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  1. simmo39

    An early Pickering's Triangle

    V nice image, just getting to love narrow band stuff.
  2. simmo39

    First moon shot in years!

    Thank you. Thanks, more luck than skill though. I wish but thank you.
  3. simmo39

    First moon shot in years!

    Hi thanks, its a ZWO ASI 120mc
  4. simmo39

    First moon shot in years!

    Hi all, here is a few shots taken of the moon early evening ( still light and sun only just down ). Havent done any of the moon for a while but it was fun! thanks for looking, hints and tips welcome.
  5. simmo39

    Jupiter from last night (21st May)

    Nice Tim, Playing with the wavelets I think is a bit of an art. I still havent got it sussed yet!
  6. simmo39

    A quick(ish) M13 to test my new Obs set up

    V nice, v sharp!
  7. simmo39

    Which Narrow band Filters?

    Thanks will take a look.
  8. simmo39

    Which Narrow band Filters?

    Please let me know how you get on with them. clear skies! Thanks for the advice im leaning towards the Baader filters.
  9. Hi, going narrow band next season but want to know your thoughts on which filters to go for, Baader or Zwo ? Baader set seem cheaper and from what I have read are good but as im plumbing for a Zwo asi1600pro would the Zwo filter set be a better match? Btw they are both 1.25" . thanks in advance.
  10. Wow, that is so good!
  11. simmo39

    Crescent nebula in narrowband

    V nice, thinking of going narrow band for next season. Hope I can get as good an image as this. Roll on August!
  12. simmo39

    Thinking of going narrow band

    Thanks again vlaiv. Looking forward to giving narrow band ago.
  13. Thanks, Not a brilliant pic but was a bit of a relearn. I had forgotten how to use the camera and the settings! but got there in the end!
  14. simmo39

    Thinking of going narrow band

    Thank you Adam, think you have made my mind up for me. All being well by the start of the new season ill be up and at least nearly running. Now how do i sneak the a new camera past the wife?
  15. simmo39

    Thinking of going narrow band

    Yep thats more or less what I have read on other sites. I will try it at unity gain as soon as I get it. what temp are you using? -20 seems to be the main but again have read anything from -10 to -35

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