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  1. Just got my ASI 2600 and filter to try on my askar fra400. Just hope I can get as good results as this.
  2. Lol, my mistake. shouldnt type when drinking brandy! Its the 2600. Thanks for the pointers Vlaiv, think iI will go with the -10 for starters.
  3. Well my camera has arrived { thanks FLO } I have been doing a bit of reading on what the settings are best to start off at. I see a lot use gain of 100 with a 50 offset but as for temp settings I have seen everything from 0 to -20 but most at -10. I run my ASI 1600 at -20 but what the best for the ASI 2600? Your thoughts please' Thanks
  4. Well done that man, I would be bricking it to do that today evan with my electronics background. ( 30 years out of date mind! )
  5. Always good to see the old nags head!
  6. Thats so good! hoping to get this target myself soon.
  7. Thanks for all the pointers, If the weather dosn't play nice when i get the camera I will take that time and make a darks library just to be on the safe side. As for the others frames seems to be the same as i took for my ASI 1600. Anyway looking forward to getting it and trying it out.
  8. Yep, I had forgotten the hot pixels. Just looking forward to getting to use the camera.
  9. Thanks, thats what I thought. I have read though that darks may not be needed due to no amp glow.
  10. Hi all, sitting here board unable to do a lot due to bad sciatica ( not been able to shoot anything since September! ) I just pushed the buy button on a ASI2600mc. I have used a ASI 1600 mm for a few years and aim to keep it going for narrowband stuff but OSC is a bit of a dark art to me. Do i still need to take darks? and make a dark library and how about dark flats? Also I take it that flats are run the same? Thanks in advance.
  11. Great review, I luv mine but due to injury haven't used it much as I should have. I have got the focal reducer but have not real had chance to test it. Will post a review when that happens.
  12. Hi and thanks, II'l keep that in mind. I have got to sort out the motor yet. I have a RC servo that was used as a focuser motor on an old scope I need to find that and measure the shaft diameter to see if I can get a cog to fit that.
  13. Ok thanks, I have been thinking on the same lines as your focuser but couldn't see a way of fitting a cog to the focus knob. My I ask what happens if the OTA is verticle?
  14. Neat, can I ask what belt drive cog are you using on the 127?
  15. Realy nice! I can see all sorts of animals in there!
  16. Good start, looking forward to doing this target my self when my back lets me.
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