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Hello All. Just joined the forum.  My story is somebody gave me an old 1960s/70s Prinz 330 telescope (don't laugh) that had been owned by a family friend who wanted to give it a good home. I spent some time getting it going. After looking at the moon (easy!) and Jupiter ....even with that old scope I could see Jupiter's colour, hint of pattern and some moons as it was a cold clear night .....HOOKED . Always wanted a good telescope and this just set me off now Ive got the time and money.  So, after some research I've got a Skywatcher Skymax 127 GoTo which I think is a reasonable beginner scope?  Got it all set up and just waiting for a clear night - ever since I bought it  (Mid Jan)  it's been rainy and cloudy every night so not used it properly yet...

Reading up on astronomy to remind myself and learning/re-remembering to find my round the sky...

Looking forward to some interesting discussions and always willing to learn from those more experienced so here goes.

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Welcome to the forum .

 I have a Towa 339 classic , some old scopes take some beating so don't get rid of your old scope ☺

Your new scope will however give some great views of planets and other things.

The cloudy nights are the things that keep the hobby fresh ☺ just imagine if you could do it every night , you might get fed up ....

Clear skies and have fun.

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Thanks for all the replies.  I've got several hobbies and always find forums a good way to meet like minded people and exchange ideas.  Hopefully I will be able to put something back once I've got more knowledge and experience.

I'm quite good on PCs, electronics, instrumentation and digital photography so those skills will come in useful.

Cheers and still waiting to get first light on the new scope.

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