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Amazed i got a view today!

Pete Presland

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Amazed I got anything today, thick cloud most of the day. A few lighter, higher clouds for a short period this afternoon. Managed a couple of short runs through the high haze and captured some decent detail.

Celestron ED80, ND5 filter + No58 green filter, DMK21au618. I have only just started using the No58 filter, it certainly improves the images, perhaps not as much as a Continuum filter. Stacked around 400 frames out of 1800 inReg6.


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3 minutes ago, Aussie Dave said:

A good solar result Pete. Interesting too with the No.58 green filter, the only colour I haven't tried. Have you tried any other colours? Blue work well for me the last time I attempted solar.

The only other I tried was the 0iii filter, not even sure why I used it to be honest. The N058 made an instant improvement to my images, I don't do a great deal of "white lights" unless there is a large spot transiting such as this one.

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13 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

Well worth the effort Pete, spent a lot of time looking for gaps today but the few there were managed to avoid the Sun.


It was complete luck to be honest, I am not working Friday afternoons at the moment. I was just doing dinner and browsing a very popular astro forum, when I spotted a couple of lighter patches. The whole session couldn't have lasted longer than 30 minutes before it was thick cloud again. Looks like Sunday might be better though.

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4 minutes ago, Aussie Dave said:

Have thought about using my Olll filter too in conjunction with other filters, I guess I can cross that off the list then :)

Obviously this has to be judged on face value as it was a completely different session, but it was the same set up other than the filter. I hadn't had much success with the 0iii, so that's why I tried the No58 filter.


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