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  1. Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    another wow olly.
  2. Perseus Double Cluster with Star 71 and 100D

    I would try that but got no lens. Ill just have to bide my time!
  3. M3

    V nice!
  4. Perseus Double Cluster with Star 71 and 100D

    Nice one Tim, Im getting withdraw symptoms! Mount is away being tuned and watching all these brill images appear is just so frustrating.
  5. Crescent to Tulip, a reprocess.

    Wow, Thats a stunning image Olly. Cant wait to have ago again at the tulip. It was a pain last year to get it to look right.
  6. Sh2-124... too difficult!

    V nice Olly.
  7. M16 and NGC 6604 with Star 71 and DSLR

    V ice Tim.
  8. QHY first light.

    Thanks Wimvb. Think Im sorted now, just waiting for spacers to arrive, and then another clear night!
  9. QHY first light.

    I belive the canon sensor distance is about 44mm the QHY 10 is 20mm. Im trying to find out what the best spacing is meant to be. An update, think I have it sorted. those wonderfull people At FLO have helped me out! brill
  10. QHY first light.

    Hi all, well I managed to get 20 mins outside to give my QHY 10 a first light test. Nothing special but just a test and problem solving test. so here is M 57. 20 mins of data. Happy I got an image but not happy with one problem. If you look at the second image i have big coma problem. The thing is I had a CC fitted!.Its the one I fitted to my DLSR and it worked fine on that. Is this a spacing thing? And here is the problem shot. thanks for any help.
  11. Heart and Soul HaRGB

    V nice!
  12. Antares region widefield

    thats a real wow image!
  13. Think ill be ostracised for this but!

    Hi, do you happen to know how many hot pixels you have on the chip?
  14. M51

    Stunning! Can't wait to get my go at this target.