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Roy Challen

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  1. Roy Challen

    Costa Teguise Lanzarote Star Gazing

    This is true. I just came back from two weeks in India of which one night only was cloud free, and that was in Delhi. Quite disappointing for astro considering how far south I went. Oh well, next time maybe.
  2. Got up at 4am for a quick look through the bins, couldn't see it at all. Went back to bed after 15 mins of searching. I'll try again tomorrow morning if it's clear.
  3. Roy Challen

    90mm or 102mm Frac and an EQ mount

    Ok, no problem.
  4. Roy Challen

    90mm or 102mm Frac and an EQ mount

    Hi, I have a Tal 100 that will meet your requirements. Let me know what you think. You'll need to be able to collect it though!
  5. Roy Challen

    The new Explore Scientific 52° line

    Makes sense if the performance is equal to or better than Vixen SLV and the price is lower. Can they do that? Let's see...
  6. Roy Challen

    Alt-Az Mounts in General (Not just Skytee II)

    Teddy was definitely blown away!
  7. I was just looking at my avatar, and if anyone's wondering, it's an image of the annular eclipse of 2012 as viewed from Kyoto, Japan. My wife and I were on our honeymoon, I woke up at silly'o'clock and took several images, handheld through eclipse glasses.

  8. Roy Challen

    My TAKAHASHI SEISAKUSHO, instrument album.

    Nice links Andy, I like the Pentax frac on page 1 - shhh, the Tak fans might lynch me!
  9. Roy Challen

    Monocular required......

    Thanks for the reply.
  10. Looks awesome! You're gonna need a bigger garage...and gym membership?
  11. Roy Challen

    Monocular required......

    What's the image quality like? I see these on ebay every now and again, and as I'm possibly looking for a compact binocular I think this might do the job just as well for half the weight.
  12. I suspect you already know this, but when weight is a factor in any hobby: "light, strong, cheap - choose any two" is a phrase worth remembering.
  13. Roy Challen

    Another rant at other social media sites

    I've often thought this of SGL. I have been a member of other forums, some people are ok but mostly full of self important types. I only use this forum these days. One other thing, I like the way SGL looks - white text on black background is so much easier to read. All text should be like this.
  14. This is an interesting thread. It looks like a perfect ultra lightweight travel setup and I would certainly be interested if it can be used for widefield visual. Before anyone goes cutting one up, might it be worth considering using a combination of Borg adapter/mini helical focuser/short-light-path diagonal? I recall that Tak prisms and Tal mirror diagonals both have light paths under 70mm (nearer 60 for the Tal) and one of the huge range of adapters that Borg make must surely (hopefully!) be of use. I had a Borg Mini 60 achro a few years ago. That worked with a Baader Amici prism (the expensive one), Tak prism, mini helical focuser, T2 adapter, Lunt wedge and all of my then current eyepieces except 2 of my Zeiss orthos. Point being, I would be surprised if there isn't a combination of off the shelf parts that didn't work.

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