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  1. Thank you. Yep just looking at sorting out a tilt adapter, hopefully that will sort them out.
  2. Thanks, still need more practice at getting focus and processing, just wish the weather would help!
  3. Hi, thank you. the camera is a ASI 120mm Hi Dave, no I havent is it still about I will see if i can find it thanks.
  4. It has fet like an age since I had last managed to use the Daystar scout last ( 2 weeks ) and this in effort no 4! No body said how hard this was going to be! bring back the night! Anyway here are a few shots from today, think im still having problems with focus all are the best 25% of a 1000 frames. Still nee to sort out the newton rings but thats for the future. Hints and tips most welcome.
  5. Hi got the print from Steve today and all fitted and working. Thanks for the help and advice. Now can we have some clear skies?
  6. Hi Mods. this can now be closed thanks to Steve and John for all there work.
  7. This is just an experiment with some data i took on the 23 of this month ( third go at solar ) After getting a few welcome tips from the many people on this forum this is the result. I know the framing could be better but at the time I was messing about trying the tuning knob on the Solar scout to see what it did and I was fighting my motor focuser ( hopefully to be put right with help from a kind member who is trying to sort out a 3d print for me ). Anyway 75% of a 1000 frames. Still needs work and skills to be learnt! Thanks for looking and any hints and tips welcome.
  8. Thank you. Still getting my head around the processing side of things.
  9. Thank you, But i see it still has the cloud problems!
  10. spected the angle change would not affect the usefulness of it. Are those washers in the bottom of the two holes or some form of insert? Sorry to be a real pain but any chance of getting the dimensions of the two holes then will include them in the stl. 50% infil should be fine if the holes are printed in it rather than drilled. Steve Thanks guys.
  11. You havent seen what I came up with but It did include a cloths peg!
  12. Thanks John for the pointers, My home made mount worked but looked V poor and I think your way is far better.
  13. Thank you Steve that would be brilliant. I dont know if you have read the update from John with how he did it. I know nothing about 3 d printing but it is on my list of things to get in the future. Ill pm you in a bit.
  14. Hi, thanks. Ill give it a go. Im finding affinity abit of game at the moment, think its just me being so used to using PI.
  15. Hi, Fantastic image. Im a new at the solar game and have just got my first bsolar scope also i have just got hold of Affinity. After using PI for deep sky stuff Im struggling to get to grips with Affinity, especially the embossing filter. How do youn get it to work?
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