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Virgo Cluster - M86/M84/The Eyes region


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A set of data I took back in March and April this year of the Virgo Cluster, centred around M84, M86 and The Eyes (NGC 4435/8).

Taken through FLT110 with FR using an ST-2000XM, riding on the Losmandy Titan. L:R:G:B = 240 (24x10min) : 75 : 70 : 70 (RGB binned 2x, 5min subs)

I struggled with processing this lot - I'm putting most of the issue down to the flats which didn't seem to apply very nicely, and I landed up with some very odd gradients in all 4 channels, which I struggled to remove with tools like DBE and SNCR in Pixinsight. I think I might have been able to pull out more faint stuff without those issues going on. The colour is very subdued here so I think extra colour data wouldn't make a huge difference - but if I was going to do anything else it would be to start over with fresh subs and better flats - I'm going to put this off until any future equipment changes like larger FoV! Comments/criticisms more than welcome - thanks for taking a look!



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3 hours ago, PatrickGilliland said:

Well done - nice details on an area where it is hard to get detail!  Like it.

Thanks Paddy :) Frustrating with the flats but did my best to rescue it!

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