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  1. M1 Crab

    V nice!
  2. I have been trying to get my Syn scan adapter to work for ages, If i use the phone app it works fine till I leave it for an hour and then nothing works till I restart! have had loads of problems trynig to get it to operate with Win 10. Must be somebody out there that can help. Its a great idea for reducing the amount of cables but in practice it seems v hit and miss.
  3. Cone in Ha and HaRGB

    Nice, really like it!
  4. QHY10 OR QHY8L?

    Not 100% sure but i think you will find its an internal reflection caused by the star, I get a few odd ones when i catch a bright star just right. A bit of pain I know but thats par for the course.
  5. Jelly on a plate!

    Thank you, I like the last one best to but feel its a little colour less. Still learning!
  6. M42 LHaRHaGB, M44 and NGC 2244

    V nice!
  7. Jelly on a plate!

    Thank you both.
  8. Jelly on a plate!

    After failing to get anymore subs last night i had one more go at a quick redo.
  9. Jelly on a plate!

    Hi and thanks, WIP is work in progress. Tried last night to get some more data but by the time I had aligned and was ready to go wall to wall cloud!
  10. Jelly on a plate!

    Thanks, hopefully the next re pro will be a bit less saturated.
  11. Jelly on a plate!

    Redo and crop.
  12. NGC 4236 - faint galaxy in Draco

    V nice, too faint for me!
  13. Jelly on a plate!

    Hi all, Managed a couple of hours out side on Thursday so while the moon was still dozing i had a quick go at the Jelly fish. This is another WIP but with the data so far got im pleased with the result even if a there is a bit of noise. 20 x 8min subs taken at - 15 with my QHY 10 through my SW 130 pds. Hints and tips welcome.
  14. NGC 2244 (again!)

    Thank you, so do I.
  15. Leo Triplet & tidal tail

    Nice, v nice!