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Horsing Around At The Hotel.


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The weather on a recent trip to Fuerteventura wasn't very good at night as it was unusually calm and as a consequence the skies were a bit hazy. So I only played around within the hotel grounds which is of course far from ideal. I was hoping to get a lot of data on this target and have it done and dusted now that I have got my guiding and dithering sorted but alas I was beaten by the weather again.

Baader Modified Canon 6D
Canon 500mm f/4 L IS Lens @ f/4 with IDAS LP Filter
Avalon M-Zero Mount on Gitzo GT5541LS tripod.
QHY5L-II-M + miniGuideScope
APT for image capture, PHD2 for guiding.

43x 3 minute subs @ ISO1600
No Darks
20 Flats
30 Bias




It was quite enjoyable watching these little guys scurrying around the hotel grounds, luckily avoiding the tripod legs (North African Hedgehog):


And a rubbish phone photo of the mount set up and imaging:


Thanks for looking...

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1 hour ago, carastro said:

You took all your imaging kit to Fuertaventura?


Yes, luckily I am a bloke so I only need to pack 7 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of underpants and 7 t-shirts...got to fill the suitcase with something...

This lot pushes my luggage allowance to the limit, and I only just manage it.


3 hours ago, wimvb said:

Very nice horse and hedgehog you caught there. How many subframes on the hog? :icon_mrgreen:

These are 30 stacked images of the hog with only a bit of trailing between each sub. I think I overexposed the core though...

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You may not have had the best seeing conditions Stuart bit nonetheless you have produced a beautiful image with delicate balance between the colours, stars, nebulas and faint background dust.  The background is nice and flat so you've really processed away any lurking glare from the hotel lights.

Super image!

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5 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

Very very good. Cracking portable setup.

Bit of a hedgehog lover, too. We don't get them here. I do miss them.


Thanks Olly...You may get to see my travel kit up close and personal if I don't get any "proper" clear skies this next season...

Regarding the hogs, I must admit I love them too...probably my favourite wild mammal.

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Seeing as everyone on here seems to love hedgehogs, I thought I'd share a very rare daylight spotting of this lovely little chap/chapess along the side of our suburban house.

Hope you don't mind Stuart!


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1 hour ago, ollypenrice said:

Shakespeare too: Thrice and once the hedge pig whined.


The little tykes have been reading Shakespeare behind my back - all those "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and "Mallory Towers" books are a diversion!

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3 hours ago, Marky1973 said:

Nice shots! Love hedgepigs, as the kids call them.

7 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of underpants and 7 t-shirts.....

....no mention of trousers....

No wonder the hog looked a bit surprised!

I was wearing them...they are zip-offs so they are shorts as well as long trousers...got to keep the weight down :)

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