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Sol 17-4-16 10.20


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 late today with watching the F1.seeing wasn't so good and far too much cloud about there was cloud in nearly every shot. taken with 120mm f5 frac, 1.5x barlow,lunt solar wedge, 450d. 80 frames staxed with regi, coloured and adjusted in photoshop + topaz. thanks for looking, clear skys charl. ps sorry thers no close with the seeing being pants.sol 17-4-16. 10.20.pngsol 17-4-16. 10.20 bnw.pngsol 17-4-16. 10.20 inv.png

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Thanks Dave, i took my first set at 9.30 and thay was not worth keeping,so i watched f1 then at 1030 i had another look, and it had improved but 80% cloud had arrived but i took some shots in the gaps, thay turned out better than i thought thay would. i had another look at 11.30 but the seeing was even badder than my first go. glad you have some sun mate.  charl.

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Looks good to me Charl, was hopeful today after the forecast blue all day which turned out to be mostly clouds.

Seeing wasn't too bad first thing but got worse and then improved mid afternoon but too many clouds to do long vid's.


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