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  1. Finally raised the cash for this beast! looking fwd to getting one into action when flo get stock.
  2. V nice, always like to see the crab!
  3. Hi, I havent had any replies from the other guy who expressed intrest so if I havent heard from them tomorrow its yours if you want it. Ill PM tomorrow.
  4. HI, this camera is no back on sale as the buyer had to pull out.
  5. Hi, I have a few peaple interested in the camera at the moment so at the moment its pending a sale. I hope.
  6. Hi Neil, Cant seem to find your PM, can you resend plz. Andy
  7. Thank you, it could do with a lot more subs and work.
  8. Hi all, Well with the the little gaps in the cloud we have had over the past week I thought I would go and try and sort out my spacing problems and at the same time see what I could image. I think Im going in the right direction with the spacing and only need to do a few more adjustments then its onto the tilt/ droop problem. Anyway here is a quich H(HO)O image of the flaming Star Neb. 2 hours on each of Ha and Oiii. Could do with a lot more and then some Sii but it is what it is. Hints and tips welcome Thanks for looking.
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