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  1. Thank you all, Its a case of horses for courses! lol
  2. I will see if i can dig it out, it has an awful reflection in of the secondary mirror and vanes though.
  3. Just for a comparison here is the SHO version.
  4. Second one is better, great image.
  5. Hi all, I know this is going to rub some of you the wrong way but after a little experiment with different blends I got to this. HHO. I Know that the image has problems ( egg stars, noise and other things ) but i do like the colour of this version. Taken with my SW 130 pds and asi 1600 mm. hard crop from an awful flame and horse head shot that was full of internal reflections. Thanks for looking, hints and tips welcome.
  6. V nice. one of my fav targets done really well.
  7. Thanks, Im at 65.5mm I think I need to go back a little to get it at its best. Im really impressed by the scope and the TS FR/FF seems to work very well with my camera set up.
  8. Hi, managed to get a single Ha frame in last night just to test spacing. The spacing is still a little off but here is a 240s sub tweaked a little i PI. Think Im going to like this scope!
  9. Thank you, That does help. Now if you can calculate the clouds away that would be brilliant!
  10. So what is your average RGB sub lenght, L is 15s that seems v short. I think with number crunched by my poor head 60s for L but that could be off as I guessing the bits I dont understand ! lol. At least I have got a starting point all I need now is the weather to cooperate.
  11. BTW, I think the SQM value here is: 20.4–21.3
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