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  1. Yes, the Borg 90FL is the first that comes to mind - I am looking to get one myself.
  2. I'm sure that's the root of the problem.
  3. To do otherwise would be treeson!
  4. Could you tempt us further with a photo?
  5. Skytee 2 - New arrival

    Yes, I certainly didn't expect John to end up (does it ever end?) with a SkyTee. But it just goes to show that it can definitely just work - or in some earlier cases, be made to work - just as nice as you like. Encouraging. Perhaps the later version (the 2) is (even) better?
  6. Whoah, hang on, I'm not claiming to be sensible, normal or even sane...
  7. Skytee 2 - New arrival

    Maybe we should organize an alternative Bonfire Night at an iron works somewhere, have everyone bring along their original SkyTee clamps, invite the press, chuck them all in... (yes, the clamps) Don't mind me, I'm a bit of a nutter.
  8. Skytee 2 - New arrival

    I can understand that - it is indeed very appealing. Difficult to not be aware of this - you'd think that if they wanted to stay at a certain price point they would have got the message by now, leave off supplying any clamps at all, and make it that much cheaper. That's what we all want to hear. Nice one.
  9. Skytee 2 - New arrival

    I've always liked the look of these, and the concept, and the feature set seems to have no competition in its price bracket. Always feel tempted yet again when I see another new one celebrated. Curious: If not for slo-mo, why a SkyTee? With other options without slo-mo available, it's not the obvious choice for me - but just seeking your thoughts on this. They have a good following, and there are also those who have not succeeded with it - when I take stock of all the commentaries I've read on them, it's hard to believe they're all referring to the same product... As stated, I really like the look and the concept, wish you good luck and clear skies with yours!
  10. As promised. Not the best quality photo...haven't quite got the hang of Panoramic Photo Mode on my phone... P.S. Besides, 18.2mm DeLite incoming....
  11. Berlebach Report 112

    Should be really good.
  12. Berlebach Report 112

    It may not be for everyone (outside the realm of astrophotography). Having the exact same bit of sky centered in the view through two scopes (both of which are designed as primary observing instruments as opposed to specific finders) at once is a lot of fun, but it doesn't necessarily make finding things easier. Only practice does that. Having done without exact alignment / collimation of both Giro-type-mounted scopes for a while, I have figured out that it's worth the investment - for me and my style of observing. Many (most?) others will decide otherwise. All this just for observing? In short: if you need a finder, get one. If, on the other hand, you really enjoy widefield observing and insist on using two of your favorite scopes - with differing magnification, filters, or for whatever reason - at once, well, this is pretty cool.
  13. Berlebach Report 112

    Ah, well, during the use it has seen, it's been solid, no drift at all. Will keep checking this.
  14. Berlebach Report 112

    In this orientation, altitude has the most adjustment and is easiest / smoothest to do. Azimuth adjustment is the large silver-grey thumb-wheel at the back - as delivered, it got some benefit from a dash of WD-40, now working to full satisfaction.