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  1. You have to scrape out the rubber from the 4 holes to access the collimation Allen key screws. I bought one a few weeks back and did the same. Still seems to correspond best with my Cheshire perfectly, when barlowed. I only have a £20 Celestron Barlow, so yet to check it in the field. Bought for collimating in the dark and much quicker. The Barlow spreads the dot so that it fills the middle concentric circles.
  2. And that, is something I need to see one day!
  3. Definitely. As a very keen photographer, who has suffered from owning far too many bags (down to 4 currently), understand that bags are very personal things. At £20, it looked a no-brainer. Incidentally, I'm not personally keen on the ruck sack style, purely down to the access of them, but they certainly work for many.
  4. I’ve been ‘inspired’ by @faulksycamera bag idea. Looks to be perfect, now that I’ve added two new recent EP’s. Really only thinking of a couple of filters now this year and possibly an APM UFF 30 to add. Currently the bag consists of an XW 5 & 7, Ethos 10, APM 13 & 20. Plus Astronomic OIII, Baader contrast booster, ND filter, collimation kit, cleaning cloth etc.
  5. I’ve spoilt myself twice today. First up, an XW 7 to fill a hole plus a basic camera bag for my EP’s, which I must say, for the money is perfect. Thanks to @faulksyfor the ‘inspired’ idea.
  6. Your postie/DHL/Hermes driver Gary must be the fittest in the country
  7. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ just added the series just in case.
  8. Slightly different method than almost everything I've read to date. How do you mean, "in a sea"?
  9. Begs the question Gerry, how often do you clean yours?
  10. Im giving the 2mm exit pupil fl a thorough inspection to see whether I can lose the 13mm. If we bond, I’ll probably look at the 17. Need to add an XW 7 at the end of the month so I then have a slightly more balanced higher range.
  11. The first rejig of my EP collection turned up today.
  12. I probably ruined my 5 year olds interest last year having shown her Jupiter and Saturn, I should have started with the moon and worked to that. She does seem to have a little fascination with the moon, which we have done more of with the binoculars. Our eldest (17) did spare me an hour last December whilst I waxed lyrical about Orion whilst she viewed the trapezium. However, their mother has absolutely zero interest in any of it and won’t indulge me, never mind. I may have mentioned that it’s my escapism from her some of the time.
  13. Love that!! I need to knock some ramps up too. I’m thinking of getting a little truck so that I can do it all in one go instead of breaking down the base and OTA, but certainly need to negotiate the door step. Hopefully save my back which I occasionally suffer with.
  14. Nice report and sounds another great night out. It’s been persistently heavy cloud here now for 2 weeks so I think the final period before darkness ends Monday is a non-starter. Nice to be able to discount another purchase
  15. The element that I’ve not had issues with my 10” is cooling, but I’ve never really rushed it. Half an hour seems to be ample for mine. I did consider knocking together a fan, more for the hell of it, but I haven’t really felt the need for one. The point regarding the dob is that with cooling, collimation and the bulk to move, it is a longer drawn out process than a small grab and go frac. I’ve resisted the temptation of a frac just now, but the simple form for those opportunist nights will inevitably mean I’ll add one at some point. But, the views from the dob can be spectacular, M13 in my bor
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