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  1. Hi all, Just had a change round of my imaging rig and as a result have a few bits for sale. All items are used and show signs of use but all work and in good working order. All moies by Pay pal and will only post to UK ( sorry to our foreign friends ) First the hard sell, I have just switched to PHD guiding from using this SW synguider. Ill be honest and say its a pig to set up but once done V easy to use. I have been using this for a few years and could get 8 to 10 min subs no problem. I have included the power adapter i used. Sorry no manual but its available on the net. £110 including P and P SW Guide scope mount, good working congition £75 includiging P and P. SOLD Hitec DC Focuser. Works well but have more leads to route. Gave up with it when losing subs due to its cable snagging on my rig. £30 inc P + p. SW Startravel 80. good guide scope as used wiyh the synguider. Sold as in pic no finder scope. £40 inc P + P
  2. .Thanks Rodd. Your wall pic looks amazing, I checked the double star on mine and you can only just make it out,
  3. Thank you, I have been trying to lay off the stretch button.
  4. Had PI for a few years but still find new things about it. Dont think i will ever be able to say I know how to use it properly but i do like it a lot.
  5. Wow, just luv this pic.
  6. simmo39


    Bright! but v nice.
  7. Hi Steve, thanks. I think it was your pic that set me off onto doing this one. Im using PI as my one stop for all things, never got on with PS and not willing to pay there price for something i dont own.
  8. Hi all, this is my attempt at NGC 7000 and some of it taken using guide camera and PHD2. I can hear you sayying so what! well Im or was one of those SW synguider users ( The dark side! ) but after attempts to make things a little easier for my poor back and eye ( only got one goodish eye ) I bite the bullit and using my colour planet camera had ago with PHD. A bit of a faf at first and have no idea what the graph is telling me but was happy to see 240s subs coming out ok. Think I will have to invest in a mono guide camera and get rid of my trusty Synguider. Any way here is my go at NGC7000 with my SW 72 ED and zwo 1600. Ha is 35 subs Oiii 25 and Sii 25 all at 240sec and unity gain. Framing is a little off again ( struggling with gettig each set of subs on to the same part of the sensor ) but overall Im fairly happy with the result. Thanks for looking and hints and tips welcome.
  9. V nice. Nothing wrong with the colours to my eyes.
  10. Thank you, I will add to it but not till next year as startig to move behind trees.
  11. This is an update from an earlier post: I have just about doubled the data and I think you can see the effect. Im realy loving my little SW 72 ed the only problem is me and my lack of framing skills ( had to crop it a little more than planned ). So here it is, more data and a little less stretch. Hints and tips welcome.
  12. simmo39


    V nice indeed.
  13. Thank you Thank you. I will pick away at it as long as its in view, it was meant to be a quick target just to get back into the swing of things after the summer but has turned into a little project.
  14. Hi all, After a few false starts I managed to get my first shot of the season also my first NB image with my newish SW ED72. I had done the Tulip years back with my old DSLR and although this image is better it still needs a lot more data. All taken with my ZWO 1600mm at -15c and gain at 200. Ha 16 x 240 sec Oiii 25 x 240 sec Sii 22 x 240 sec Think i will add more Ha data at my next session. Hints and tips welcome. Thanks for looking.
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