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  1. like the second one best, much better.
  2. Im still waiting for my winter project target to come into view so as a quick filler I had a go at the Cocoon neb. I havent done this one for a few years and that was with my old Canon 600d. Here is my quick and dirty go with my ASI 1600 in HOO taken through my little SW 72 ED. Ha data seemed good but the Oiii was very messey! 47 x 240s for Ha and 38 x 240 for the Oiii. Im not sure if its worth addinf Si to the image on my next session. Hints and tips most welcome. Thanks for looking in.
  3. V nice, thought seeing was bad but good to have it confirmed.
  4. Thank you, I think you are right.
  5. Not sure if this oned is better.
  6. Thank you, not sure that i got Olympus Mons but ill take it.
  7. Hi all, not sure if it was me or seeing was not good but this is the best of a bad lot. I couldnt seem to get a good focus point and the image was jumping all over the place! Taken with my old SW 127 mak and ASI120mc also used a 1.2 barlow ( that may have been part of the problem as it was thick of dust after sitting at the bottom of things I dont use anymore! lol ) so here it is best 75% 0f 1000 frames. Hints and tips most wecome. thanks for looking. 0
  8. hi, Im planning to to get Mars as soon as i get chance. I have to wait till it clears the garage but its the weather thats also holding me up here.
  9. Thank you, you are being kind. I need to relearn a lot and need some good seeing.
  10. thanks, to green me thinks!
  11. Thanks for the pointers, I have to say that I have not done planets for so long I was realy having problems in getting everthing to work . Next time Ill give that ago, hope to get Mars next time.
  12. Hi all, with a small window in the cloud forcast i wasnt going to waste it so i thought I would have ago at the planets, something I havent done for a few years. The seeing was poor and I had to relearn how to use my old scope and camera. I got jupiter and Saturn but gave up getting Mars as moon glow and mist put an end to the session. So here they are, taken with my old and dusty SW 127 mak and a ASI 120 mc ( that old usg 2 is so slow! only managed a max of 5 frps! } I know they could be better but im pleased with the results. Hins and tips welcome thanks for looking.
  13. Stunning! Wish I had the patience to stay with a target that long.
  14. Had ago to remove some of the red, not sure if it worked.
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