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Being my birthday today I thought I would check in. Been a bit poorly at times and spent some time in hospital but hopefully on the way to recovery if slowly. Still have my sense of humour and almost unbelievable good looks so things aren't all bad. Still got all the gear and no idea but hope to get back to imaging in due course. Best wishes to all.

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Always good to check in here for a bit of cheery banter Geoff. You are amongst friends of similar dashing good looks so will be right at home ;)

Hope your recovery continues well, and you get a chance to use your kit soon.

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Hope you had a pleasant Birthday Geoff. Illness can be a real downer, but you have a positive attitude, and it is a fact that
that can be a huge plus in fighting Illness, so you maintain that attitude and you'll be fixed in no time.
We are honoured that you've returned to SGL, we all wish you a full recovery matey, and soon back doing what you enjoy.
Very Best Wishes :icon_salut:.

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Glad that you're on the road to recovery Geoff and hope you get back to your full potential as soon as possible.

If you have any good looks going spare, could you send some over in my direction! I won't say I'm ugly but I'm only allowed out after dark so as not to frighten the local children. :evil62:

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