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  1. Of course it’s a perfectly acceptable choice but the contestants on such shows could try to be a bit more adventurous sometimes. Most people know their Zodiac sign for example. The person who gave it got knocked out early anyway.
  2. It may please the Astro experts on here to know that knowledge of the subject is at an all time high. Amongst the answers to the question “Planets or constellations that contain an A in their name” on Pointless tonight, ‘Earth’and ‘ Orions Belt’were two proffered. Mind you, the next round on book titles wasn’t a great deal better. Although they do say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It certainly won’t win you a ‘coveted Pointless trophy’
  3. Having been a reasonably active amateur astronomer until recently, I developed RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) which has curtailed my efforts quite a bit. Mind you, I'm not out for the count just yet and I retain my astonishing good looks and sense of humour. Unfortunately, my knees mean that things like polar alignment the old fashioned way is almost impossible and I feel the need for a setup that is automated as much as possible and has as few wires trailing around for me to trip up on. Otherwise, until someone comes up with an alternative to gravity I may be down and out literally. I've currently got a 250mm Newtonian on an EQ mount which I can just about manage, but its not probably ideal in my present circumstances. I'm likely to be doing mostly observing but might want to do some lunar or planetary imaging from time to time, so I'm thinking about something with a reasonable aperture but more manageable, Any suggestions folks. I personally like the look of the Celestron that do auto align for you and are wireless but there may be better choices. Geoff
  4. geoff_k

    Still here

    Being my birthday today I thought I would check in. Been a bit poorly at times and spent some time in hospital but hopefully on the way to recovery if slowly. Still have my sense of humour and almost unbelievable good looks so things aren't all bad. Still got all the gear and no idea but hope to get back to imaging in due course. Best wishes to all. Geoff
  5. Can't compete with some of the excellent images on here, but this is one from the 22nd that I have processed. I have a few others but I haven't got round to them yet. Taken with PST, 2 x Barlow and black and white modded webcam.
  6. Haven't done an image of our closest neighbour for some while. The last time I think it was in the Eastern sky and conditions were more favourable. Used my black and white modded webcam and a fringe killer filter.
  7. Late in the day it seems I am getting slightly better seeing. Shame that wasn't the same when Jupiter was at opposition. Anyhow, a trio with Ganymede.
  8. Simon Those are excellent images. I take my hat off to you. Geoff
  9. A good job I saw the one 1999 as the clouds stubbornly refused to clear here in Somerset. However, I did manage a couple of quick shots through the clouds of which the attached is about the best.
  10. I should have said what I use. Taken with an Orion Optics F4.8 250mm reflector with a 4x Imagemate Barlow and an ancient ATIK colour camera and ATIK IR filter. Used WX Capture to grab the video at 15fps, before putting the result through Registax and PS. In some cases, I got some moons as well, but I may have cropped them out. Stuck a selection in Powerpoint to get the composite image I attached.
  11. Don't do much these days and given the overall conditions I tend to experience it's not surprising. My attempts on previous occasions were indifferent to put it mildly and I had almost given up. However, to show that you should never give up I had the first reasonable night two nights ago for what seems like ages. I spent quite a bit of time on Jupiter and the images below are just some that I managed. Did a bit of tinkering with them in both Registax and PS to see what I would get. They are from a period of about two hours or so. Geoff
  12. Haven't done much recently due to indolence and the fact that I keep losing the screws from my hand controller which is currently being held together mostly by electrical tape and whatever screws I can find lying around. Always hopeless when it comes to screw sizes but I'm sure I can pick some up from my local DIY emporium. What do I need? Sorry if this has been asked and answered before. Geoff Logged
  13. What can you do? Clouds, then some more clouds, etc, etc. That's got the excuses out of the way, but I did manage some very quick images with the PST yesterday before the pesky clouds came back again. Not a patch on the other images on here but the best I can offer under the circumstances.
  14. Pretty quiet down here on the astro front but I did manage these from a couple of weeks ago. Usual set up of PST and black and white modded SPC900NC. Rather a shame that despite all the blue skies there has been a dearth of sunspots recently.
  15. Bad weather has restricted my imaging of Jupiter this season. Thanks to the rain, I did nothing in December of February. Had a few opportunities in January, and just about got a sub-standard image of the GRS in March as well as an Io/Ganymede shadow transit on the 9th. All a bit late in the day though. Better luck next year (I hope)
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