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  1. Patrick Gilliland's excellent M81/M82 image made an appearance. Congratulations, Paddy! Regards John
  2. Hi Paddy Congratulations! This magnificent image of M81/M82 appeared on The Sky at Night 60th Anniversary Special on BBC Four last night! Regards John
  3. Hi Andy How did you setup your PHD2 profile? Did you choose 'On Camera' from the Mount dropdown in PHD2? Regards John
  4. Hi Andy I use x0.2 and I agree x0.05 seems a tad low. Avalon support recommend the following:
  5. Yes, you need to login to get access to the support contents. I'm logged in now and see 2 versions of the StarGo software: Version 446 (Jun 17 2015) Version 523 F Beta (7 August 2016) The ReadMe for 523 Beta states: StarGo 5.2.3 version Installer What's new! - New X-Solver Polar Alignment tool - Alt-Az pointing performance improved - Southern emisphere pointing bug fixed - Minor bug fixed - New StarGo User Manual - Sequence Generator Pro: Meridian Flip issue fixed (5.2.3_D version) Watch the tutorials for a correct installation https://www.youtube
  6. Cool! Now why didn't I think of that? I wonder if Luciano's new design is similar to that. How is that attached? Double-sided sticky tape?
  7. Pictures of my Avalon Linear Fast Reverse
  8. Hi Sara That's the adapter I purchased from Ian King and you do have to remove the handle to fit it. I mentioned this to Luciano who said he'd design an adapter so that the handle didn't have to be removed. I don't think it's available yet. Regards John
  9. Enjoy the new mount! I've had a Linear (with EQ6 controller rather than StarGo) for a while now and have had no issues. I also use it with SGPro. I'm portable so the carry handle is very useful. However, I recently purchased Polemaster and unfortunately the carry handle has to be removed to fit the adapter. I just have to take a little more care when carrying it now. Regards John
  10. Article now available here: http://diffractionlimited.com/flat-fields-stray-light-amateur-telescopes/ Regards John
  11. Tested the PoleMaster out on Saturday. Brilliant!
  12. An excellent guide and very timely for me! My PoleMaster arrived from ModernAstronomy earlier this week and an Avalon Linear adaptor plate from Ian King. I'm hoping to test this out this weekend. Regards John
  13. Another excellent image, Barry! This has your signature processing style all over it, akin to a Monet (unlike my own less subtle HST style, akin to Jackson Pollock ) Regards John
  14. Avalon Instruments now manufacture a Polemaster adapter for all models: http://www.avalon-instruments.com/products/polemaster-adapter Regards John
  15. Briiliant! Super capture and processing! And just in time for Halloween Regards John
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