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  1. Tal 1 Revamp

    Nice one.
  2. Tal 1 Revamp

    I certainly won't disapprove of anyone preferring a pure white tube, that's just as beautiful in its own way. Do you still have the Tal Mutant?
  3. @ASSA Looking forward to hearing from you when you are using it.
  4. Observing Hood

    I'm sure anyone I might meet will keep their distance... so no change, really.
  5. Tal 1 Revamp

    I like it. A lot. Don't tell anyone, but you've inspired me to do something similar. Purists will cringe, but I couldn't resist.
  6. Observing Hood

    Mine arrived today, after a completely hassle-free ordering experience. I'm old and silly. And it's getting worse by the day. But perhaps some of you are also of an age that you remember a time when ordering something by post from Russia - they called it something else, back then - was completely and utterly inconceivable. To be able to locate someone out there making Good Stuff, order and pay with a few taps of the index finger and to have it arrive with no issues or complications whatsoever, that to me is something of a miracle. Right up there with landing men on the Moon. Makes me feel good about our chances for the future, no matter how hard we seem to be trying to mess it all up... Anyway, if anyone reading this has any remaining doubts about getting one of these from Roman, just eschew those doubts. Roman is The Man. By the way, does anyone want the stamps? I'll save them for a while just in case. PM me. Sorted. The mirror says it should do the job...
  7. Newting for Doubles

    So I had some unfinished business with Izar. Tonight I tried again using the same scope (6" f/6 Newt) with Izar at about the same altitude as last time out, and I am now very sure I was looking at the right star (it's not hard to find, after all...) and I had similar difficulty splitting it. The differing colours made both stars visible, but no space between. I decided that perhaps the low altitude combined with the fact that I was gazing out over the entire town was making it difficult. So I tried again later on when Bootes was much higher, and this time I could indeed split Izar. Still very close, but clearly separated. The lowest power at which I could see the split was 180x. Perhaps my new focuser helped a bit as well.
  8. Why not just place an ad for a swap? Tall Uni for small Uni?
  9. I like the sound of that; for me, there's such a thing as too slippery when it comes to focusers.
  10. Looks great! Would love to try that focuser.
  11. Please don't feel that way - just get a shorter one in due course! You're absolutely right to have wished and continue to wish for one - I love mine and should have gotten them much sooner.
  12. Seriously, I have considered getting a tall observing stool, something like this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/misc/mey-observing-chair.html But I'm sure the concept can be tested in a provisional manner before investing in something.
  13. Indeed, I'm aware the Uni 28 doesn't have the click stops, it's just to illustrate that Berlebach makes them so they can spread further (they also happily offer them without either spreader or stops). You would have to forego the chains, shelf or spreader. You would also have to hop over each tripod leg you encounter with the OTA. So you either need a taller stool to sit on, or a shorter Uni. Hm. (I enjoy standing anyway - having to move the chair becomes a bit tiresome.) I'd probably sell the 28 and get a shorter Uni. But if you find an old bar stool in a skip somewhere, you could try that first.