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  1. This is an interesting read. I have recently purchased the AZ4 for my refractor. I have only used it twice briefly so far due to the weather. It is a really nice mount and very sturdy. It could do with being a bit smoother though for fine adjustments and I was thinking of greasing the bearings. What grease have you used? I believe the mount I purchased is an AZ4 "mk2" with the stainless steel legs rather than ally. It also has bearings instead of teflon but I assumed that was just how they have always been produced. Barry
  2. I look forward to the "Show us your patio pots" thread. I will have plenty to contribute As you say Stu, a stunning clear Friday night what more could we ask for. Just had a look at the seven sisters through the refreshments with the 17.5mm Morpheus.. The veiw is simply stunning.
  3. I'm so confused, does this need to go in the "show us your dob" "show us your frac" "show us you set up in the day" Or "show us you set up at dusk " thread
  4. Hi Second Time Around. Thank you, That,s very helpful & generous of you. I will send a PM Baz
  5. Thanks for you help John, Much appreciated. That is ideally what I would prefer as I dont want to do any thing to the scope. The thought of drilling or modifying it scares me Baz
  6. Morning all, Would this finder shoe be a direct replacement for my Bresser AR102s? - Short term I would like to fit my right angle finder. I dont want to drill or modify the scope if possible. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/finder-mounting-shoe.html Thank you Baz
  7. Thanks John. I'm really hoping to get some use out of this setup for those brief sessions between clouds. I am quite surprised at the weight of this grab and go set up. I would say its as heavy if not heavier than my 200p! I am real keen to get my 1st defractionless views and experience the dark contrast I keep reading about Baz
  8. The AZ4 mount arrived today so I have finally set up the Bresser. My new grab and go Refractor! Cant wait to see what the views are like through this. Baz
  9. I own a number of the Baader Morpheus range. The 9mm & 17.5 are my absolute favorites.
  10. Afternoon all. By Bresser AR102S arrived in great condition today courtesy of @Commanderfish - I now wait patiently for my mount & tripod to arrive. And even more patiently for the weather to improve!!! Im now going to knock on the door of the *frac owners club thread* and see if they finally let me in Regards Baz
  11. Hi Goldenmole. My 8" dob is now for sale on here. If thats big enough of course? Baz
  12. HI all, After much thought I have decided to part with my Sky Watcher 200p. I didn't intend to ever sell it to be honest, However owning a 12" dob has this area covered for me. I need the funds for my refractor project. This scope opened up the world of astronomy for me and has given me a huge amount of joy and wow moments. It is an extremely versatile scope that can show you just about everything under the right sky conditions. In my opinion it is one of the best bang for buck scopes you can buy. Modifications include a fully flocked tube with the FLO material. Raised feet to
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