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  1. I'm sure you'd appreciate the experience - you may find the XWs at least as well put together as the Delos, if not more so; really very solid kit and the views are faultless. Not preaching to convert, mind you, as it's mostly green on black at my end, these days...
  2. Just got back in from a cloudless session, enjoyed the above-mentioned features as well.
  3. Well, there's something to be said for that, no doubt. When you can dial in your magnification, you make your own luck. And yet, it's uncanny how this eyepiece just happened to be on hand at the best of times - for me, at least.
  4. I'm sure you'd appreciate it, being used to orthos. The view is certainly the most 'pure' I've had. Not much extra in the FOV department, though. The eye relief 'feels' more generous than specified. The dark, green-lettered, horses in this race are the 3 and 4mm DeLites. More FOV, luxurious in use, and views I can't tear myself away from, not even to try an HR. It's odd how this works for me and it may be different for you; just saying.
  5. Also works very well. I like these (I own two of them). I combined it with different Baader barlows (Q, Hyperion Zoom, VIP) for higher mags and it took a DeLite to beat it - but I didn't compare it (barlowed) to the Nag Zoom. I've satisfied myself that if I take a Baader Zoom along, I'd rather add the Nagler Zoom to the bag than a barlow for the Baader - but there's certainly a price differential.
  6. XWs are lovely. To my eyes, DeLites are just as nice, but lighter and more compact. The Nagler Zoom is such a nifty tool to have and mine seems to be charmed in some special way; it's always been on hand for the very best moments, the very best transient conditions, the very best views. It's lucky. Actually, my very best view of Mars - and Saturn - were with the 3-6 Zoom in a 72mm APO. It was very early morning, and I'm starting to think I may never experience better conditions. And to date, my best views of Jupiter were with the Zoom in a TV-85. Based on this, I have to say that if you think you want one, go for it. When you get lucky, it's more than good enough to keep you from wishing you had brought something else along instead.
  7. I'm inclined to consider the possibility that the laser pointer will steal the show. "Forget about stars, show us the lightsabre again!"
  8. For my own purposes, strictly visual, it does very well indeed, holds collimation. I'm not suggesting you choose the UNC, just wanted to share my positive thoughts on it, along the lines of TS being able to put a good scope together for you.
  9. I had TS assemble one of their UNC models for me, a 8" f/6, customized with my favourite focuser and optimized for visual observing. Excellent build quality and performance.
  10. My own wish is: whatever you think you caught a glimpse of, and whatever gear you were using, and in whatever conditions, please do share. Up to, and including, Voyager 1 through a snowstorm. Whether I find myself believing it or not, I'll always want to. I can use all the inspiration I can get, waiting all this time for the rain to stop and the clouds to clear so I can finally get out and savour the local LP.
  11. Goodness. I don't recall reading any of those. I can only hope none of mine have ever given rise to feelings of resentment or insecurity.
  12. I get the feeling I may not fully understand the purpose of observing reports. I've submitted a few, and have thankfully received appreciation for them - so I sort of thought I was on the right track. But now it seems there's some significance to them which I have missed. I realize this may read as if I'm trying to make a point. Out of respect to all, I'm trying not to.
  13. Item is now sold. Ad may be archived at mod's convenience, with grateful thanks.
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