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  1. Cave Nebula wide

  2. A quick Pelican

    Thank you. thank you, I have been trying hard to not loose star colours with varying success. Thanks, think it would have been better if the seeing hadnt been so bad. Yep, 3 wise men and the Pelican! lol. thanks Thanks, OSC i think is better for me as much as im wowed by mono/filter images. One day maybe! I had to re adjust about half way through my subs, not sure if thats what done it. I have had problems with the vanes before and never really solved it.
  3. A quick Pelican

    Thanks, yep OSC.
  4. A quick Pelican

    Another quick go with my QHY 10, This is about 2 hours of data of the Pelican Nebula. Seeing was not brilliant but Im happy with the results. Hints and tips welcome
  5. Fridays cold but clear night!

    Think that is a imaging artifact, I seem to get a few of those with this set up.
  6. Fridays cold but clear night!

    Yay, think i have done it! many thanks for all the pointers and help.
  7. Fridays cold but clear night!

    Thank you, that looks a lot better! Hi again, will give this a go, thanks for the pointer and instructions.
  8. Fridays cold but clear night!

    Hi. Thanks and Yep that's 12 subs. Not sure how to get rid of the gradient. But I'm sure I'll find out eventually. I'm still learning how to use this camera. Not been easy but feel I'm getting there.
  9. Fridays cold but clear night!

    Hi thanks for the pointer wimvb. Taken the green out ( i think ) its a problem i have with lots of my images. think i may be a little green blind. lol anyway here it is with green removed.
  10. Hi all, Had another experiment night on friday, Tried a few targets but only managed a few poor subs on them before trees got in the way but my last attempt was better. Here is my go at the California Neb. !2 x 8 min sub taken with my QHY 10 at -15. Could have done with some more subs but when I went out to see how it was doing the frost on the computer told me time to call it a night. cooked in PI with master darks and Bias, no flats. My other targets where experiments at 10 min subs with mixed results ( some trailing but the scope was nearly vertical! ) cooked them with out darks as had no master for 10 mins and although the images are not great they dont seem to miss having darks. Whats the thoughts on doing darks these days? and i seem to be getting some little artifacts are they internal reflections? Hints and tips welcome
  11. QHY10 OR QHY8L?

    Glad to see you coming to terms with the camera, I have had my QHY 10 for about 6 months and it was only the other night after several attempts over that time that i finally think i have it sussed. I have found that were i needed 6 mins subs with my DLSR I need 8 to 10 mins to get an image that I recognise on the computer screen ( single sub ). Evan when there appears to be little data there a good stretch in processing does pull it out. The art appears to be how best process the data and thats where im struggling at the moment. The camera does its job as there are lots of pics taken with it on the net that I would be proud to have done.
  12. Just rubbing salt into the wounds!
  13. Now thats what I call a black Friday deal! V nice, I aint got your stamina! One target a night if im lucky.
  14. Ok, another go. Think im a little happier about this one.