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  1. coatesg

    pelican nebula in narrowband

    HH555 specifically! The two lighter blobs just the the left of the central pillar are also HH objects. Really nice framing at this FL
  2. coatesg

    For those using Win 10....

    I kinda think this is the worst of both worlds - not only do you not get security updates (unless you manually apply them?) but you're still allowing the PC unfettered access to the internet (and are therefore liable to driveby attacks and the like). If you are manually applying the security fixes only, there does come a point where you have to take the feature update to allow the patches to apply.
  3. coatesg

    For those using Win 10....

    Factory installed by the manufacturer isn't quite the same as a fresh install from original media though....
  4. coatesg

    For those using Win 10....

    YMMV, but I've never had issues with updates (and I have SBIG, ZWO and QHY camera drivers, in addition to ASCOM drivers for mount, focuser, etc). - I always wonder if it's the issue of having a manufacturer installed/adapted version of the OS vs installing it from fresh media?
  5. The mechanical aspect applies for German mounts - those with a worm/gear are generally best when the worm is always driving (ie they are slightly weighted towards the east). The reason is to avoid the scope swimming around in the RA backlash if it was perfectly balanced. This is true either side of the Meridian (and either side of the flip) though. The way to ensure it's true is to shift the counterweight slightly according to which side you want to be heavy.
  6. coatesg

    The Pelican Nebula - In search of HH-555

    Very nicely done - you've also caught HH563 and HH564 just to the south west past the next "pillar" (somewhat less spectacular, but clearly visible)
  7. Could you put down your workflow (eg for the above?) so we can see what you're doing in PI?
  8. coatesg

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

    Aside from all the ridiculous FE arguments, the tour website is worth a look if only to see a picture of the "Tour bus" (an old motorhome with poorly photoshopped text on the side!)
  9. coatesg

    Forum Speed Issues

    Ditto on slowness. Not on laptop so can't see if it's connectivity, ttfb or resource blocking that's the issue though. Will check it out tomorrow if still slow.
  10. coatesg

    I've been Microsofted....

    Fair enough - then it's the manual workrounds then with turning off the service. Though Bitlocker does do an enormous amount for data security if that is a concern in work life - whole disc encryption in case it ever gets nicked.
  11. coatesg

    Sadr Region in HA at 200mm

    Thanks for the kind words all I really do like imaging with this combo.
  12. coatesg

    IC1396 The Elephant Trunk Nebula

    Super shot Peter - great colour and lovely detail - the reflection/emission inside the globule at the end of the trunk is especially lovely.
  13. coatesg

    I've been Microsofted....

    Would be tempted to upgrade to pro if you can (business deductable expense!) - you also get RDP, Bitlocker, Hyper-V and Offline File support (handy for laptops that use network based files). Some of those might be useful?
  14. coatesg

    I've been Microsofted....

    No - group policy is editable even if not a domain member (my laptop is not a domain member and yet I can do this). It's the local policy that's being set, not the domain policy. If you use Home, then if the defer options, active hours and setting the network connection as metered aren't sufficient, you could disable the windows update service, but (!) unless the PC is air gapped, you should go and install the updates regularly by hand (enabling the service, running updates, etc).
  15. coatesg

    How to effectively drop from 12V DC to 5V?

    +1 buck converter. Better than a voltage reg as you don't have to dump the residual heat somewhere from the IC.

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