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  1. Fed up

    Keep faith. On average, I get less than one night per week of observing. Far less, actually. I just make sure I'm ready for it and take it as it comes. It's worth it. I do also make sure I have other stuff to do instead of cloudgazing. That helps.
  2. New puppy naming challenge

    ...and so much for "not adding any more to the post".
  3. New puppy naming challenge

    Rosie - in honor of Caroline Herschel.
  4. Nah. It's all good. Even when it's not great. Like pizza.
  5. New puppy naming challenge

    That's exactly what my inspiration was for suggesting that name. If any dog should be remembered, surely...
  6. New puppy naming challenge

  7. New puppy naming challenge

  8. Travelscope which is the best?

    Well Richard, I'm a "frac man", and my travel setup is a TV-60 on a Sirui N-3203X carbon tripod with a Gitzo GH2720QR head. This is all easily carried on one's back with a few eyepieces and an RDF stuffed in alongside. The WO ZS61 looks good as well.
  9. But it’s not real astronomy...

    Puts me in mind of this other dude who took pictures of the night sky, thought he was on to something significant, but never felt he got proper recognition. He should have known he wasn't doing 'real' astronomy; would have saved him all that time and effort. I think his name was Hubble. P.S. Out of pure spite, they went and named an orbital telescope after him. All that thing does is take pictures, too.
  10. But it’s not real astronomy...

    He has a point, this man-without-a-warm-room. He's freezing his globulars off and you're not. Surely that makes him 'real', while you're no more than engaged, dedicated, successful and...warm. P.S. I say he's talking out of the wrong orifice.
  11. First Light Optics

    In my own experience, FLO is first class. I have ordered several items from them, including a scope, bins and eyepieces and have always been given the care and attention one looks for. I give FLO my full recommendation. If they have what you're looking for, do not hesitate and order with confidence.
  12. Anyone used this for visual yet? If the view is decent for the aperture, it would be the perfect gift for dad-in-law.
  13. Ah...less costly...hmm. TeleVue is indeed not the economical option - and this is not the place to rehash that old chestnut. Notwithstanding, it all holds a certain beauty for me. But I have little worry that a single new-to-you Radian - excellent as it is - will corrupt your soul to the point of such madness.
  14. I have some nice pictures...