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The Sun 18th Jun 2016

David Smith

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Cloudy and wet all day until just after 5pm. Managed to get out and grab some white light and Ca-K but only just! Clouds intervened before I could get all 6 panes for my Ca-K mosaic. I had to shoot the final three panes through haze as the Sun was heading towards the roof tops by the time the clouds shifted. I then had to manually adjust each pane's brightness in order for Autostitch to be able to create a half decent mosaic. I am quite pleased with how this has turned out as usually when I have to manually intervene things deteriorate rapidly :help:

I processed my white lights both with and without flats today. I've had some issues with banding in my images and I suspected that maybe the flats were the cause. It seems that is not the case as both versions were free of banding. Will be interesting to see if the banding is evident in the uploaded images today.





I still have not had chance to try imaging with the ND3.8 filter I put together the other week, it's all been smash and grab the last few weeks so I use the process / tools I know work. Hopefully at some point we will get some decent clear skies and I can test it properly. I would also like to try doing my Ca-K mosaics at 1500 or 2000 mm focal length but again, need time to do this :rolleyes: Forecast for tomorrow is more rain so unlikely to be doing anything ground breaking this weekend.


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