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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I am currently setting up my EQDrive unitrack with my EQ 3-2 mount and upon opening the EQDrive config, I press read and stare into the abyss as I realize that I know nothing about the motor parameters and gear ratios. I'd be greatly thankful if somebody could put me on the right track.
  2. Hi, do you think it's a good idea to swap my EQ3-2 GoTo Alu for iEXOS-100? Will there be some kind of improvement? Thanks!
  3. Couldn't really find the right topic title. You may or may not about http://code.google.c...olar-alignment/ but that what Themos and I use to do a very accurate polar alignment of our mounts (EQ1 and EQ3-2 for me). Because I didn't want to buy something special to fit my GF1 to the mount, I came up with this: it might not pretty, but it will work.
  4. Good evening all. I was on holidays in the south west of Ireland for 10 days and was clouded out for most of it. Last Friday i was lucky and a small break in the clouds allowed me to grab this. The big blue star on the left is Altair and the orange one near it is Tarazed. This is 220 30 second subs with the Sony A7s and Samyang 135mm. Eq3-2 Pro. Stacked in PI, Processed in PS. Hope you like it. Richard.
  5. As the title says. I'd prefer the RA version, not the one that does both axes. I only use paypal for small payments. I'm in the UK.
  6. I have a Helios 200p (identical to the Skywatcher) mounted on an EQ3-2. I know it is overloaded but I find it OK for visual provided I give it a couple of seconds to settle down at high powers. I intend to motorise the mount using stepper motors & an Arduino. It will be tracking for visual only with a possible upgrade path to GoTo. Since I dont need fantastic precision and having read the relevant threads on this forum, I propose to drive the RA worm directly & the DEC with a simple belt drive. By avoiding a step-down gear set I will still be able to use the manual slo-mo controls without disconnecting the motors. I think that centering the target with the slo-mo's & then switching on the tracking will be nicer than using fast-forward & fast-reverse controls. But no step-down means no torque amplification. So how much torque do you need to drive an overloaded EQ3-2. I decided to do some quick & dirty tests. Apparatus 200p with 25mm Plossl & 9 X 50 Finder, payload about 9kg. EQ3-2 with 10kg of counterweights Improvised wooden pulley, effective radius 0.375 inch 2 X 1kg barbell weights piece of string Method For each axis ,with the clutches locked, a 1kg & then 2kg load was hung from the pulley & released. This was repeated for the opposite direction of rotation. Results DEC 1kg Torque 13.5 oz.inch Rotated smoothly at about 90 degree/minute DEC 2kg Torque 27 oz.inch Rotated quickly at about 300 degree/minute + RA 1kg Torque 13.5 oz.inch Did not rotate RA 2kg Torque 27 oz.inch Rotated smoothly at about 90 degree/minute Conclusion The required torque for RA would be on the limit for a (cheap, ungeared) NEMA 14 stepper but a NEMA 17 motor with a torque of 84 oz.inch should be up to it. So now all I have to do is order the bits & learn how to use an Arduino.
  7. I've been hanging onto this mount for a while, but not really bothered using it since I got the NEQ6. thinking of getting a new scope for visual later this year, and will a) need the money and need something bigger than the EQ3-2...so here it is up for sale again. I got it a year and a bit ago from FLO in clearance. It is missing the polar scope cover and doesn't come with any form of dovetail. One of the leg clamps has cracked, but I have secured it with a heavy duty rubber band and it still works fine - I have not had any trouble with it. the legs are filled with sand to aid stability. All the counterweights, accessory tray and slow-motion controls are included. The mount currently has a polar scope fitted and I also have the RA motor installed for long exposure AP - I have managed to push it to over 2 minutes, but that is at the limit. But it is a good mount for getting started with or for widefield photography with a DSLR. It won't get you taking the glorious pictures you see some of the members here coming up with, but it is a cheap way to have a go and see if it is for you or for grab-and-go widefield. It all cost me about £220 so, bearing this in mind, and the damage. Would accept £130 for the whole lot. Collection preferable, but happy to look into postage, although I suspect that will be over £10 easily. Delivery/meeting half-way could be "doable" as well depending on location. Prefer to sell as one lot, but would consider splitting.... tripod and Mount £70 RA Motor £40 Polar Scope £ 25 (again plus postage) While looking for this under the bed I also found a couple of Skywatcher eyepieces (the ones that come free with your scope) - 10mm and 25mm. These seem to be around £6-8 on Astro boot, so would be asking £13 for both including posting, or £6 inc. postage for one. And, finally, I found this Hanhnel BH-40 Ball-Head I used when building a barn-door tracker a while back - don't use it now, so no use to me. It is in great condition and has a screw in adapter on the base to fit thick and thin threads. Think these are about £25 now, so £17 including postage Thanks for looking Mark
  8. Hi again, I've started on DSLR AP recently and I am doing it on an EQ3-2 mount with the RA+DEC motor upgrade and the enhanced handset with an ST-4 port. Im capturing using Backyard Nikon on my laptop and I would like to dither between light frames, but I am doing it unguided. Reading up on the Backyard... forums it seems BYN does indeed support unguided Dithering, so that should be possible. What is unclear to me is if I can do it with the handset: enhanced-dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq3-2 My next question is, how would i connect my laptop to the ST-4 guider port? Using something like this: zwo-usb-to-st4-guider-adapter ?? Hope you can help me out, been searching forums for a good while now, and no clear answer to be found.. Clear skies!
  9. I've just about got used to operating my EQ3-2 by its flexible manual control knobs but I'm increasingly aware of the wobble I introduce each time I adjust them them. So I would seem to be a natural candidate for a set of SW motors. However I don't want to spend £90+ for some 6 volt motors which have a reputation for blowing up hand controls and eating up batteries. I have read the AstroEQ (excellent piece of work by Tom Carpenter!) thread in this DIY section which offers a very attractive pathway towards full control and go-to tracking of the mount. I am therefore particularly interested in avoiding the SW motor drives and making use of some stepper motors with home constructed brackets as a first stage modification. But is there any way I could do this and control the motors in a semi-manual way without needing always to use a laptop running EQMOD etc? In other words, for instance, could a version of AstroEQ be interfaced with a manual control box (especially IR linked) driving stepper motors and offering simple object tracking? I started this as a new topic because I have some difficulty navigating within the AstroEQ 20+ page thread and don't want to distract.
  10. This has now been sold Hey SGL, So I am looking at getting myself the EQ3 Pro GoTo so I will no longer need my current EQ3-2 Mount (Manual). The condition of the mount is pretty much perfect, has been used no more than 5/6 times since October and as a result cosmetically and mechanically all is very well. I no longer have the box as it was massive and had nowhere to keep it! The only reason for selling is for the GoTo functionality on the Pro version of the mount. I am looking to get £100 for collection or £100 plus postage if posting is required due to distance, will consider a meet depending on distance. Open to fair offers also. Please PM me for more information or offers! Thanks! I have now opened this up to buyers on eBay and AstroBuySell
  11. Hello good people! After using EQ2 mounts and imaging planets for almost a year, I think it's about time for me to start imaging DSO's! I think I can just about afford to get the skywatcher 150p on EQ3-2 mount. Will the mount be ok with a dslr or should I wait a while and get the 200p EQ5? The HEQ5 mount is just too expensive for me, unfortunately. I would just like to know if the EQ3-2 or EQ5 is capable of imaging DSO's Thanks!
  12. I've been getting started with an EQ3-2 GOTO / Skymax 127 combo, and had a couple of queries / concerns about the mount; advice would be greatly appreciated. With the clutch released, rotating on the RA axis the mount meets resistance when the counterweight bar approaches horizontal. It's enough that sometimes the motor drive can get stuck; there's no clicking from gears skipping, but movement stops. If I undo the RA setting circle screw the resistance is gone so I thought that was my error as the manual says to unscrew when locating, but as tracking is on the RA axis and the screw would normally be tightened at that point, is this an issue with the mount? I'm not expecting to use the circle so I can leave the screw loose and it seems that it'll be fine, but I'm wondering what the issue is. I've looked at badger's teardown, but I really don't want to take it apart yet as it's new and there isn't much backlash and no slop (if I understand the term correctly). I'm also wondering whether the DEC circle is set incorrectly at the factory and needs adjusting, or is this a misunderstanding on my part. After polar aligning, I assumed that having the arrow on the side of the mount head point to 90 on the DEC circle would have the telescope pointing correctly home positioned, however with a 1 star alignment my home position was clearly incorrect, and after doing a 3 star alignment (and getting good tracking after that) and returning home the DEC circle was around 78. Using a spirit level on the head, if the edge of the mount head that's parallel to the scope mounting plate when it's tightened and horizontal , the DEC circle is around 12 (or 78 if vertical), however if the edge of the head that has the two screws that secure the plate is horizontal, the DEC circle is 0. So it seems as if the DEC circle was set based on the orientation of the side of the head that has the screws, which doesn't lie parallel to the scope mounting plate, rather than the edge that lies snug against the mounting plate. Does that sound plausible or should the DEC circle be at 12/78 when the scope is horizontal or vertical?
  13. Hey SGL, I have an SW EQ3-2 Mount with the manual controls, whilst i was observing on Saturday evening whenever i was moving the 'scope a little i would have to wait a few seconds in order for the 'scope to stop shaking so i could then take a look through the EP. I was being extremely delicate with the adjustments handles and it wasn't really making any difference! If i was to put something heavy on the shelf between the legs of the Tripod do you think this will help? Or if you have any other ideas of what it could be and some prevention methods that would be great! I think i will eventually upgrade to the GoTo version (fitting the motors myself) but for the time being i am stuck with the manual adjustments Thanks in advance
  14. Hey SGL, I have been wanting to get into imaging and have recently purchased a used converted webcam to use with the scope, at the moment i don't have GoTo but i am going to look at getting the upgrade kit for around £300 but naturally i am a little hesitant as i don't think I have taken everything into account! Currently i have: Current Kit - SW 150p w/ EQ3-2 - 2x Barlow - Various EP's - Webcam (arriving soon) Looking to Purchase - EQ3-2 GoTo Upgrade Kit - Some sort of power supply to work with the GoTo Other than a laptop are there any other bits of kit i will need for a basic imaging rig that i haven't thought of? Thanks
  15. My apologies for the noise on this image, my excuse is that this is 80% only 31 frames (120 secs, 800iso, 130P-DS) taken with the moon up and haze increasing before a complete white-out of cloud this evening. My first session for exactly two months! Rotten shame about the noise along the bottom (I think my mirror is the cause and has to go now!) as otherwise it would be almost passable.
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