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  1. Or you could go on a nice holiday to Oman in June and see an annular eclipse... Not the same but still quite spectacular. Will be fairly hot though
  2. I'm using one of these which works very well: https://www.dewcontrol.com/Dew_Heater_Module_All_Sky_Camera/p3099125_19045496.aspx It does need a 12V supply but I think you would probably be better off with 12V in any case, the USB power might struggle to keep it clear. In case you are considering changing the dome at some point, a smaller dome would also help with keeping it dew free. Also make sure that the heat from the camera can rise into the dome (can't quite see from the picture).
  3. No sure where 'facial recognition' comes into it....
  4. Looks like you are going down the RPi route which is a good option. If for some reason you decide to go back to Windows 10 then AllSkEye is probably your best bet (I'm biased ): https://www.allskeye.com/
  5. Ok. Can you maybe send me your email via DM and I'll get in touch.
  6. Hi Helen, I might be able to help but am a bit short on time just now. Is this something that you would need very soon? Kind Regards, Mike
  7. The motor should run at the same speed as earth's rotation, so it should take 24h for the full 360 degrees. After one hour it should rotate 360/24=15 degrees.
  8. Just been sifting through 3 weeks worth of meteor detections from my all sky camera at e-Eye in Spain. Found lots of interesting stuff but one really 'caught my eye'
  9. Sorry for being thick but are you saying that what I said was true or not?
  10. True you record more photons, but what I am saying is that if we only consider the signal (and this will stay the same) then I can just take my signal after one minute and multiply it by 10 and I will have the same result as recording it for 10 minutes.
  11. My gut feeling is that the signal level will stay the same, regardless of how long we record it or how it is stacked (as long as the signal is recorded in the given exposure time). So just considering signal level (and ignoring any noise or other technicalities of recording it) then I could 'stretch or amplify' the signal of one minute and it would theoretically be the same as the signal of ten minutes... Yes/No? Would 'signal level' in this context be equivalent to photon flux?
  12. You also need to download and install the Moravian ASCOM driver.
  13. I only use short focal length refractors on my Avalon Linear but am happily running 40lbs payload without any issues.
  14. Or Voyager, which also had a good and fast focus routine.
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