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  1. Hi all, After a bit of playing I think I finally got something out of the data i got the other night, still need more subs but I think im going in the right direction. Hints and tips welcome
  2. Yep can see it now you pointed it out. Just show how bad my eyes are. Will have ago at sorting it out tomorrow, thanks.
  3. HaRGB Soul with Star 71 and 100D

    V nice Tim.
  4. Hi all, Well we had a sort of clear night here in Norfolk so out with the kit and my first proper go with the new camera! that was the plan anyway but as usual Murphys law came into play! Guiding was not good for some reason out of the 25 subs taken 12 had trails or v shaped stars. Not sure why, dont think seeing was to good and there seemed to be a lot of moisture in the air or maybe my PA was crap!. Anyway less of the excuses and on to the image. 14 x 6 min subs at -15 of the Crescent Neb. Could have done with the other 12 subs! but at least its a start and im finally happy my spacing is good and that I can operate the camera! Subs stirred in PI and over stretched by me! lol Hints and tips welcome
  5. Wizard Nebula

    Wow, v nice!
  6. Well i have another play and here is the redo, seems a little better.
  7. First go at HaRGB, Heart...

    Well i think its V nice Tim. I ould more than happy with that!
  8. Hi wimvb, Thanks for the pointers, I thought I had over cooked it but was just relived that most of the other problems had gone. I will have another play with the subs tomorrow.
  9. Well although it was a full moon I wanted to try another test of my QHY 10. After several false starts and problems I think I have finally got over the worst, spacing is a lot better (not 100% there yet but v close). Managed to get 20 x 4 mins subs before the moon finally put pay to anymore subs. Seeing didnt seem that good but after a quick stir in PI im happy im heading in the right direction. So less of the waffle here is my image of M 57 And the crop Hints and tips welcome
  10. scope comparison

    Wow x 3!
  11. QHY10 OR QHY8L?

    Hi. I have e just got a QHY 10. I'm still learning the ropes with it and have found it hard to adjust from a DLSR but as far as noise it's v good and the few tests I have done when everything is right it looks brilliant. Just having problems getting it all rights every time. Lol
  12. Not much to show for a nights work!

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I think most of my problem is spacing of the CC, I have re adjusted it to 55mm and hopefully that will sort a lot of problems.
  13. Hi all, Back at the game and I wished I hadnt bothered. Some how i must have knocked my spacing for my CC as I had stars of all shape and lengths! After all that I was gutted but I thought I would see what i could salvage. This was my first proper go with my tuned mount and my new QHY 10. AS I said wish i hadnt bothered. It was supposed to be the Witches Broom but after cropping the worst of the coma all I got left was the tip of the broom and that is not brilliant but it what it is. I suppose I will have to chalk it up to a bit more learning. Shot through the SW 130 pds 12 x 8mins subs. Think this camera needs longer exposures or a lot more subs. Must try harder! Hints and tips welcome
  14. Spacing distance for comma corrector

    All very confusing. I have just set it to 55mm from sensor to bottom plate of the corrector! seems I might need to adjust a little more. Thanks for the info.