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  1. looking good, hope the stars are ok, if so i will get the WO ts/r.
  2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the William Optics flat 6a. Hope it works, it will save a few quid if it does!
  3. I see what you mean, and its a bit cheaper too. I think some good research is needed here.. I wonder if anybody has used one with an ED72. Im looking into getting one and the TS flattener was the one I was looking at adding to the ED72 but this WO looks like another option.
  4. Hi Susaron. Thanks for the reply, I know its a bit bigger but my guide scope is going to be the SW Startravel 80! My guide scope will be bigger than the ED72! The reason being its what I have at hand. I think if I mount it forword of the C of G I may get some sort of balance. As for the reducer if i can fit my ZWO filter wheel and still give me the required 65mm I may try one. Once again thanks for the advice.
  5. BTW, witch TS flattner do you recomend? there seem to be a few to chose from.
  6. Thanks for the pointer. Hi, nice image, saw that in the other forum. I would like to have the reducer to cut down on sub lenght as i will be using NB filters. as long as I can get focus with the SW reducer and my filter wheel I will go with the Sw one, if not i will have to again at just flattners. .
  7. Hi all, Im thinking of getting a SW 72ED pro to complement my SW 130 pds. The one thing that is giving me food for thought is the back focus. Can anyone confirm that with the SW reducer/flattener that I would be able to get focus using my ZWO asi 1600mmc and filter wheel. If it is possible how much back focus do i have left and is it an issue? Also what if it is possible what spacing is it the reducer from the sensor? is it 55mm. Oh and another thing! lol. What length Of Dovetail bar do I need to help balance? Thanks in advance. Simmo
  8. Hi. Im have just been advised to speak to you about SW evostar ED72. Im looking for another scope to use with then replace my SW 130 PDS. Im using an ASI1600mm pro for imaging and it works ok with my 130 but want to take out the collimation problem and have an easier to use scope. What are your thoughts on the scope and have you  had any problems or things you need to make it work for you. 

    All the Best


    1. paulastro


      Hi Simmo

      I've recently put a review here on SGL and copied it to the listing for it at FLO which is where I bought it.  I suggest you read it and please pm me back if you have any more questions.  I'm pleased to help out any way I can.

      I just love this scope, it's excellent in every way really is a bargain.  I can't see anyone not liking it.

      Very best regards, Paul

  9. Hi, I am currently using a SW130 PDS with a ASI 1600 mm pro and am looking for a possible new scope to use. I have seen the SW Evostar 72 and from the limited research I have done seems to be a good scope but would like your thoughts on the scope and also the camera combination. I'm not looking to replace my other scope anytime soon but my run with both for s while. Thanks in advance.
  10. simmo39

    HOO eastern veil

    I think I will have to add it to my must do list.
  11. simmo39

    HOO eastern veil

    Hi and thanks, will give it a go. Think I must be slightly colour blind to the green as I get told that just about every time I post a pic. Must learn to do it! lol
  12. simmo39

    HOO eastern veil

    Had a few problems with my camera and scope so this was a bit of a surprise. I still have had to crop a lot to get rid of some strange reflections and the scope still needs another go at collimating it but apart from that ( lol ) im fairly happy with the results. So to the boring stuff 30 x 300sec Ha and Oiin at -20 ASI 1600mm taken through SW 130 PDS Hint and tips welcome. And a close crop Thanks for looking.
  13. Ok, another test and a step forward. Still got issues with the collimation and did longer exposure with the flats ( 20 sec at 16000 ADU ) overall think I may be going in the right direction. I still have some internal reflections from somewhere but that may go altogether if I can get a good collimation. Any more tips would be welcome but thank you to everyone who has guided me through this problem. At times I have felt like throwing the whole rig at the wall!

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