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  1. Oh, the suspense is killing me!
  2. AngryDonkey

    Under Rated Images

    These are pretty much my thoughts and the main reason I have gone off it to be honest. There is a lot of 'serial liking' going on ! It's great to get a pat on the back but I would much prefer a small comment or critique. I once suggested that Astrobin should remove the 'Like' button from the 'image feed' pages i.e. suggesting that people should really see the entire image and not just a small cropped preview version before 'liking' it but that was a no go. There are some really great images being uploaded but for various reasons (e.g. the general volume of images being uploaded, time of the day, lack of 'followers', the way the global stream works etc.) they disappear down the bottom without much recognition, which is a shame and takes a bit away from other similar images with lots of 'likes'... Like you said, for me it's great for planning purposes and to see what other people can achieve with similar equipment and also to send out links to family and friends so they can have a look.
  3. AngryDonkey

    Software upgrade

    If you have an hour or three you can have a read through this thread on CN: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/643830-sgp-alternatives/ It gives a lot of information on SGP (strengths and weaknesses) and possible alternatives. It's a bit biased at times but there is some interesting stuff in there.
  4. AngryDonkey

    Sky Camera Recommendations Please

    The ASI 178MC works really well for all sky, although it's slightly more expensive than your stated budget. It's got a nice sensor area and great resolution. If you are lucky you might be able to get a second hand one. It comes with a basic all sky lens which is not too bad but there are better ones. I bought a second hand Fujinon HF1.8HB-L1 which is excellent but they are hard to find and it doesn't quite give a 180 degree view (which for me is no problem really, I actually prefer a 150 to 160 degree view as it uses the available sensor area much better - although you loose some of the horizon). There is a similar Fujinon lens with 1.4mm focal length which gives a full 180 degree view. You can see it in action here: https://www.astropage.nl/weather/
  5. AngryDonkey

    Problem with Lodestar and OAG

    I might be completely wrong but looking at the image above the transition from light to dark looks fairly gradual, as if something was blocking the light from getting to the top part. You said you checked the prism position already, that would have been my first guess but could there maybe be an obstruction in the light path? What OAG have you got?
  6. AngryDonkey

    Software upgrade

    I think the better question to ask would be 'what are you missing in your current setup' or 'what is the end goal for your setup'? This way you can look at the different options (SGP is not the only contender) and see what would fit best.
  7. I think the one I got was this one (but there are plenty of others that will do the job, just look for DC to DC buck converters): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/QS-4805CBAN-90W-DC-Auto-Boost-Buck-Converter-Input-4-5-60V-Output-1-2-30V/1998282795.html I've measured my m3 stick with an inline amp meter and got spikes up to 2.4V.
  8. I've been through this with my compute stick (Intel Core M3) and although the powered USB hub I am using can supply 5V / 3A it didn't work and the stick was rebooting all the time. The max measured current draw was 2.4A so in theory it should have worked. In my case it didn't make any difference whether the hub was powered by mains or battery power so probably something to do with the hub or the way Type-C delivers it to the stick. In the end I got a 12V to 5V converter and that works without any issues (although I use a large leisure battery so not sure about smaller batteries).
  9. AngryDonkey


    The only advice I can give when doing astronomy through Windows is to turn of automatic updating. Seems to break mine on a regular basis.... (I'll get my coat)
  10. AngryDonkey

    Exoplanet 'Project Panoptes'

    Apologies if this has come up here before, I did a search but nothing came up so thought it might be worth posting. Came across this interesting exoplanet survey project here: https://projectpanoptes.org/. It's basically looking at building a 'low cost' (all relative, around 5000 Dollars) robotic telescopes which can all be linked together to share and process light-curve data. Could be a great project for school and groups, a bit pricey for an individual though... Has anyone come across this before or is involved?
  11. AngryDonkey

    'AllSkEye' all-sky imaging Software (Windows)

    Hi Adam, Unfortunately analog cameras are not supported and there is currently no support for the DirectShow driver (although that might change sometime), so webcams won't work either. AllSkEye works with most cameras supported by an Ascom driver and all Starlight Xpress and ASI Zwo cameras. The ASI 120MM or MC should work, although there are many USB related issues with that particular camera (and ZWO are not really supporting it anymore). There are some workarounds for it so if you need help, just get in touch. The AllSkEye support forum would be best for this as I don't want to clog up this thread with support related posts. Mike
  12. AngryDonkey

    All Sky Camera/Weather Station build

    Sorry to hear of your setback! Hopefully you will find a way forward, would be a shame to abandon it now. There is a lot of great stuff in this thread!
  13. AngryDonkey

    'AllSkEye' all-sky imaging Software (Windows)

    Thanks Gav, glad it's working! A difficult one to answer! It's really the camera/lens combination that makes the biggest difference i.e. how much of the sky you will manage to get onto the image. Most people are trying to achieve 180 degrees but personally I prefer 150 to 160 degrees, you won't see the horizon all the way round but I think it makes much better use of the sensor area. ASI ZWO cameras are popular as they are relatively cheap and many of them come with a basic all-sky lanes in the package. Another thing to consider is the housing. This is not so much an issue if you setup and take down every night while you do other astro stuff but if you are thinking of a permanent setup then it obviously need waterproofing, heating, etc. There are ready made solutions such as the Starlight Xpress Oculus but many people created their own, with some really genius solutions (and can be done much cheaper). There are a few threads on here describing the process.
  14. AngryDonkey

    'AllSkEye' all-sky imaging Software (Windows)

    Talking of too many settings.... There is a new AllSkEye preview version available to test if anyone is interested/bored/feeling adventurous! Initially I only wanted to rework the 'bad pixel map' creation because the initial implementation didn't work so well but a few more features have managed to sneak in. Here is the list: Improved Bad Pixel Map creation mechanism and tab. Can now also be used to created dark frame for subtraction. Weather data can now be fetched from OpenWeatherMap website API or from any device with an ASCOM ObservingConditions driver. Weather data is displayed on new weather data tab. Weather data will be stored in FITS header. Weather data is available for text overlay e.g. the latest image can now double up as a basic weather display. 'Prevent meteor detection during daytime' setting. Camera temperature (if available) is now read and stored in fits header and available for text overlay. 'Julian Day' variable now available for text overlay. Text overlay variables can now be individually formatted. Some bug fixes As alway the preview can be downloaded from https://www.allskeye.com/download/. I would really appreciate any feedback you might have on any of these features. If you are planning to run this preview, and can spare the time, please tell me about it once you've had some time to evaluate . A a short forum post in the 'preview Releases' sub-forum would be ideal https://www.allskeye.com/community/preview-releases/ . Thanks! Mike
  15. AngryDonkey

    'AllSkEye' all-sky imaging Software (Windows)

    Thank you, the comments and feedback are much appreciated! Yes there are many settings to tinker with, some say too many

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