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  1. V nice, just wish I could sit that long to process an image, if im not in the ball park after an hour or so i just say thats it its done!
  2. Well here is the redo. not sure if its better or not but its less yellow/brown.
  3. Hi Tommohawk. Thanks for the pointer. I have tried the rgb alignment tool but the image ends up like a rainbow. Very large blue and red fringe. Not sure what the I'm doing wrong. I will have ago again in gimp and see if I can back off the yellow/brown tinge.
  4. One of my favourite targets. Brill to my eyes!
  5. I think its an IR pass, not sure why i purchased it for in the first place, just one of those things that you seem acquire over time.
  6. No I didnt, I have got a IR filter but didnt think to use it. I have only been playing with this camera on and off the past few months. Still trying to get to grips with it. I do find it better than my old neximeg 5 but seems hard to find the sweet spot.
  7. Hi Sean, A couple of years ago i built a pier for my set up and I can get about 80% of the targets i want to shoot with it but there is always one or two that makes the game harder! lol. Hope your image comes out well. Hi Michael. will give that a go thanks. I did try to lessen the brown in gimp but I seemed to loose detail.
  8. Well i thought I would try for Saturn last night and boy what a game. Could only see it by setting my scope next to the house wall and hedge. Made for an uncomfortable session! Anyway After a quick play this morning here is my meager effort, warts an all. Taken with my SW 127 mak and Altair im224. Hints and tips welcome.
  9. Thanks Steve, camera arrives next week so will start playing as soon as i can. thanks for the tutorials. I hope so, think i have a lot to learn!
  10. As some of you may know, I have ordered a QHY 10. I have been doing some reading and Im trying to get my head around the off set and gain settings. I have found a couple of sites with hints and tips on how best to set it but what im not clear on is do you do the set up on a full scope set up ( filter and CC fitted) or can you do it with just the camera and end cap? Any other hints and tips on setting it up welcome . Thanks, Andy
  11. Yep, v nice Tim.
  12. Another fine image Wim.
  13. Well to add closure to this thread I have finally pressed the buy button! and like any good UK election the winner wasnt who you or I thought it was going to be. I have for better or worse bought a .................QHY 10......... The reason? well one thing was price and the other, the spec seems to my poor understanding good. The proof will be in the using. At least I have got a bit of time to learn my way round it till the dark skys return. Thanks to everyone who gave there advise and honest i didnt ignore it all. Roll on first light!