit to buy before that.
  7. I've been getting to know this constellation this last couple of months between long spells of cloudy evenings but there's lots of nebulae that I still remains elusive. Most notable is the North American Neb that is still hiding from my gaze. Armed with just an O-III filter at the moment, I'm adept at finding The Veil and the dumbbell pops with the O-III, but the Pelican, NA neb, Crescent and all of the nebula around Sadr is proving a tough nut to crack. Are some of these better suited to a certain filter or do I need to study longer?
  8. Super Barry. I did a similar set last night but didn’t find it dark enough till about 11.30 and retired at 1pm. Spent a bit of time on the Dumbell with my O-III filter, and like you, find it a little underwhelming. Surprisingly large though. The Morpheus sounds great. I was supposedly trying out my new APM 20 but most of the targets you mention were better at higher mags. I still haven’t looked at the blinking planetary either so must add that to my list. Struggling with the North American neb too, can’t seem to see much around there other than a band of tight stars? Have you found it?M Oh, and my new EP was just awesome when I did utilise it!
  9. Great effort indeed! Not sure I have the stamina for it!
  10. The beauty of it for me, is that there’s a lifetime of new wonders to find and explore. It’s the learning aspect that motivates me. I think at first I was a little overwhelmed, but slow persistence, certainly is helping it fall into place. The best aspect in this age, is no doubt the ability to tap into all of the experience here. It’s a rarity these days to find knowledgeable people that genuinely will point you happily in the right direction.
  11. Must've gone now. Ah well, not sure whether to go for the cheap 160 or the 325 is still heavily discounted at £26?
  12. Seems to be £26.84? Or the 160 version for £17.99?
  13. Sounds like a great night of viewing! Looking forward to M31 in my dob too for the first time. It's still covered by next doors tree at the moment. I realised that the clouds were dispersing far too late last night. I had a long day of driving planned, with an early start, only to get the cancellation through late, so no time to get the dob out to cool. I do have a new EP being delivered later though, so hopefully Thurs night is as currently forecast for a first use.
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