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  1. AngryDonkey

    CMOS camera recomendations

    Why not?
  2. AngryDonkey

    CMOS camera recomendations

    Mono is more complex but it is NOT slower than OSC. If you do a search comparing the two on this forum, most argue it is actually quicker. The question is more do you want an easier solution with less hassle or accept the added complexity and get a more capable system.
  3. AngryDonkey

    Power Hubs - Pegasus OR HitecAstro

    I've wired in my Lakeside focuser directly (no box) as per the pinout instructions provided and it worked straight away. The temperature values come from the Ultimate sensor so you should not have any issues. You will obviously no longer be able to use the original software and driver as everything will work via the Pegasus system and drivers. Mike
  4. For reference the same meteors with the SX Oculus all sky cam:
  5. Managed to catch quite a few (mostly smallish) on the all sky cam, but not nearly as many as I saw with my own eyes. Nature 1, Technology 0! Attached are the brighter ones from the ASI178 (slightly out of focus unfortunately). Mike
  6. AngryDonkey

    Is an SQM meter DIYable?

    Thank you, that makes perfect sense!
  7. AngryDonkey

    Is an SQM meter DIYable?

    I might be dense here but what is the actual figure for interval of time in relation to magnitude per arc second squared? Is it 1s? Is it the length of time the eye can 'integrate' light? Thanks! Mike
  8. AngryDonkey

    AstroParts UK

    +1 one for John. He did a custom adapter block for me which was perfect. Also good communication and easy to deal with. However I think the correct email address is: john@jtechdesign.co.uk
  9. AngryDonkey

    APT or SGP?

    I might be wrong but I dont think the mosaic and framing wizard has anything to do with platesolving?
  10. AngryDonkey

    Hello from Austria

    Hallo Peter, Willkommen und viel Spass mit deinem neuen Teleskop! Michael
  11. AngryDonkey

    APT or SGP?

    When I looked at APT the feature I was missing was automatic in sequence focussing i.e. re-focussing adter filter, time or temperature change. I think there were plans to implement this but I haven't checked recently. Yes the SGP framing and mosaic wizard is fantastic!
  12. AngryDonkey

    ASCOM All Sky Camera Software

    Yes the ASI178 works great, got one .myself recently for a new all sky camera installation. There is no ROI feature at the moment but it sounds like a good addition to the software so I will add it to the backlog of possible improvements.
  13. AngryDonkey

    Please Explain Debayering

    It is the process used to construct a full colour image form image data that has been created with a bayer matrix in front of the image sensor. So in a way it's reversing or removing (demosaicing) the pattern that is introduced by the filter matrix - hence the prefix 'de' (although in reality it's more a reconstruction process).
  14. AngryDonkey

    ASCOM All Sky Camera Software

    Thanks. Can't remember off the top of my head but I think the app expects the dark frame to be of the same bit depth as the image. In any case you seem to have found a way to get it to work. I've actually stopped using a dark frame altogether now as it hasn't made a great difference on my camera. Interestingly I also notices that a dark frame taken a few months back didn't work well when I used it recently. Not sure but this might be related to the sensor being slightly changed due to the constant sunlight during the day - just a guess though.
  15. AngryDonkey

    Is there such a thing as a reliable USB hub?

    So do I l, but to be to honest unless you use the other parts of the hub (power supply, focussing, dew heater) it would be a very expensive option. One thing that works well for me is that I have completely cabled up my scope and accessories with the ultimate hub all attached securely to the losmandy plate of the scope. It's a bit bulky but I've made a custom crate for it so now I can just store the whole scope setup in one piece and only need to lift it onto the mount when I set up. That's saves me a lot of time.

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