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  1. Pukka! Thanks Stu, That will come in very handy! Regards Baz
  2. Hi Stu, Only just noticed your post, Sorry. What is Sat24? I am not familiar with this. Thank you Barry
  3. Totally baffling! What I would give to see the world through there perspective for an hour. I cant understand the way these people think. Comments such as "The moon landings were filmed in a Hollywood basement" and "The world looks spherical when at altitude because of the curves in the air plane glass" are amazing. At least they have a great imagination! Baz
  4. Hi John. Nice find! I bet that looks ace. Apologies for the daft question, are comets around for a long time to view? If so do they move across your fov similar to a planet? I've always assumed that a comet would pass kind of like a shooting star or meteor. I feel your pain regarding the funny viewing angles, one of the reasons for the right angle finder purchase was because the straight finder caused all sorts of back pains. Now i have the very helpful rigel to look through the back pains have returned. Regards Baz.
  5. Hi Happy-Kat That is a fantastic pic of Betelgeuse. I cant believe how many stars we dont get to see when observing Orion. I look forward to seeing the complete mosaic With the remaining prominent stars and central Nebula. When do you think you with have the next pic available? Baz
  6. Couple of shots of Venus i took Saturday night. Really cant believe how bright it is. 1st shot is a poorly focused phone. The 2nd is Venus down the focuser at 150 mag.
  7. What time did you pack up Stu? I also have to be up for 6am. Annoying as Last night was by far the best seeing over the weekend. Why couldn't Saturday be that good! Baz
  8. I think my next investment is defiantly some decent socks. I am ok with the cold, Quiet enjoy being out in the cold crisp air. However as soon as the feet start to get cold then everything else slowly starts to follow. I work in the construction industry so might see what Kingspan I have laying around to rest my feet on also Baz
  9. That's dedication right there Stu. When you pack up with frost all over your gear your doing things properly. I am not quite up to that level yet. I had to call it a day last night at the point where my toes were about to snap off! I dont know much about scope setups but that looks like a proper bit of kit you have there! Baz
  10. Thanks gents, Much appreciated. I was so happy to find Uranus finally. It has taken me a little while but we got there in the end. I think the face that it took me a while to locate made it extra special. It really did help that the sky seemed to be on my side for a change. As you have both mentioned it was very clear from about 7 to 9 here. I had to pack up as I was starting to get very cold. I looked outside around 10ish wondering what I was missing and it had all clouded over! I couldn't believe how quick the came happened. Ironically I would usually wait as late as possible to go, If I had done that I i would have had a duff evenings viewing. Baz
  11. Evening all. I've just come in from about an hour and a half and am chuffed to bits as I found uranus for the 1st time. Seeing that tiny perfectly round greenish disc made me fist pump the air! The sky tonight is unbelievably good here, very clear which made star hopping a joy. Really pleased I can tick this one off the list. I also had a look at andromeda and the cat eye nebula. Also the Pleiades and double cluster look amazing. I assume seeing is really good as they were Crystal clear. Orion looked stunning as always. Baz
  12. Hi Alan Took your advice and stuck the x2 Barlow with the 5.5mm eye piece in the 200p lined up venue and got a great view. I thought this would be an ideal target to ramp up the mag as there is not much detail to be lost with venus. Got n excellent blue,yellow,white disc to stud which was great fun and lovely to see. Thanks Alan
  13. Evening all I feel such a plonker, I was looking at Sirius around 2am today trying to split these two stars in my 200p with various bst eye pieces. I never realised it was such a difficult thing to do. You have to admire my enthusiasm though. Total lemon Baz
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