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  1. Thanks gents. The 350p does sound like a bit of a beast. I dont have far to move it to get it in position but I do have one door frame which would require a bit of jiggle to get the base through. I guess it depends on how rewarding the improved views would be compared to the setting up and size! I understand that there is no substitute for a dark sky, I just wont get many opportunity's to get to one and will do most if not all my viewing from home. Maybe I will also have a look at the 300p - This might be more forgiving with the BST eye pieces as well. Regards Baz
  2. Afternoon all, Hope you are all safe and well. I would like to ask some advise If I may. As you know I am the proud owner of a 200p Which is a brilliant scope. I was hoping to get this out to some dark sites to really see what it is capable of. Due to having two very young children that both have sleeping difficulty's I wont be getting to a dark site any time soon as this would be unfair on my wife. So I am stuck with my awesome bortle 7-8 back garden for viewing. I have been seriously considering purchasing a 350p flex tube over the last couple of days to try and get maximum viewing enjoyment from of DSO's as possible from here. The 350 looks about as large as I can realistically go. taking some measurements the base will literally squeeze through my utility room door, In theory A few questions of large dob users. Will I see an improvement going from 8 to 14" in my light polluted skys? Will the viewing outweigh the gains in size / weight and the significant cost of a 350p? I have also noted that it is an F4.6 scope. My BST eye pieces are rated to F5, will this be an issue using them in a slower scope? Hopefully this doesn't sound to extreme. I really want to appreciate all I can from my garden as I wont be viewing from anywhere else any time soon. Any experience with a 350p and advise welcome. Thank you Baz
  3. Couple of shots from last night's viewing. Some excellent sky last night helped me take these at x375!
  4. Thanks Peter. I'm still quite the amateur and don't know many of the moons features, to be honest. Whatever carina Davey is I only got it in the shot by chance! the 200p does pick out some lovely lunar detail, the phone shot doesn't really do it justice. Conditions were a big help last night to, very clear and enjoyable! Regards Baz
  5. Morning Merlin. The conditions were fantastic last night. Very clear. I got some great lunar views with the 3.2mm at 375. I had a very good look around with it. I had to drop back to X300 and x240 eventually though due to eye relief. Them eye worms started to kick in
  6. I also took a few shots of the wall last night. Also with a 200p, this was at x375. The conditions were very favorable for high power views. Baz
  7. Hi SSC. I will take the 30mm Aero ED please. Can you pm me the details and I will sort payment. Thank you Barry
  8. Morning Paul. I have a 200p, assuming the base is identical on the 300p which I believe it is. You can tighten the main bolt to increase the the tension of the az bearing. Baz
  9. Postie can't take credit for this one. The lovely wife picked these up for me. Some beautiful pictures in here with a description on the back of each card. I will have a look at these while waiting for darkness to arrive!
  10. Yesterday while waiting for the sky to darken I had fun chasing two apache choppers back and forward 3 times. I got them in the finder and followed them. They looked amazing, then it dawned on me that they might not realise its just a 200p that has them in its sights
  11. Will us amateur astronomers ever catch a break! I have just been looking at the moon with the naked eye and it is set against the most beautiful Blue sky. So naturally the only plane that is flying right now travels straight across the moons path.. You cant make this stuff up Baz
  12. I sure can, I will try to have a look later when the work load eases off. You are more than likely correct Stu as you are far more experienced than me at this game. I really hope you are wrong though as I dont want them to be pesky satellites AGAIN! I want something more exotic Cheers Baz
  13. Oh yes, how could I forget Mr Moon! I will also try it out on that as the phase grows
  14. So far I have managed to crawl out of bed and had a look at the giants on two occasions at 3.30-4am The 1st on May 12th was very good much to my surprise. Some lovely details and clear at x150 This morning not so good unfortunately! so 50/50 so far Regarding the "meteors" I thought I had seen. The best way I can describe them is when looking through the finder scope They were both around the same size as the 4 large moons. One traveled diagonally from 1 to 7 o'clock the other went from around 11 to 4 o'clock. Both objects were not visible in the sky when I stepped back from the finder. They were both moving at a reasonable pace but I could track them in the finder with slight movement, They seemed like they were certainly a very long way away. kind of out with Jupiter. I have located starlink in the finder before and watched around 15 of them pass through the eye piece at low power and they were very big and bring. It didn't seem like what I saw was a satellite to be honest, But I dont think my description of them being "meteors" is correct either?!
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